E-UTRA/NR Dual Connectivity FR1

EN-DC frequency bands 38.101-3 (Rel 18 Mar 2023)

Dual connectivity (DC) band combinations of LTE + NR carriers

eNb gNb LTE anchor carrier 5G carrier Carrier aggregated data pipe Dual Carriers

Intra-band contiguous bandwidth class

Bandwidth class Number of contiguous CC
AA 1 1
AB 1 2
CA 2 1
DA 3 1

Intra-band EN-DC

Intra-band contiguous

All bands
E-UTRA – NR configuration / Bandwidth combination set
Component carriers in order of increasing carrier frequency Maximum
bandwidth (MHz)
for E-UTRA carrier
for NR carrier
for E-UTRA carrier
DC_(n)3AA 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,25,30 50
5,10,15,20,25,30 5,10,15,20
DC_(n)5AA 0 5,10 5,10,15,20 25
5,10,15,20 5,10
DC_(n)7AA 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20 40
5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20
DC_(n)12AA 0 5,10 5,10 15
5,10 5,10
DC_(n)38AA 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,40 50
5,10,15,20,40 5,10,15,20
DC_(n)41AA 0 20 40,60,80,100 120
40,60,80,100 20
DC_(n)41AA (1) 1 20 40,50,60,80,100 120
40,50,60,80,100 20
DC_(n)41AA (2) 2 20 10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 120
10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 20
10 20,30,40,50,60,80,100
20,30,40,50,60,80,100 10
DC_(n)41AB 0 10 20+20 70
20+20 10
20 10+20
10+20 20
20 20+30
20+30 20
DC_(n)41CA 0 20+20 40,60,80,100 140
40,60,80,100 20+20
DC_(n)41CA (1) 1 20+20 10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 140
10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 20+20
DC_(n)41CA (2) 2 10+20 10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 140
10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 10+20
DC_(n)41DA 0 20+20+20 40,60,80,100 160
40,60,80,100 20+20+20
DC_(n)41DA (1) 1 20+20+20 40,50,60,80,100 160
40,50,60,80,100 20+20+20
DC_(n)41DA (2) 2 20+20+20 30,40,50,60,80,100 160
30,40,50,60,80,100 20+20+20
20+20+15 30,40,50,60,80,100
30,40,50,60,80,100 20+20+15
DC_(n)48AA 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,40 60
5,10,15,20,40 5,10,15,20
DC_(n)48CA 0 CA_48C BCS 0 5,10,15,20,40 80
5,10,15,20,40 CA_48C BCS 0
DC_(n)48DA 0 CA_48D BCS 0 5,10,15,20,40 100
5,10,15,20,40 CA_48D BCS 0
DC_(n)66AA 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,25,30,40 60
5,10,15,20,25,30,40 5,10,15,20
DC_(n)71AA 0 5 5 20
3 5,10
1.4 5,10,15
5 15
5,10 10
5,10,15 5
DC_(n)71AA (1) 1 5 5,10,15,20 25
10 5,10,15
15 5,10
5,10,15,20 5
5,10,15 10
5,10 15
DC_(n)71AA (2) 2 5 5,10,15,20 35
10 10,15,20
15 15,20
5,10,15,20 5
10,15,20 10
15,20 15
Nb = 22

Intra-band non-contiguous

All bands
E-UTRA – NR configuration / Bandwidth combination set
Component carriers in order of increasing carrier frequency Maximum
bandwidth (MHz)
for E-UTRA carrier
for NR carrier
for E-UTRA carrier
DC_1A_n1A 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20 40
DC_2A_n2A 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20 40
DC_3A_n3A 0 5,10,15,20,25,30 5,10,15,20 50
DC_3A_n3A (1) 1 5,10,15,20,25,30 5,10,15,20 50
5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,25,30
DC_5A_n5A 0 5,10 5,10,15 20
DC_7A_n7A 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20 40
DC_40A_n40A 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,25,30,40 60
5,10,15,20,25,30,40 5,10,15,20
DC_40A_n40A (1) 1 40,60,80,100 20 120
20 40,50,60,80,100
40,50,60,80,100 20
DC_40A_n40A (2) 2 20 10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 120
10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100 20
10 20,30,40,50,60,80,100
20,30,40,50,60,80,100 10
DC_41A_n41A 0 20 40,60,80,100 120
DC_41C_n41A 0 20+20 40,60,80,100 140
40,60,80,100 20+20
DC_41C_n41A (1) 1 20+20 40,50,60,80,100 140
40,50,60,80,100 20+20
DC_41D_n41A 0 20+20+20 40,60,80,100 160
40,60,80,100 20+20+20
DC_41D_n41A (1) 1 20+20+20 40,50,60,80,100 160
40,50,60,80,100 20+20+20
DC_48A_n48A 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,40 60
5,10,15,20,40 5,10,15,20
DC_48A-48A_n48A 0 CA_48A-48A BCS 0 5,10,15,20,40 80
5,10,15,20,40 CA_48A-48A BCS 0
DC_48C_n48A 0 CA_48C BCS 0 5,10,15,20,40 80
5,10,15,20,40 CA_48C BCS 0
DC_48D_n48A 0 CA_48D BCS 0 5,10,15,20,40 100
5,10,15,20,40 CA_48D BCS 0
DC_66A_n66A 0 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,40 50
DC_66A_n66A (1) 1 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20,25,30,40 60
5,10,15,20,25,30,40 5,10,15,20
DC_66A-66A_n66A 0 CA_66A-66A BCS0 5,10,15,20,40 70
DC_66A-66A_n66A (1) 1 CA_66A-66A BCS0 5,10,15,20,25,30,40 80
5,10,15,20,25,30,40 CA_66A-66A BCS0
DC_71A_n71A 0 15 5 20
10 5,10
5 5,10,15
5 15
5,10 10
5,10,15 5
DC_71A_n71A (1) 1 5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20 30
5,10,15,20 5,10,15,20
Nb = 24

Inter-band EN-DC

Inter-band (two bands)

All bands
DC_1A_n3A 1 n3
DC_1C_n3A 1C n3
DC_1A_n5A 1 n5
DC_1A_n7A 1 n7
DC_1A_n7B 1 n7B
DC_1A-1A_n7A 1A-1A n7
DC_1A-1A_n7B 1A-1A n7B
DC_1A_n8A 1 n8
DC_1A_n20A 1 n20
DC_1A_n28A 1 n28
DC_1A_n26A 1 n26
DC_1A-1A_n28A 1A-1A n28
DC_1A_n38A 1 n38
DC_1C_n38A 1C n38
DC_1A_n40A 1 n40
DC_1A_n40B 1 n40B
DC_1A_n41A 1 n41
DC_1A_n50A 1 n50
DC_1A_n51A 1 n51
DC_1A_n71A 1 n71
DC_1A_n71B 1 n71B
DC_1A_n77A 1 n77
DC_1A_n77C 1 n77C
DC_1A_n77(2A) 1 n77(2A)
DC_1A_n77(3A) 1 n77(3A)
DC_1A_n78A 1 n78
DC_1A_n78C 1 n78C
DC_1A_n78(2A) 1 n78(2A)
DC_1A_n78(A-C) 1 n78(A-C)
DC_1A-1A_n78A 1A-1A n78
DC_1A_n79A 1 n79
DC_1A_n79C 1 n79C
DC_2A_n5A 2 n5
DC_2A-2A_n5A 2A-2A n5
DC_2A_n7A 2 n7
DC_2A_n7(2A) 2 n7(2A)
DC_2A-2A_n7A 2A-2A n7
DC_2A_n12A 2 n12
DC_2A_n25A 2 n25
DC_2A_n28A 2 n28
DC_2A_n30A 2 n30
DC_2A-2A_n30A 2A-2A n30
DC_2A_n38A 2 n38
DC_2A-2A_n38A 2A-2A n38
DC_2A_n41A 2 n41
DC_2A_n41C 2 n41C
DC_2C_n41A 2C n41
DC_2A_n41(2A) 2 n41(2A)
DC_2A-2A_n41A 2A-2A n41
DC_2A_n46A 2 n46
DC_2A_n48A 2 n48
DC_2A_n48B 2 n48B
DC_2A_n66A 2 n66
DC_2A_n66(2A) 2 n66(2A)
DC_2A-2A_n66A 2A-2A n66
DC_2A_n71A 2 n71
DC_2A_n71B 2 n71B
DC_2C_n71A 2C n71
DC_2A-2A_n71A 2A-2A n71
DC_2A_n77A 2 n77
DC_2A_n77C 2 n77C
DC_2A_n77(2A) 2 n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A_n77A 2A-2A n77
DC_2A-2A_n77C 2A-2A n77C
DC_2A-2A_n77(2A) 2A-2A n77(2A)
DC_2A_n78A 2 n78
DC_2A-2A_n78(2A) 2A-2A n78(2A)
DC_2A_n78(2A) 2 n78(2A)
DC_2A-2A_n78A 2A-2A n78
DC_3A_n1A 3 n1
DC_3C_n1A 3C n1
DC_3A-3A_n1A 3A-3A n1
DC_3A_n5A 3 n5
DC_3C_n5A 3C n5
DC_3A_n7A 3 n7
DC_3A_n7B 3 n7B
DC_3C_n7A 3C n7
DC_3C_n7B 3C n7B
DC_3A-3A_n7A 3A-3A n7
DC_3A-3A_n7B 3A-3A n7B
DC_3A_n8A 3 n8
DC_3A-3A_n8A 3A-3A n8
DC_3A_n20A 3 n20
DC_3C_n20A 3C n20
DC_3A_n26A 3 n26
DC_3C_n26A 3C n26
DC_3A_n28A 3 n28
DC_3C_n28A 3C n28
DC_3A_n34A 3 n34
DC_3A_n38A 3 n38
DC_3C_n38A 3C n38
DC_3A_n40A 3 n40
DC_3A_n40B 3 n40B
DC_3A_n41A 3 n41
DC_3A_n41C 3 n41C
DC_3C_n41A 3C n41
DC_3A_n50A 3 n50
DC_3A_n51A 3 n51
DC_3A_n71A 3 n71
DC_3A_n71B 3 n71B
DC_3A_n77A 3 n77
DC_3A_n77C 3 n77C
DC_3C_n77A 3C n77
DC_3A_n77(2A) 3 n77(2A)
DC_3A_n77(3A) 3 n77(3A)
DC_3C_n77(2A) 3C n77(2A)
DC_3A-3A_n77A 3A-3A n77
DC_3A_n78A 3 n78
DC_3A_n78C 3 n78C
DC_3C_n78A 3C n78
DC_3A_n78(2A) 3 n78(2A)
DC_3A_n78(A-C) 3 n78(A-C)
DC_3C_n78(2A) 3C n78(2A)
DC_3A-3A_n78A 3A-3A n78
DC_3A_n79A 3 n79
DC_3A_n79C 3 n79C
DC_3C_n79A 3C n79
DC_4A_n2A 4 n2
DC_4A_n5A 4 n5
DC_4A_n7A 4 n7
DC_4A_n28A 4 n28
DC_4A_n38A 4 n38
DC_4A_n41A 4 n41
DC_4A_n78A 4 n78
DC_4A_n78(2A) 4 n78(2A)
DC_5A_n1A 5 n1
DC_5A_n2A 5 n2
DC_5B_n2A 5B n2
DC_5A_n2(2A) 5 n2(2A)
DC_5A-5A_n2A 5A-5A n2
DC_5A_n3A 5 n3
DC_5A_n7A 5 n7
DC_5A_n7(2A) 5 n7(2A)
DC_5A_n12A 5 n12
DC_5A_n25A 5 n25
DC_5A_n30A 5 n30
DC_5A_n38A 5 n38
DC_5A_n40A 5 n40
DC_5A_n41A 5 n41
DC_5A_n48A 5 n48
DC_5A_n48B 5 n48B
DC_5A_n66A 5 n66
DC_5B_n66A 5B n66
DC_5A-5A_n66A 5A-5A n66
DC_5A_n77A 5 n77
DC_5A_n77C 5 n77C
DC_5A_n77(2A) 5 n77(2A)
DC_5A_n77(3A) 5 n77(3A)
DC_5A_n71A 5 n71
DC_5A_n78A 5 n78
DC_5A_n78C 5 n78C
DC_5A_n78(2A) 5 n78(2A)
DC_5A_n78(A-C) 5 n78(A-C)
DC_5A_n79A 5 n79
DC_7A_n1A 7 n1
DC_7C_n1A 7C n1
DC_7A-7A_n1A 7A-7A n1
DC_7A_n2A 7 n2
DC_7C_n2A 7C n2
DC_7A_n2(2A) 7 n2(2A)
DC_7A_n3A 7 n3
DC_7C_n3A 7C n3
DC_7A_n5A 7 n5
DC_7C_n5A 7C n5
DC_7A-7A_n5A 7A-7A n5
DC_7A_n8A 7 n8
DC_7A-7A_n8A 7A-7A n8
DC_7A_n12A 7 n12
DC_7A-7A_n78(2A) 7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_7A_n20A 7 n20
DC_7A_n25A 7 n25
DC_7C_n25A 7C n25
DC_7A_n26A 7 n26
DC_7C_n26A 7C n26
DC_7A-7A_n25A 7A-7A n25
DC_7A_n28A 7 n28
DC_7C_n28A 7C n28
DC_7A_n40A 7 n40
DC_7A-7A_n28A 7A-7A n28
DC_7A_n51A 7 n51
DC_7A_n66A 7 n66
DC_7C_n66A 7C n66
DC_7A-7A_n66A 7A-7A n66
DC_7A_n71A 7 n71
DC_7A_n77A 7 n77
DC_7C_n77A 7C n77
DC_7A_n77(2A) 7 n77(2A)
DC_7A_n77(3A) 7 n77(3A)
DC_7C_n77(2A) 7C n77(2A)
DC_7A-7A_n77A 7A-7A n77
DC_7A-7A_n77(2A) 7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_7A-7A_n77(3A) 7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_7A_n78A 7 n78
DC_7C_n78A 7C n78
DC_7A_n78C 7 n78C
DC_7A_n78(2A) 7 n78(2A)
DC_7A_n78(A-C) 7 n78(A-C)
DC_7C_n78(2A) 7C n78(2A)
DC_7A-7A_n78A 7A-7A n78
DC_7A-7A_n78C 7A-7A n78C
DC_7A-7A_n78(A-C) 7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_7A_n79A 7 n79
DC_7A_n79C 7 n79C
DC_8A_n1A 8 n1
DC_8A_n2A 8 n2
DC_8A_n3A 8 n3
DC_8A_n7A 8 n7
DC_8A_n20A 8 n20
DC_8A_n28A 8 n28
DC_8A_n34A 8 n34
DC_8A_n38A 8 n38
DC_8A_n39A 8 n39
DC_8A_n40A 8 n40
DC_8A_n41A 8 n41
DC_8A_n41C 8 n41C
DC_8A_n41(2A) 8 n41(2A)
DC_8A_n77A 8 n77
DC_8A_n77(2A) 8 n77(2A)
DC_8A_n77(3A) 8 n77(3A)
DC_8A_n78A 8 n78
DC_8B_n78A 8B n78
DC_8A_n78(2A) 8 n78(2A)
DC_8A_n79A 8 n79
DC_8A_n79C 8 n79C
DC_8A_n93A 8 n93
DC_8A_n94A 8 n94
DC_11A_n1A 11 n1
DC_11A_n3A 11 n3
DC_11A_n28A 11 n28
DC_11A_n41A 11 n41
DC_11A_n77A 11 n77
DC_11A_n77(2A) 11 n77(2A)
DC_11A_n77(3A) 11 n77(3A)
DC_11A_n78A 11 n78
DC_11A_n78(2A) 11 n78(2A)
DC_11A_n79A 11 n79
DC_12A_n2A 12 n2
DC_12A_n2(2A) 12 n2(2A)
DC_12A_n5A 12 n5
DC_12A_n7A 12 n7
DC_12A_n7(2A) 12 n7(2A)
DC_12A_n25A 12 n25
DC_12A_n30A 12 n30
DC_12A_n38A 12 n38
DC_12A_n41A 12 n41
DC_12A_n66A 12 n66
DC_12A_n66(2A) 12 n66(2A)
DC_12A_n71A 12 n71
DC_12A_n77A 12 n77
DC_12A_n77(2A) 12 n77(2A)
DC_12A_n78A 12 n78
DC_12A_n78(2A) 12 n78(2A)
DC_13A_n2A 13 n2
DC_13A_n5A 13 n5
DC_13A_n7A 13 n7
DC_13A_n7(2A) 13 n7(2A)
DC_13A_n25A 13 n25
DC_13A_n48A 13 n48
DC_13A_n48B 13 n48B
DC_13A_n66A 13 n66
DC_13A_n71A 13 n71
DC_13A_n77A 13 n77
DC_13A_n77C 13 n77C
DC_13A_n78A 13 n78
DC_13A_n78(2A) 13 n78(2A)
DC_14A_n2A 14 n2
DC_14A_n5A 14 n5
DC_14A_n30A 14 n30
DC_14A_n66A 14 n66
DC_14A_n77A 14 n77
DC_14A_n77(2A) 14 n77(2A)
DC_18A_n3A 18 n3
DC_18A_n28A 18 n28
DC_18A_n41A 18 n41
DC_18A_n77A 18 n77
DC_18A_n77(2A) 18 n77(2A)
DC_18A_n78A 18 n78
DC_18A_n78(2A) 18 n78(2A)
DC_20A_n91A 20 n91
DC_20A_n92A 20 n92
DC_18A_n79A 18 n79
DC_19A_n1A 19 n1
DC_19A_n77A 19 n77
DC_19A_n77C 19 n77C
DC_19A_n77(2A) 19 n77(2A)
DC_19A_n78A 19 n78
DC_19A_n78C 19 n78C
DC_19A_n78(2A) 19 n78(2A)
DC_19A_n79A 19 n79
DC_19A_n79C 19 n79C
DC_20A_n1A 20 n1
DC_20A_n3A 20 n3
DC_20A_n7A 20 n7
DC_20A_n8A 20 n8
DC_20A_n28A 20 n28
DC_20A_n38A 20 n38
DC_20A_n41A 20 n41
DC_20A_n50A 20 n50
DC_20A_n51A 20 n51
DC_20A_n77A 20 n77
DC_20A_n78A 20 n78
DC_20A_n78C 20 n78C
DC_20A_n78(2A) 20 n78(2A)
DC_21A_n1A 21 n1
DC_21A_n28A 21 n28
DC_21A_n77A 21 n77
DC_21A_n77C 21 n77C
DC_21A_n77(2A) 21 n77(2A)
DC_21A_n78A 21 n78
DC_21A_n78C 21 n78C
DC_21A_n78(2A) 21 n78(2A)
DC_21A_n79A 21 n79
DC_21A_n79C 21 n79C
DC_25A_n41A 25 n41
DC_25A-25A_n41A 25A-25A n41
DC_25A_n77A 25 n77
DC_25A-25A_n77A 25A-25A n77
DC_25A_n78A 25 n78
DC_25A-25A_n78A 25A-25A n78
DC_26A_n25A 26 n25
DC_26A_n41A 26 n41
DC_26A_n77A 26 n77
DC_26A_n78A 26 n78
DC_26A_n78(2A) 26 n78(2A)
DC_26A_n79A 26 n79
DC_28A_n1A 28 n1
DC_28A_n2A 28 n2
DC_28A_n3A 28 n3
DC_28A_n5A 28 n5
DC_28A_n7A 28 n7
DC_28A_n7B 28 n7B
DC_28A_n51A 28 n51
DC_28A_n8A 28 n8
DC_28A_n20A 28 n20
DC_28A_n38A 28 n38
DC_28A_n40A 28 n40
DC_28A_n41A 28 n41
DC_28A_n50A 28 n50
DC_28A_n66A 28 n66
DC_28A_n77A 28 n77
DC_28A_n77C 28 n77C
DC_28A_n77(2A) 28 n77(2A)
DC_28A_n78A 28 n78
DC_28A_n78C 28 n78C
DC_28A_n78(2A) 28 n78(2A)
DC_28A_n79A 28 n79
DC_28A_n79C 28 n79C
DC_30A_n2A 30 n2
DC_30A_n5A 30 n5
DC_30A_n66A 30 n66
DC_30A_n77A 30 n77
DC_30A_n77(2A) 30 n77(2A)
DC_38A_n1A 38 n1
DC_38A_n3A 38 n3
DC_38A_n8A 38 n8
DC_38A_n28A 38 n28
DC_38A_n78A 38 n78
DC_38A_n79A 38 n79
DC_38A_n79C 38 n79C
DC_39A_n40A 39 n40
DC_39A_n41A 39 n41
DC_39C_n41A 39C n41
DC_39A_n41C 39 n41C
DC_39A_n78A 39 n78
DC_39A_n79A 39 n79
DC_39A_n79C 39 n79C
DC_40A_n1A 40 n1
DC_40C_n1A 40C n1
DC_40A_n41A 40 n41
DC_40A_n41C 40 n41C
DC_40C_n41A 40C n41
DC_40A_n41(2A) 40 n41(2A)
DC_40A_n77A 40 n77
DC_40A_n77C 40 n77C
DC_40A_n78A 40 n78
DC_40C_n78A 40C n78
DC_40A_n78(2A) 40 n78(2A)
DC_40C_n78(2A) 40C n78(2A)
DC_40A_n79A 40 n79
DC_40A_n79C 40 n79C
DC_40C_n79A 40C n79
DC_41A_n1A 41 n1
DC_41C_n1A 41C n1
DC_41A_n3A 41 n3
DC_41C_n3A 41C n3
DC_41A_n28A 41 n28
DC_41C_n28A 41C n28
DC_41A_n77A 41 n77
DC_41C_n77A 41C n77
DC_41A_n77(2A) 41 n77(2A)
DC_41C_n77(2A) 41C n77(2A)
DC_41A_n78A 41 n78
DC_41C_n78A 41C n78
DC_41D_n78A 41D n78
DC_41A_n78(2A) 41 n78(2A)
DC_41C_n78(2A) 41C n78(2A)
DC_41A_n79A 41 n79
DC_41A_n79C 41 n79C
DC_41C_n79A 41C n79
DC_42A_n1A 42 n1
DC_42C_n1A 42C n1
DC_42A_n3A 42 n3
DC_42C_n3A 42C n3
DC_42A_n28A 42 n28
DC_42C_n28A 42C n28
DC_42A_n51A 42 n51
DC_42A_n77A 42 n77
DC_42A_n77C 42 n77C
DC_42C_n77A 42C n77
DC_42C_n77C 42C n77C
DC_42D_n77A 42D n77
DC_42D_n77C 42D n77C
DC_42E_n77A 42E n77
DC_42E_n77C 42E n77C
DC_42A_n77(2A) 42 n77(2A)
DC_42C_n77(2A) 42C n77(2A)
DC_42A_n78A 42 n78
DC_42A_n78C 42 n78C
DC_42C_n78A 42C n78
DC_42C_n78C 42C n78C
DC_42D_n78A 42D n78
DC_42D_n78C 42D n78C
DC_42E_n78A 42E n78
DC_42E_n78C 42E n78C
DC_42A_n79A 42 n79
DC_42A_n79C 42 n79C
DC_42C_n79A 42C n79
DC_42C_n79C 42C n79C
DC_42D_n79A 42D n79
DC_42D_n79C 42D n79C
DC_42E_n79A 42E n79
DC_42E_n79C 42E n79C
DC_46A_n77A 46 n77
DC_46A_n78A 46 n78
DC_46C_n78A 46C n78
DC_46D_n78A 46D n78
DC_46E_n78A 46E n78
DC_48A_n2A 48 n2
DC_48C_n2A 48C n2
DC_48D_n2A 48D n2
DC_48E_n2A 48E n2
DC_48A_n5A 48 n5
DC_48C_n5A 48C n5
DC_48D_n5A 48D n5
DC_48E_n5A 48E n5
DC_48A_n12A 48 n12
DC_48A_n25A 48 n25
DC_48C_n25A 48C n25
DC_48D_n25A 48D n25
DC_48A_n46A 48 n46
DC_48B_n46A 48B n46
DC_48C_n46A 48C n46
DC_48D_n46A 48D n46
DC_48E_n46A 48E n46
DC_48A_n46B 48 n46B
DC_48B_n46B 48B n46B
DC_48C_n46B 48C n46B
DC_48D_n46B 48D n46B
DC_48E_n46B 48E n46B
DC_48A_n46C 48 n46C
DC_48B_n46C 48B n46C
DC_48C_n46C 48C n46C
DC_48D_n46C 48D n46C
DC_48E_n46C 48E n46C
DC_48A_n46D 48 n46D
DC_48B_n46D 48B n46D
DC_48C_n46D 48C n46D
DC_48D_n46D 48D n46D
DC_48E_n46D 48E n46D
DC_48A_n46E 48 n46E
DC_48B_n46E 48B n46E
DC_48C_n46E 48C n46E
DC_48D_n46E 48D n46E
DC_48E_n46E 48E n46E
DC_48A_n66A 48 n66
DC_48C_n66A 48C n66
DC_48D_n66A 48D n66
DC_48E_n66A 48E n66
DC_48A_n71A 48 n71
DC_48B_n71A 48B n71
DC_48C_n71A 48C n71
DC_48D_n71A 48D n71
DC_48A-48A_n71A 48A-48A n71
DC_48A-48A-48A_n71A 48A-48A-48A n71
DC_48A_n77A 48 n77
DC_48C_n77A 48C n77
DC_48A_n77C 48 n77C
DC_48C_n77C 48C n77C
DC_48D_n77A 48D n77
DC_48D_n77C 48D n77C
DC_48E_n77A 48E n77
DC_48A-48A_n77A 48A-48A n77
DC_48A-48A-48A_n77A 48A-48A-48A n77
DC_66A_n2A 66 n2
DC_66B_n2A 66B n2
DC_66C_n2A 66C n2
DC_66A_n2(2A) 66 n2(2A)
DC_66A-66A_n2A 66A-66A n2
DC_66A-66A-66A_n2A 66A-66A-66A n2
DC_66A_n5A 66 n5
DC_66B_n5A 66B n5
DC_66C_n5A 66C n5
DC_66A-66A_n5A 66A-66A n5
DC_66A-66A-66A_n5A 66A-66A-66A n5
DC_66A_n7A 66 n7
DC_66A_n7(2A) 66 n7(2A)
DC_66A-66A_n7A 66A-66A n7
DC_66A-66A_n7(2A) 66A-66A n7(2A)
DC_66A_n12A 66 n12
DC_66A_n25A 66 n25
DC_66A_n28A 66 n28
DC_66A_n30A 66 n30
DC_66A-66A_n30A 66A-66A n30
DC_66A_n38A 66 n38
DC_66A-66A_n38A 66A-66A n38
DC_66A_n41A 66 n41
DC_66A_n41C 66 n41C
DC_66A_n41(2A) 66 n41(2A)
DC_66A_n46A 66 n46
DC_66A_n48A 66 n48
DC_66A_n48B 66 n48B
DC_66A-66A_n48A 66A-66A n48
DC_66A-66A_n48B 66A-66A n48B
DC_66A_n71A 66 n71
DC_66C_n71A 66C n71
DC_66A_n71B 66 n71B
DC_66A-66A_n71A 66A-66A n71
DC_66A_n77A 66 n77
DC_66A_n77C 66 n77C
DC_66A_n77(2A) 66 n77(2A)
DC_66A-66A_n77A 66A-66A n77
DC_66A-66A_n77C 66A-66A n77C
DC_66A-66A_n77(2A) 66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_66A-66A-66A_n77A 66A-66A-66A n77
DC_66A-66A-66A_n77C 66A-66A-66A n77C
DC_66A-66A-66A_n77(2A) 66A-66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_66A_n78A 66 n78
DC_66A_n78(2A) 66 n78(2A)
DC_66A-66A_n78A 66A-66A n78
DC_66A-66A_n78(2A) 66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_71A_n2A 71 n2
DC_71A_n2(2A) 71 n2(2A)
DC_71A_n5A 71 n5
DC_71A_n38A 71 n38
DC_71A_n7A 71 n7
DC_71A_n25A 71 n25
DC_71A_n41A 71 n41
DC_71A_n48A 71 n48
DC_71A_n66A 71 n66
DC_71A_n77A 71 n77
DC_71A_n77C 71 n77C
DC_71A_n77(2A) 71 n77(2A)
DC_71A_n78A 71 n78
DC_71A_n78(2A) 71 n78(2A)
Nb = 554

Inter-band (three bands)

All bands
DC_1A-3A_n1A 1A-3A n1
DC_1A-3A_n3A 1A-3A n3
DC_1A-(n)3AA 1 (n)3AA
DC_1A-3A_n5A 1A-3A n5
DC_1A-3C_n5A 1A-3C n5
DC_1A-3A_n7A 1A-3A n7
DC_1A-3A_n7B 1A-3A n7B
DC_1A-3C_n7A 1A-3C n7
DC_1A-3C_n7B 1A-3C n7B
DC_1A-1A-3A_n7A 1A-1A-3A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A_n7B 1A-1A-3A n7B
DC_1A-1A-3C_n7A 1A-1A-3C n7
DC_1A-1A-3C_n7B 1A-1A-3C n7B
DC_1A-3A-3A_n7A 1A-3A-3A n7
DC_1A-3A-3A_n7B 1A-3A-3A n7B
DC_1A-1A-3A-3A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-3A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-3A_n7B 1A-1A-3A-3A n7B
DC_1A-3A_n8A 1A-3A n8
DC_1A-3A_n26A 1A-3A n26
DC_1A-3C_n26A 1A-3C n26
DC_1A-3A_n28A 1A-3A n28
DC_1A-3C_n28A 1A-3C n28
DC_1A-1A-3A_n28A 1A-1A-3A n28
DC_1A-1A-3C_n28A 1A-1A-3C n28
DC_1A_n3A-n28A 1 n3A-n28A
DC_1A-3A_n38A 1A-3A n38
DC_1A_n3A-n38A 1 n3A-n38A
DC_1A-3A_n40A 1A-3A n40
DC_1A-3A_n41A 1A-3A n41
DC_1A-3C_n41A 1A-3C n41
DC_1A_n3A-n41A 1 n3A-n41A
DC_1A-3A_n71A 1A-3A n71
DC_1A-3A_n71B 1A-3A n71B
DC_1A-3A_n77A 1A-3A n77
DC_1A-3A_n77C 1A-3A n77C
DC_1A-3C_n77A 1A-3C n77
DC_1A-3A_n77(2A) 1A-3A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3C_n77(2A) 1A-3C n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A_n77(3A) 1A-3A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A_n78A 1A-3A n78
DC_1A-3A_n78C 1A-3A n78C
DC_1A-3C_n78A 1A-3C n78
DC_1A-3A_n78(2A) 1A-3A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C_n78(2A) 1A-3C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A_n78(A-C) 1A-3A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-1A-3A_n78A 1A-1A-3A n78
DC_1A-1A-3C_n78A 1A-1A-3C n78
DC_1A_n3A-n8A 1 n3A-n8A
DC_1A_n3A-n75A 1 n3A-n75A
DC_1A_n3A-n77A 1 n3A-n77A
DC_1A_n3A-n77(2A) 1 n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A_n3A-n78A 1 n3A-n78A
DC_1A_n3A-n78(2A) 1 n3A-n78(2A)
DC_1A_n3A-n79A 1 n3A-n79A
DC_1A-3A_n79A 1A-3A n79
DC_1A-3A_n79C 1A-3A n79C
DC_1A-5A_n40A 1A-5A n40
DC_1A_n5A-n40A 1 n5A-n40A
DC_1A-5A_n77A 1A-5A n77
DC_1A-5A_n77(2A) 1A-5A n77(2A)
DC_1A-5A_n77(3A) 1A-5A n77(3A)
DC_1A-5A_n78A 1A-5A n78
DC_1A-5A_n78C 1A-5A n78C
DC_1A-5A_n78(2A) 1A-5A n78(2A)
DC_1A-5A_n78(A-C) 1A-5A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-1A-5A_n78A 1A-1A-5A n78
DC_1A-5A_n79A 1A-5A n79
DC_1A_n5A-n78A 1 n5A-n78A
DC_1A-7A_n1A 1A-7A n1
DC_1A-7A_n3A 1A-7A n3
DC_1A-7C_n3A 1A-7C n3
DC_1A-7A_n5A 1A-7A n5
DC_1A-7C_n5A 1A-7C n5
DC_1A-7A_n7A 1A-7A n7
DC_1A-1A-7A_n7A 1A-1A-7A n7
DC_1A-(n)7AA 1 (n)7AA
DC_1A-7A_n8A 1A-7A n8
DC_1A-7A_n20A 1A-7A n20
DC_1A-7A_n26A 1A-7A n26
DC_1A-7C_n26A 1A-7C n26
DC_1A-7A_n28A 1A-7A n28
DC_1A-7C_n28A 1A-7C n28
DC_1A-1A-7A_n28A 1A-1A-7A n28
DC_1A-7A-7A_n28A 1A-7A-7A n28
DC_1A-7A_n40A 1A-7A n40
DC_1A-7A_n77A 1A-7A n77
DC_1A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-7A-7A_n77A 1A-7A-7A n77
DC_1A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-7A_n78A 1A-7A n78
DC_1A-7C_n78A 1A-7C n78
DC_1A-7A_n78C 1A-7A n78C
DC_1A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7C_n78(2A) 1A-7C n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-1A-7A_n78A 1A-1A-7A n78
DC_1A-7A-7A_n78A 1A-7A-7A n78
DC_1A-7A-7A_n78C 1A-7A-7A n78C
DC_1A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A_n7A-n78A 1 n7A-n78A
DC_1A_n7B-n78A 1 n7B-n78A
DC_1A_n7A-n78(2A) 1 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-8A_n3A 1A-8A n3
DC_1A-8A_n7A 1A-8A n7
DC_1A-8A_n20A 1A-8A n20
DC_1A-8A_n28A 1A-8A n28
DC_1A-8A_n40A 1A-8A n40
DC_1A_n8A-n40A 1 n8A-n40A
DC_1A-8A_n77A 1A-8A n77
DC_1A-8A_n77(2A) 1A-8A n77(2A)
DC_1A_n8A-n77A 1 n8A-n77A
DC_1A_n8A-n77(2A) 1 n8A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A_n77(3A) 1A-8A n77(3A)
DC_1A-8A_n78A 1A-8A n78
DC_1A-8A_n78(2A) 1A-8A n78(2A)
DC_1A_n8A-n78A 1 n8A-n78A
DC_1A-8A_n79A 1A-8A n79
DC_1A-11A_n3A 1A-11A n3
DC_1A-11A_n28A 1A-11A n28
DC_1A-11A_n41A 1A-11A n41
DC_1A-11A_n77A 1A-11A n77
DC_1A-11A_n77(2A) 1A-11A n77(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n77(3A) 1A-11A n77(3A)
DC_1A-11A_n78A 1A-11A n78
DC_1A-11A_n78(2A) 1A-11A n78(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n79A 1A-11A n79
DC_1A-18A_n3A 1A-18A n3
DC_1A-18A_n28A 1A-18A n28
DC_1A-18A_n41A 1A-18A n41
DC_1A-18A_n77A 1A-18A n77
DC_1A-18A_n77(2A) 1A-18A n77(2A)
DC_1A-18A_n78A 1A-18A n78
DC_1A-18A_n78(2A) 1A-18A n78(2A)
DC_1A-18A_n79A 1A-18A n79
DC_1A-19A_n77A 1A-19A n77
DC_1A-19A_n77C 1A-19A n77C
DC_1A-19A_n77(2A) 1A-19A n77(2A)
DC_1A-19A_n78A 1A-19A n78
DC_1A-19A_n78C 1A-19A n78C
DC_1A-19A_n78(2A) 1A-19A n78(2A)
DC_1A-19A_n79A 1A-19A n79
DC_1A-19A_n79C 1A-19A n79C
DC_1A-20A_n1A 1A-20A n1
DC_1A-20A_n3A 1A-20A n3
DC_1C-20A_n3A 1C-20A n3
DC_1A-20A_n7A 1A-20A n7
DC_1A-20A_n8A 1A-20A n8
DC_1A-20A_n28A 1A-20A n28
DC_1A-20A_n38A 1A-20A n38
DC_1A-20A_n41A 1A-20A n41
DC_1A-20A_n78A 1A-20A n78
DC_1A-20A_n78C 1A-20A n78C
DC_1A-20A_n78(2A) 1A-20A n78(2A)
DC_1A-21A_n28A 1A-21A n28
DC_1A-21A_n77A 1A-21A n77
DC_1A-21A_n77C 1A-21A n77C
DC_1A-21A_n77(2A) 1A-21A n77(2A)
DC_1A-21A_n78A 1A-21A n78
DC_1A-21A_n78C 1A-21A n78C
DC_1A-21A_n78(2A) 1A-21A n78(2A)
DC_1A-21A_n79A 1A-21A n79
DC_1A-21A_n79C 1A-21A n79C
DC_1A-26A_n78A 1A-26A n78
DC_1A-26A_n78(2A) 1A-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A_n26A-n78A 1 n26A-n78A
DC_1A-28A_n3A 1A-28A n3
DC_1A-28A_n5A 1A-28A n5
DC_1A-28A_n7A 1A-28A n7
DC_1A-28A_n7B 1A-28A n7B
DC_1A-1A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-28A_n7B 1A-1A-28A n7B
DC_1A-28A_n20A 1A-28A n20
DC_1A-28A_n38A 1A-28A n38
DC_1A_n28A-n40A 1 n28A-n40A
DC_1A-28A_n40A 1A-28A n40
DC_1A_n28A-n41A 1 n28A-n41A
DC_1A_n28A-n75A 1 n28A-n75A
DC_1A-28A_n77A 1A-28A n77
DC_1A-28A_n77C 1A-28A n77C
DC_1A-28A_n78A 1A-28A n78
DC_1A-28A_n78C 1A-28A n78C
DC_1A-28A_n78(2A) 1A-28A n78(2A)
DC_1A-1A-28A_n78A 1A-1A-28A n78
DC_1A_n28A-n77A 1 n28A-n77A
DC_1A_n28A-n77(2A) 1 n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A_n28A-n78A 1 n28A-n78A
DC_1A_n28A-n78(2A) 1 n28A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-28A_n79A 1A-28A n79
DC_1A-28A_n79C 1A-28A n79C
DC_1A_n28A-n79A 1 n28A-n79A
DC_1A-32A_n3A 1A-32A n3
DC_1A-32A_n8A 1A-32A n8
DC_1A-32A_n28A 1A-32A n28
DC_1A-32A_n78A 1A-32A n78
DC_1A-32A_n78C 1A-32A n78C
DC_1A-32A_n78(2A) 1A-32A n78(2A)
DC_1A-38A_n3A 1A-38A n3
DC_1A-38A_n8A 1A-38A n8
DC_1A-38A_n28A 1A-38A n28
DC_1A-(n)38AA 1 (n)38AA
DC_1A_n38A-n78A 1 n38A-n78A
DC_1A-38A_n78A 1A-38A n78
DC_1A-38A_n78(2A) 1A-38A n78(2A)
DC_1A_n40A-n77A 1 n40A-n77A
DC_1A-40A_n78A 1A-40A n78
DC_1A-40C_n78A 1A-40C n78
DC_1A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A_n40A-n78A 1 n40A-n78A
DC_1A_n40A-n78C 1 n40A-n78C
DC_1A_n40A-n78(2A) 1 n40A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-41A_n3A 1A-41A n3
DC_1A-41C_n3A 1A-41C n3
DC_1A-41A_n28A 1A-41A n28
DC_1A-41C_n28A 1A-41C n28
DC_1A-(n)41AA 1 (n)41AA
DC_1A-(n)41CA 1 (n)41CA
DC_1A-(n)41DA 1 (n)41DA
DC_1A-41A_n41A 1A-41A n41
DC_1A-41C_n41A 1A-41C n41
DC_1A-41A_n77A 1A-41A n77
DC_1A-41C_n77A 1A-41C n77
DC_1A-41A_n77(2A) 1A-41A n77(2A)
DC_1A-41C_n77(2A) 1A-41C n77(2A)
DC_1A_n41A-n77A 1 n41A-n77A
DC_1A_n41A-n77(2A) 1 n41A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-41A_n78A 1A-41A n78
DC_1A-41C_n78A 1A-41C n78
DC_1A_n41A-n78A 1 n41A-n78A
DC_1A_n41A-n78(2A) 1 n41A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-41A_n78(2A) 1A-41A n78(2A)
DC_1A-41C_n78(2A) 1A-41C n78(2A)
DC_1A-41A_n79A 1A-41A n79
DC_1A-41C_n79A 1A-41C n79
DC_1A-42A_n3A 1A-42A n3
DC_1A-42C_n3A 1A-42C n3
DC_1A-42A_n28A 1A-42A n28
DC_1A-42C_n28A 1A-42C n28
DC_1A-42A_n77A 1A-42A n77
DC_1A-42A_n77C 1A-42A n77C
DC_1A-42C_n77A 1A-42C n77
DC_1A-42C_n77C 1A-42C n77C
DC_1A-42D_n77A 1A-42D n77
DC_1A-42D_n77C 1A-42D n77C
DC_1A-42E_n77A 1A-42E n77
DC_1A-42E_n77C 1A-42E n77C
DC_1A-42A_n77(2A) 1A-42A n77(2A)
DC_1A-42C_n77(2A) 1A-42C n77(2A)
DC_1A-42A_n78A 1A-42A n78
DC_1A-42A_n78C 1A-42A n78C
DC_1A-42C_n78A 1A-42C n78
DC_1A-42C_n78C 1A-42C n78C
DC_1A-42D_n78A 1A-42D n78
DC_1A-42D_n78C 1A-42D n78C
DC_1A-42E_n78A 1A-42E n78
DC_1A-42E_n78C 1A-42E n78C
DC_1A-42A_n79A 1A-42A n79
DC_1A-42A_n79C 1A-42A n79C
DC_1A-42C_n79A 1A-42C n79
DC_1A-42C_n79C 1A-42C n79C
DC_1A-42D_n79A 1A-42D n79
DC_1A-42D_n79C 1A-42D n79C
DC_1A-42E_n79A 1A-42E n79
DC_1A-42E_n79C 1A-42E n79C
DC_1A_n75A-n78A 1 n75A-n78A
DC_1A_n75A-n78(2A) 1 n75A-n78(2A)
DC_1A_n77A-n79A 1 n77A-n79A
DC_1A_n77(2A)-n79A 1 n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A_SUL_n77A-n80A 1 SUL_n77A-n80A
DC_1A_SUL_n77A-n84A 1 SUL_n77A-n84A
DC_1A_n78A-n79A 1 n78A-n79A
DC_1A_SUL_n78A-n80A 1 SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_1A_SUL_n78A-n84A 1 SUL_n78A-n84A
DC_1A_SUL_n79A-n84A 1 SUL_n79A-n84A
DC_2A_n2A-n38A 2 n2A-n38A
DC_2A_n2A-n41A 2 n2A-n41A
DC_2A_n2A-n66A 2 n2A-n66A
DC_2A_n2A-n71A 2 n2A-n71A
DC_2A_n2A-n77A 2 n2A-n77A
DC_2A_n2A-n77C 2 n2A-n77C
DC_2A_n2A-n78A 2 n2A-n78A
DC_2A-4A_n28A 2A-4A n28
DC_2A-4A_n38A 2A-4A n38
DC_2A-4A_n41A 2A-4A n41
DC_2A-5A_n2A 2A-5A n2
DC_2A-5B_n2A 2A-5B n2
DC_2A-5A-5A_n2A 2A-5A-5A n2
DC_2A-5A_n5A 2A-5A n5
DC_2A-2A-5A_n5A 2A-2A-5A n5
DC_2A-(n)5AA 2 (n)5AA
DC_2A-2A-(n)5AA 2A-2A (n)5AA
DC_2A-5A_n7A 2A-5A n7
DC_2A-5A_n12A 2A-5A n12
DC_2A-5A_n30A 2A-5A n30
DC_2A-2A-5A_n30A 2A-2A-5A n30
DC_2A-5A_n48A 2A-5A n48
DC_2A-5A_n48B 2A-5A n48B
DC_2A-5A_n66A 2A-5A n66
DC_2A-5B_n66A 2A-5B n66
DC_2A-5A-5A_n66A 2A-5A-5A n66
DC_2A-2A-5A_n66A 2A-2A-5A n66
DC_2A-5A_n71A 2A-5A n71
DC_2A-5A_n77A 2A-5A n77
DC_2A-5A_n77C 2A-5A n77C
DC_2A-5A_n77(2A) 2A-5A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-5A_n77A 2A-2A-5A n77
DC_2A-2A-5A_n77C 2A-2A-5A n77C
DC_2A-2A-5A_n77(2A) 2A-2A-5A n77(2A)
DC_2A-5A_n78A 2A-5A n78
DC_2A-5A_n78(2A) 2A-5A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7A_n2A 2A-7A n2
DC_2A-7A_n5A 2A-7A n5
DC_2A-7C_n5A 2A-7C n5
DC_2A-7A-7A_n5A 2A-7A-7A n5
DC_2A-7A_n7A 2A-7A n7
DC_2A-7A_n25A 2A-7A n25
DC_2A-7A-7A_n25A 2A-7A-7A n25
DC_2A-7C_n25A 2A-7C n25
DC_2A-7A_n28A 2A-7A n28
DC_2A-7C_n28A 2A-7C n28
DC_2A_n5A-n77A 2 n5A-n77A
DC_2A-2A_n5A-n77A 2A-2A n5A-n77A
DC_2A_n5A-n77C 2 n5A-n77C
DC_2A-2A_n5A-n77C 2A-2A n5A-n77C
DC_2A-7A_n66A 2A-7A n66
DC_2A-7C_n66A 2A-7C n66
DC_2A-2A-7C_n66A 2A-2A-7C n66
DC_2A-7A-7A_n66A 2A-7A-7A n66
DC_2A-2A-7A_n66A 2A-2A-7A n66
DC_2A-2A-7A-7A_n66A 2A-2A-7A-7A n66
DC_2A_n7A-n66A 2 n7A-n66A
DC_2A_n7(2A)-n66A 2 n7(2A)-n66A
DC_2A-7A_n71A 2A-7A n71
DC_2A-2A-7A_n71A 2A-2A-7A n71
DC_2A-7A_n77A 2A-7A n77
DC_2A-7C_n77A 2A-7C n77
DC_2A-7A-7A_n77A 2A-7A-7A n77
DC_2A-7A_n77(2A) 2A-7A n77(2A)
DC_2A-7C_n77(2A) 2A-7C n77(2A)
DC_2A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 2A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_2A-7A_n78A 2A-7A n78
DC_2A-7C_n78A 2A-7C n78
DC_2A-7A_n78(2A) 2A-7A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7C_n78(2A) 2A-7C n78(2A)
DC_2A-2A-7A_n78A 2A-2A-7A n78
DC_2A_n7A-n78A 2 n7A-n78A
DC_2A_n7(2A)-n78A 2 n7(2A)-n78A
DC_2A_n7A-n78(2A) 2 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_2A_n7(2A)-n78(2A) 2 n7(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_2A-7A-7A_n78A 2A-7A-7A n78
DC_2A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 2A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_2A-8A_n2A 2A-8A n2
DC_2A-12A_n2A 2A-12A n2
DC_2A-12A_n5A 2A-12A n5
DC_2A-2A-12A_n5A 2A-2A-12A n5
DC_2A-12A_n7A 2A-12A n7
DC_2A-12A_n7(2A) 2A-12A n7(2A)
DC_2A-(n)12AA 2 (n)12AA
DC_2A-12A_n30A 2A-12A n30
DC_2A-2A-12A_n30A 2A-2A-12A n30
DC_2A-12A_n41A 2A-12A n41
DC_2A-2A-12A_n41A 2A-2A-12A n41
DC_2A-12A_n66A 2A-12A n66
DC_2A-2A-12A_n66A 2A-2A-12A n66
DC_2A-12A_n77A 2A-12A n77
DC_2A-2A-12A_n77A 2A-2A-12A n77
DC_2A-12A_n77(2A) 2A-12A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-12A_n77(2A) 2A-2A-12A n77(2A)
DC_2A-13A_n2A 2A-13A n2
DC_2A-12A_n78A 2A-12A n78
DC_2A-12A_n78(2A) 2A-12A n78(2A)
DC_2A-2A-12A_n78A 2A-2A-12A n78
DC_2A-13A_n5A 2A-13A n5
DC_2A-2A-13A_n5A 2A-2A-13A n5
DC_2A-13A_n25A 2A-13A n25
DC_2A-13A_n48A 2A-13A n48
DC_2A-13A_n48B 2A-13A n48B
DC_2A-13A_n66A 2A-13A n66
DC_2A-2A-13A_n66A 2A-2A-13A n66
DC_2A-13A_n77A 2A-13A n77
DC_2A-13A_n77C 2A-13A n77C
DC_2A-2A-13A_n77C 2A-2A-13A n77C
DC_2A-2A-13A_n77A 2A-2A-13A n77
DC_2A-14A_n2A 2A-14A n2
DC_2A-14A_n5A 2A-14A n5
DC_2A-2A-14A_n5A 2A-2A-14A n5
DC_2A-14A_n30A 2A-14A n30
DC_2A-2A-14A_n30A 2A-2A-14A n30
DC_2A-14A_n66A 2A-14A n66
DC_2A-2A-14A_n66A 2A-2A-14A n66
DC_2A-14A_n77A 2A-14A n77
DC_2A-2A-14A_n77A 2A-2A-14A n77
DC_2A-14A_n77(2A) 2A-14A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-14A_n77(2A) 2A-2A-14A n77(2A)
DC_2A_n25A-n66A 2 n25A-n66A
DC_2A-28A_n7A 2A-28A n7
DC_2A-28A_n66A 2A-28A n66
DC_2A-28A_n78A 2A-28A n78
DC_2A-29A_n30A 2A-29A n30
DC_2A-2A-29A_n30A 2A-2A-29A n30
DC_2A-29A_n66A 2A-29A n66
DC_2A-2A-29A_n66A 2A-2A-29A n66
DC_2A-29A_n77A 2A-29A n77
DC_2A-2A-29A_n77A 2A-2A-29A n77
DC_2A-29A_n78A 2A-29A n78
DC_2A-30A_n5A 2A-30A n5
DC_2A-30A_n2A 2A-30A n2
DC_2A-2A-30A_n5A 2A-2A-30A n5
DC_2A-30A_n66A 2A-30A n66
DC_2A-2A-30A_n66A 2A-2A-30A n66
DC_2A-30A_n77A 2A-30A n77
DC_2A-2A-30A_n77A 2A-2A-30A n77
DC_2A-30A_n77(2A) 2A-30A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-30A_n77(2A) 2A-2A-30A n77(2A)
DC_2A_n38A-n66A 2 n38A-n66A
DC_2A_n38A-n71A 2 n38A-n71A
DC_2A-38A_n78A 2A-38A n78
DC_2A_n38A-n78A 2 n38A-n78A
DC_2A_n41A-n66A 2 n41A-n66A
DC_2A_n41C-n66A 2 n41C-n66A
DC_2A_n41(2A)-n66A 2 n41(2A)-n66A
DC_2A_n41A-n71A 2 n41A-n71A
DC_2A_n41C-n71A 2 n41C-n71A
DC_2A_n41(2A)-n71A 2 n41(2A)-n71A
DC_2A-46A_n2A 2A-46A n2
DC_2A-46C_n2A 2A-46C n2
DC_2A-46D_n2A 2A-46D n2
DC_2A-46E_n2A 2A-46E n2
DC_2A-46A_n5A 2A-46A n5
DC_2A-46C_n5A 2A-46C n5
DC_2A-46D_n5A 2A-46D n5
DC_2A-46E_n5A 2A-46E n5
DC_2A-2A-46A_n5A 2A-2A-46A n5
DC_2A-2A-46C_n5A 2A-2A-46C n5
DC_2A-2A-46D_n5A 2A-2A-46D n5
DC_2A-46A_n41A 2A-46A n41
DC_2A-46C_n41A 2A-46C n41
DC_2A-46D_n41A 2A-46D n41
DC_2A-46A_n41(2A) 2A-46A n41(2A)
DC_2A-46C_n41(2A) 2A-46C n41(2A)
DC_2A-46D_n41(2A) 2A-46D n41(2A)
DC_2A-46A_n66A 2A-46A n66
DC_2A-46C_n66A 2A-46C n66
DC_2A-46D_n66A 2A-46D n66
DC_2A-46E_n66A 2A-46E n66
DC_2A-46A_n71A 2A-46A n71
DC_2A-46C_n71A 2A-46C n71
DC_2A-46D_n71A 2A-46D n71
DC_2A-46A_n77A 2A-46A n77
DC_2A-46A-46A_n77A 2A-46A-46A n77
DC_2A-48A_n2A 2A-48A n2
DC_2A-48C_n2A 2A-48C n2
DC_2A-48D_n2A 2A-48D n2
DC_2A-48E_n2A 2A-48E n2
DC_2A-48A_n5A 2A-48A n5
DC_2A-48C_n5A 2A-48C n5
DC_2A-48D_n5A 2A-48D n5
DC_2A-48E_n5A 2A-48E n5
DC_2A_n48A-n66A 2 n48A-n66A
DC_2A-48A_n71A 2A-48A n71
DC_2A-48A_n12A 2A-48A n12
DC_2A-48A_n48A 2A-48A n48
DC_2A-48A_n66A 2A-48A n66
DC_2A-48C_n66A 2A-48C n66
DC_2A-48D_n66A 2A-48D n66
DC_2A-48E_n66A 2A-48E n66
DC_2A-48A_n77A 2A-48A n77
DC_2A-48A-48A_n77A 2A-48A-48A n77
DC_2A-48A-48A-48A_n77A 2A-48A-48A-48A n77
DC_2A-48C_n77A 2A-48C n77
DC_2A-48D_n77A 2A-48D n77
DC_2A-48E_n77A 2A-48E n77
DC_2A-48A_n77C 2A-48A n77C
DC_2A-48C_n77C 2A-48C n77C
DC_2A-48D_n77C 2A-48D n77C
DC_2A-66A_n2A 2A-66A n2
DC_2A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-66A_n5A 2A-66A n5
DC_2A-66B_n5A 2A-66B n5
DC_2A-2A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-66A n5
DC_2A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-2A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-66A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-66A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-66A_n7A 2A-66A n7
DC_2A-66A-66A_n7A 2A-66A-66A n7
DC_2A-66A_n12A 2A-66A n12
DC_2A-66A_n25A 2A-66A n25
DC_2A-66A_n28A 2A-66A n28
DC_2A-66A_n30A 2A-66A n30
DC_2A-2A-66A_n30A 2A-2A-66A n30
DC_2A-66A-66A_n30A 2A-66A-66A n30
DC_2A-2A-66A-66A_n30A 2A-2A-66A-66A n30
DC_2A-66A_n38A 2A-66A n38
DC_2A-2A-66A_n38A 2A-2A-66A n38
DC_2A-66A-66A_n38A 2A-66A-66A n38
DC_2A-66A_n41A 2A-66A n41
DC_2A-66A_n41C 2A-66A n41C
DC_2C-66A_n41A 2C-66A n41
DC_2A-66A_n41(2A) 2A-66A n41(2A)
DC_2A-2A-66A_n41A 2A-2A-66A n41
DC_2A-66A_n48A 2A-66A n48
DC_2A-66A_n48B 2A-66A n48B
DC_2A-66A-66A_n48A 2A-66A-66A n48
DC_2A-66A-66A_n48B 2A-66A-66A n48B
DC_2A-66A_n66A 2A-66A n66
DC_2A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-66B_n66A 2A-66B n66
DC_2A-(n)66AA 2 (n)66AA
DC_2A-2A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-66A_n71A 2A-66A n71
DC_2A-66A_n71B 2A-66A n71B
DC_2A-66C_n71A 2A-66C n71
DC_2C-66A_n71A 2C-66A n71
DC_2A-2A-66A_n71A 2A-2A-66A n71
DC_2A-66A-66A_n71A 2A-66A-66A n71
DC_2A-2A-66A-66A_n71A 2A-2A-66A-66A n71
DC_2A_n66A-n71A 2 n66A-n71A
DC_2A-66A_n77A 2A-66A n77
DC_2A-66A_n77C 2A-66A n77C
DC_2A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-66A n77
DC_2A-2A-66A_n77C 2A-2A-66A n77C
DC_2A-2A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-2A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-66A-66A_n77C 2A-66A-66A n77C
DC_2A-66A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-2A-66A-66A_n77C 2A-2A-66A-66A n77C
DC_2A_n66A-n77A 2 n66A-n77A
DC_2A_n66A-n77C 2 n66A-n77C
DC_2A-2A_n66A-n77A 2A-2A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-2A_n66A-n77C 2A-2A n66A-n77C
DC_2A-66A_n78A 2A-66A n78
DC_2A-2A-66A_n78A 2A-2A-66A n78
DC_2A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A_n66A-n78A 2 n66A-n78A
DC_2A-2A_n66A-n78A 2A-2A n66A-n78A
DC_2A_n66A-n78(2A) 2 n66A-n78(2A)
DC_2A_n66(2A)-n78A 2 n66(2A)-n78A
DC_2A_n66(2A)-n78(2A) 2 n66(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_2A-66A-66A_n78A 2A-66A-66A n78
DC_2A-66A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-71A_n2A 2A-71A n2
DC_2A-71A_n38A 2A-71A n38
DC_2A-2A-71A_n38A 2A-2A-71A n38
DC_2A-71A_n41A 2A-71A n41
DC_2A-2A-71A_n41A 2A-2A-71A n41
DC_2A-71A_n66A 2A-71A n66
DC_2A-2A-71A_n66A 2A-2A-71A n66
DC_2A-71A_n71A 2A-71A n71
DC_2A_n71A-n77A 2 n71A-n77A
DC_2A-71A_n78A 2A-71A n78
DC_2A-71A_n78(2A) 2A-71A n78(2A)
DC_2A-2A-71A_n78A 2A-2A-71A n78
DC_2A_n71A-n78A 2 n71A-n78A
DC_2A-(n)71AA 2 (n)71AA
DC_3A_n1A-n7A 3 n1A-n7A
DC_3C_n1A-n7A 3C n1A-n7A
DC_3A_n1A-n8A 3 n1A-n8A
DC_3A-3A_n1A-n8A 3A-3A n1A-n8A
DC_3A_n1A-n28A 3 n1A-n28A
DC_3C_n1A-n28A 3C n1A-n28A
DC_3A_n1A-n38A 3 n1A-n38A
DC_3A_n1A-n40A 3 n1A-n40A
DC_3A_n1A-n41A 3 n1A-n41A
DC_3A_n1A-n75A 3 n1A-n75A
DC_3C_n1A-n75A 3C n1A-n75A
DC_3A_n1A-n77A 3 n1A-n77A
DC_3A_n1A-n78A 3 n1A-n78A
DC_3C_n1A-n78A 3C n1A-n78A
DC_3A_n1A-n78(2A) 3 n1A-n78(2A)
DC_3C_n1A-n78(2A) 3C n1A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-3A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A n1A-n78A
DC_3A_n1A-n79A 3 n1A-n79A
DC_(n)3AA-n7A 3AA-n7 (n)3AA-n7A
DC_(n)3AA-n8A 3AA-n8 (n)3AA-n8A
DC_(n)3AA-n28A 3AA-n28 (n)3AA-n28A
DC_3A_n3A-n41A 3 n3A-n41A
DC_(n)3AA-n67A 3AA-n67 (n)3AA-n67A
DC_3A_n3A-n77A 3 n3A-n77A
DC_(n)3AA-n77A 3AA-n77 (n)3AA-n77A
DC_(n)3AA-n77(2A) 3AA-n77(2A (n)3AA-n77(2A)
DC_(n)3AA-n78A 3AA-n78 (n)3AA-n78A
DC_(n)3AA-n78(2A) 3AA-n78(2A (n)3AA-n78(2A)
DC_3A_n3A-n78A 3 n3A-n78A
DC_3A-5A_n40A 3A-5A n40
DC_3A_n5A-n40A 3 n5A-n40A
DC_3A-5A_n77A 3A-5A n77
DC_3A-5A_n77(2A) 3A-5A n77(2A)
DC_3A-5A_n77(3A) 3A-5A n77(3A)
DC_3A-5A_n78A 3A-5A n78
DC_3C-5A_n78A 3C-5A n78
DC_3A-5A_n78C 3A-5A n78C
DC_3A-5A_n78(2A) 3A-5A n78(2A)
DC_3A-5A_n78(A-C) 3A-5A n78(A-C)
DC_3A_n5A-n78A 3 n5A-n78A
DC_3C_n5A-n78A 3C n5A-n78A
DC_3A-5A_n79A 3A-5A n79
DC_3A-7A_n1A 3A-7A n1
DC_3A-7C_n1A 3A-7C n1
DC_3C-7A_n1A 3C-7A n1
DC_3C-7C_n1A 3C-7C n1
DC_3A-3A-7A_n1A 3A-3A-7A n1
DC_3A-7A-7A_n1A 3A-7A-7A n1
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n1A 3A-3A-7A-7A n1
DC_3A-7A_n3A 3A-7A n3
DC_3A-7C_n3A 3A-7C n3
DC_3A-7A_n5A 3A-7A n5
DC_3C-7A_n5A 3C-7A n5
DC_3A-7C_n5A 3A-7C n5
DC_3C-7C_n5A 3C-7C n5
DC_3A-7A_n7A 3A-7A n7
DC_3C-7A_n7A 3C-7A n7
DC_3A-3A-7A_n7A 3A-3A-7A n7
DC_3A-(n)7AA 3 (n)7AA
DC_3C-(n)7AA 3C (n)7AA
DC_3A-7A_n8A 3A-7A n8
DC_3A-3A-7A_n8A 3A-3A-7A n8
DC_3A-7A-7A_n8A 3A-7A-7A n8
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n8A 3A-3A-7A-7A n8
DC_3A-7A_n26A 3A-7A n26
DC_3A-7C_n26A 3A-7C n26
DC_3C-7A_n26A 3C-7A n26
DC_3C-7C_n26A 3C-7C n26
DC_3A-7A_n28A 3A-7A n28
DC_3A-7C_n28A 3A-7C n28
DC_3C-7A_n28A 3C-7A n28
DC_3C-7C_n28A 3C-7C n28
DC_3A-7A-7A_n28A 3A-7A-7A n28
DC_3A-7A_n40A 3A-7A n40
DC_3A-7A_n77A 3A-7A n77
DC_3A-3A-7A_n77A 3A-3A-7A n77
DC_3A-7A-7A_n77A 3A-7A-7A n77
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n77A 3A-3A-7A-7A n77
DC_3A-7A_n77(2A) 3A-7A n77(2A)
DC_3A-7A_n77(3A) 3A-7A n77(3A)
DC_3A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 3A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_3A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 3A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_3A-7A_n78A 3A-7A n78
DC_3C-7A_n78A 3C-7A n78
DC_3A-7C_n78A 3A-7C n78
DC_3C-7C_n78A 3C-7C n78
DC_3A-7A_n78C 3A-7A n78C
DC_3A_n7A-n28A 3 n7A-n28A
DC_3C_n7A-n28A 3C n7A-n28A
DC_3A-7A_n78(2A) 3A-7A n78(2A)
DC_3C-7A_n78(2A) 3C-7A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7C_n78(2A) 3A-7C n78(2A)
DC_3C-7C_n78(2A) 3C-7C n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A_n78(A-C) 3A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_3A-3A-7A_n78A 3A-3A-7A n78
DC_3A-7A-7A_n78A 3A-7A-7A n78
DC_3A-7A-7A_n78C 3A-7A-7A n78C
DC_3A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 3A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A n78
DC_3A_n7A-n78A 3 n7A-n78A
DC_3A_n7B-n78A 3 n7B-n78A
DC_3C_n7A-n78A 3C n7A-n78A
DC_3C_n7B-n78A 3C n7B-n78A
DC_3A-3A_n7A-n78A 3A-3A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-3A_n7B-n78A 3A-3A n7B-n78A
DC_3A_n7A-n78(2A) 3 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_3C_n7A-n78(2A) 3C n7A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-8A_n1A 3A-8A n1
DC_3C-8A_n1A 3C-8A n1
DC_3A-3A-8A_n1A 3A-3A-8A n1
DC_3A-8A_n7A 3A-8A n7
DC_3A-3A_n8A-n78A 3A-3A n8A-n78A
DC_3A_n8A-n40A 3 n8A-n40A
DC_3A_n8A-n41A 3 n8A-n41A
DC_3A-8A_n28A 3A-8A n28
DC_3C-8A_n28A 3C-8A n28
DC_3A-8A_n40A 3A-8A n40
DC_3A-8A_n77A 3A-8A n77
DC_3C-8A_n77A 3C-8A n77
DC_3A-8A_n77(2A) 3A-8A n77(2A)
DC_3C-8A_n77(2A) 3C-8A n77(2A)
DC_3A-8A_n77(3A) 3A-8A n77(3A)
DC_3A-8A_n78A 3A-8A n78
DC_3C-8A_n78A 3C-8A n78
DC_3A-8A_n78(2A) 3A-8A n78(2A)
DC_3A-3A-8A_n78A 3A-3A-8A n78
DC_3A-8B_n78A 3A-8B n78
DC_3A-3A-8B_n78A 3A-3A-8B n78
DC_3A-8A_n79A 3A-8A n79
DC_3C-8A_n79A 3C-8A n79
DC_3A_n8A-n78A 3 n8A-n78A
DC_3A-11A_n28A 3A-11A n28
DC_3A-11A_n77A 3A-11A n77
DC_3A-11A_n77(2A) 3A-11A n77(2A)
DC_3A-11A_n77(3A) 3A-11A n77(3A)
DC_3A-18A_n3A 3A-18A n3
DC_3A-18A_n28A 3A-18A n28
DC_3A-18A_n41A 3A-18A n41
DC_3A-18A_n77A 3A-18A n77
DC_3A-18A_n77(2A) 3A-18A n77(2A)
DC_3A-18A_n78A 3A-18A n78
DC_3A-18A_n78(2A) 3A-18A n78(2A)
DC_3A-18A_n79A 3A-18A n79
DC_3A-19A_n1A 3A-19A n1
DC_3A-19A_n77A 3A-19A n77
DC_3A-19A_n77C 3A-19A n77C
DC_3A-19A_n77(2A) 3A-19A n77(2A)
DC_3A-19A_n78A 3A-19A n78
DC_3A-19A_n78C 3A-19A n78C
DC_3A-19A_n78(2A) 3A-19A n78(2A)
DC_3A-19A_n79A 3A-19A n79
DC_3A-19A_n79C 3A-19A n79C
DC_3A-20A_n1A 3A-20A n1
DC_3C-20A_n1A 3C-20A n1
DC_3A-3A-20A_n1A 3A-3A-20A n1
DC_3A-20A_n3A 3A-20A n3
DC_3A-20A_n7A 3A-20A n7
DC_3C-20A_n7A 3C-20A n7
DC_3A-20A_n8A 3A-20A n8
DC_3A-20A_n28A 3A-20A n28
DC_3C-20A_n28A 3C-20A n28
DC_3A-20A_n41A 3A-20A n41
DC_3C-20A_n41A 3C-20A n41
DC_3A-20A_n38A 3A-20A n38
DC_3A_n20A-n67A 3 n20A-n67A
DC_3C_n20A-n67A 3C n20A-n67A
DC_3A-20A_n78A 3A-20A n78
DC_3C-20A_n78A 3C-20A n78
DC_3A-20A_n78C 3A-20A n78C
DC_3A-3A-20A_n78A 3A-3A-20A n78
DC_3A-20A_n78(2A) 3A-20A n78(2A)
DC_3A_n20A-n78A 3 n20A-n78A
DC_3A-21A_n1A 3A-21A n1
DC_3A-21A_n28A 3A-21A n28
DC_3A-21A_n77A 3A-21A n77
DC_3A-21A_n77C 3A-21A n77C
DC_3A-21A_n77(2A) 3A-21A n77(2A)
DC_3A-21A_n78A 3A-21A n78
DC_3A-21A_n78C 3A-21A n78C
DC_3A-21A_n78(2A) 3A-21A n78(2A)
DC_3A-21A_n79A 3A-21A n79
DC_3A-21A_n79C 3A-21A n79C
DC_3A-26A_n78A 3A-26A n78
DC_3A-26A_n78(2A) 3A-26A n78(2A)
DC_3C-26A_n78A 3C-26A n78
DC_3C-26A_n78(2A) 3C-26A n78(2A)
DC_3A_n26A-n78A 3 n26A-n78A
DC_3C_n26A-n78A 3C n26A-n78A
DC_3A-28A_n1A 3A-28A n1
DC_3C-28A_n1A 3C-28A n1
DC_3A-28A_n3A 3A-28A n3
DC_3A-28A_n5A 3A-28A n5
DC_3C-28A_n5A 3C-28A n5
DC_3A-28A_n7A 3A-28A n7
DC_3C-28A_n7A 3C-28A n7
DC_3A-28A_n7B 3A-28A n7B
DC_3C-28A_n7B 3C-28A n7B
DC_3A-28A_n40A 3A-28A n40
DC_3A-3A-28A_n7A 3A-3A-28A n7
DC_3A-3A-28A_n7B 3A-3A-28A n7B
DC_3A-28A_n38A 3A-28A n38
DC_3A_n28A-n40A 3 n28A-n40A
DC_3A_n28A-n41A 3 n28A-n41A
DC_3A-28A_n41A 3A-28A n41
DC_3A_n28A-n75A 3 n28A-n75A
DC_3C_n28A-n75A 3C n28A-n75A
DC_3A-28A_n77A 3A-28A n77
DC_3A-28A_n77C 3A-28A n77C
DC_3A-28A_n77(2A) 3A-28A n77(2A)
DC_3A_n28A-n77A 3 n28A-n77A
DC_3A_n28A-n77(2A) 3 n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-28A_n78A 3A-28A n78
DC_3C-28A_n78A 3C-28A n78
DC_3A-28A_n78(2A) 3A-28A n78(2A)
DC_3A-28A_n78C 3A-28A n78C
DC_3A-3A-28A_n78A 3A-3A-28A n78
DC_3A_n28A-n78A 3 n28A-n78A
DC_3C_n28A-n78A 3C n28A-n78A
DC_3A_n28A-n78(2A) 3 n28A-n78(2A)
DC_3C_n28A-n78(2A) 3C n28A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-28A_n79A 3A-28A n79
DC_3A-28A_n79C 3A-28A n79C
DC_3A_n28A-n79A 3 n28A-n79A
DC_3A-32A_n1A 3A-32A n1
DC_3C-32A_n1A 3C-32A n1
DC_3A-32A_n7A 3A-32A n7
DC_3A-32A_n28A 3A-32A n28
DC_3C-32A_n28A 3C-32A n28
DC_3A-32A_n78A 3A-32A n78
DC_3C-32A_n78A 3C-32A n78
DC_3A-32A_n78C 3A-32A n78C
DC_3A-32A_n78(2A) 3A-32A n78(2A)
DC_3A-38A_n28A 3A-38A n28
DC_3C-38A_n28A 3C-38A n28
DC_3A_n38A-n40A 3 n38A-n40A
DC_3A-38A_n78A 3A-38A n78
DC_3A-38A_n78(2A) 3A-38A n78(2A)
DC_3A_n38A-n78A 3 n38A-n78A
DC_3C-38A_n78A 3C-38A n78
DC_3A-40A_n1A 3A-40A n1
DC_3A-40C_n1A 3A-40C n1
DC_3A_n40A-n41A 3 n40A-n41A
DC_3A_n40A-n41C 3 n40A-n41C
DC_3A_n40A-n77A 3 n40A-n77A
DC_3A-40A_n78A 3A-40A n78
DC_3A-40C_n78A 3A-40C n78
DC_3A-40A_n78(2A) 3A-40A n78(2A)
DC_3A-40C_n78(2A) 3A-40C n78(2A)
DC_3A_n40A-n78A 3 n40A-n78A
DC_3A_n40A-n78C 3 n40A-n78C
DC_3A_n40A-n79A 3 n40A-n79A
DC_3A_n40A-n79C 3 n40A-n79C
DC_3A-41A_n1A 3A-41A n1
DC_3A-41C_n1A 3A-41C n1
DC_3A-3A-41A_n1A 3A-3A-41A n1
DC_3A-3A-41C_n1A 3A-3A-41C n1
DC_3A-41A_n3A 3A-41A n3
DC_3A-41C_n3A 3A-41C n3
DC_3A-41A_n28A 3A-41A n28
DC_3A-41C_n28A 3A-41C n28
DC_3A-41A_n41A 3A-41A n41
DC_3A-41C_n41A 3A-41C n41
DC_3A-41D_n41A 3A-41D n41
DC_3A-(n)41AA 3 (n)41AA
DC_3A-(n)41CA 3 (n)41CA
DC_3A-(n)41DA 3 (n)41DA
DC_3A-41A_n77A 3A-41A n77
DC_3A-41C_n77A 3A-41C n77
DC_3A-41A_n77(2A) 3A-41A n77(2A)
DC_3A-41C_n77(2A) 3A-41C n77(2A)
DC_3A-41A_n78A 3A-41A n78
DC_3A-41C_n78A 3A-41C n78
DC_3A-3A-41A_n78A 3A-3A-41A n78
DC_3A-3A-41C_n78A 3A-3A-41C n78
DC_3A_n41A-n78A 3 n41A-n78A
DC_3A_n41A-n78(2A) 3 n41A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-41A_n78(2A) 3A-41A n78(2A)
DC_3A-41C_n78(2A) 3A-41C n78(2A)
DC_3A-42A_n1A 3A-42A n1
DC_3A-42C_n1A 3A-42C n1
DC_3A-42A_n28A 3A-42A n28
DC_3A-42C_n28A 3A-42C n28
DC_3A-41A_n79A 3A-41A n79
DC_3A-41C_n79A 3A-41C n79
DC_3A_n41A-n77A 3 n41A-n77A
DC_3A_n41A-n77(2A) 3 n41A-n77(2A)
DC_3A_n41A-n79A 3 n41A-n79A
DC_3A_n41C-n79A 3 n41C-n79A
DC_3A_n41A-n79C 3 n41A-n79C
DC_3A_n41C-n79C 3 n41C-n79C
DC_3A_SUL_n41A-n80A 3 SUL_n41A-n80A
DC_3C_SUL_n41A-n80A 3C SUL_n41A-n80A
DC_3A-42A_n77A 3A-42A n77
DC_3A-42A_n77C 3A-42A n77C
DC_3A-42C_n77A 3A-42C n77
DC_3A-42C_n77C 3A-42C n77C
DC_3A-42D_n77A 3A-42D n77
DC_3A-42D_n77C 3A-42D n77C
DC_3A-42E_n77A 3A-42E n77
DC_3A-42E_n77C 3A-42E n77C
DC_3A-42A_n77(2A) 3A-42A n77(2A)
DC_3A-42C_n77(2A) 3A-42C n77(2A)
DC_3A-42A_n78A 3A-42A n78
DC_3A-42A_n78C 3A-42A n78C
DC_3A-42C_n78A 3A-42C n78
DC_3A-42C_n78C 3A-42C n78C
DC_3A-42D_n78A 3A-42D n78
DC_3A-42D_n78C 3A-42D n78C
DC_3A-42E_n78A 3A-42E n78
DC_3A-42E_n78C 3A-42E n78C
DC_3A-42A_n79A 3A-42A n79
DC_3A-42A_n79C 3A-42A n79C
DC_3A-42C_n79A 3A-42C n79
DC_3A-42C_n79C 3A-42C n79C
DC_3A-42D_n79A 3A-42D n79
DC_3A-42D_n79C 3A-42D n79C
DC_3A-42E_n79A 3A-42E n79
DC_3A-42E_n79C 3A-42E n79C
DC_3A_n75A-n78A 3 n75A-n78A
DC_3A_n75A-n78(2A) 3 n75A-n78(2A)
DC_3A_n77A-n79A 3 n77A-n79A
DC_3A_n78A-n79A 3 n78A-n79A
DC_3A_n78A-n79C 3 n78A-n79C
DC_3A_SUL_n77A-n80A 3 SUL_n77A-n80A
DC_3A_SUL_n77A-n84A 3 SUL_n77A-n84A
DC_3A_SUL_n78A-n80A 3 SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3C_SUL_n78A-n80A 3C SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3A_SUL_n78A-n82A 3 SUL_n78A-n82A
DC_3A_SUL_n78A-n84A 3 SUL_n78A-n84A
DC_3A_SUL_n79A-n80A 3 SUL_n79A-n80A
DC_4A-7A_n28A 4A-7A n28
DC_5A_n1A-n78A 5 n1A-n78A
DC_5A_n2A-n77A 5 n2A-n77A
DC_5A_n2A-n77C 5 n2A-n77C
DC_5A_n2A-n78A 5 n2A-n78A
DC_5A_n3A-n78A 5 n3A-n78A
DC_5A_n5A-n77A 5 n5A-n77A
DC_5A_n5A-n77C 5 n5A-n77C
DC_5A-7A_n2A 5A-7A n2
DC_5A-7A_n7A 5A-7A n7
DC_5A-7A_n40A 5A-7A n40
DC_5A-7A_n66A 5A-7A n66
DC_5A-7C_n66A 5A-7C n66
DC_5A-7A-7A_n66A 5A-7A-7A n66
DC_5A-7A_n77A 5A-7A n77
DC_5A-7A-7A_n77A 5A-7A-7A n77
DC_5A-7A_n77(2A) 5A-7A n77(2A)
DC_5A-7A_n77(3A) 5A-7A n77(3A)
DC_5A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 5A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_5A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 5A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_5A-7A_n78A 5A-7A n78
DC_5A-7A_n78C 5A-7A n78C
DC_5A-7C_n78A 5A-7C n78
DC_5A-7A_n78(2A) 5A-7A n78(2A)
DC_5A-7A_n78(A-C) 5A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_5A_n7A-n78A 5 n7A-n78A
DC_5A_n7(2A)-n78A 5 n7(2A)-n78A
DC_5A_n7A-n78(2A) 5 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_5A_n7(2A)-n78(2A) 5 n7(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_5A-7A-7A_n78A 5A-7A-7A n78
DC_5A-7A-7A_n78C 5A-7A-7A n78C
DC_5A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 5A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_5A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 5A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_5A-(n)12AA 5 (n)12AA
DC_5A-13A_n2A 5A-13A n2
DC_5A-13A_n66A 5A-13A n66
DC_5A-13A_n77A 5A-13A n77
DC_5A-13A_n77C 5A-13A n77C
DC_5A-30A_n2A 5A-30A n2
DC_5A-30A_n5A 5A-30A n5
DC_5A-30A_n66A 5A-30A n66
DC_5A-30A_n77A 5A-30A n77
DC_5A-30A_n77(2A) 5A-30A n77(2A)
DC_5A_n38A-n66A 5 n38A-n66A
DC_5A_n40A-n77A 5 n40A-n77A
DC_5A_n40A-n78A 5 n40A-n78A
DC_5A-41A_n79A 5A-41A n79
DC_5A-46A_n66A 5A-46A n66
DC_5A-48A_n5A 5A-48A n5
DC_5A-48A_n12A 5A-48A n12
DC_5A-48A_n71A 5A-48A n71
DC_5A-48A_n77A 5A-48A n77
DC_5A-48C_n77A 5A-48C n77
DC_5A-48D_n77A 5A-48D n77
DC_5A-48A_n77C 5A-48A n77C
DC_5A-48C_n77C 5A-48C n77C
DC_5A-48D_n77C 5A-48D n77C
DC_5A-66A_n2A 5A-66A n2
DC_5B-66A_n2A 5B-66A n2
DC_5A-66B_n2A 5A-66B n2
DC_5A-5A-66A_n2A 5A-5A-66A n2
DC_5A-66A-66A_n2A 5A-66A-66A n2
DC_5B-66A-66A_n2A 5B-66A-66A n2
DC_5A-5A-66A-66A_n2A 5A-5A-66A-66A n2
DC_5A-66A_n5A 5A-66A n5
DC_5A-66A-66A_n5A 5A-66A-66A n5
DC_5A-66A_n7A 5A-66A n7
DC_5A-66A-66A_n7A 5A-66A-66A n7
DC_5A-66A_n12A 5A-66A n12
DC_5A-66A_n30A 5A-66A n30
DC_5A-66A-66A_n30A 5A-66A-66A n30
DC_5A-66A_n48A 5A-66A n48
DC_5A-66A_n48B 5A-66A n48B
DC_5A-66A-66A_n48A 5A-66A-66A n48
DC_5A-66A-66A_n48B 5A-66A-66A n48B
DC_5A-66A_n66A 5A-66A n66
DC_5B-66A_n66A 5B-66A n66
DC_5A-5A-66A_n66A 5A-5A-66A n66
DC_5A-66A-66A_n66A 5A-66A-66A n66
DC_5B-66A-66A_n66A 5B-66A-66A n66
DC_5A-5A-66A-66A_n66A 5A-5A-66A-66A n66
DC_5A-66A_n71A 5A-66A n71
DC_5A-66A_n77A 5A-66A n77
DC_5A-66A_n77C 5A-66A n77C
DC_5A-66A_n77(2A) 5A-66A n77(2A)
DC_5A-66A-66A_n77A 5A-66A-66A n77
DC_5A-66A-66A_n77C 5A-66A-66A n77C
DC_5A-66A-66A_n77(2A) 5A-66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_5A_n66A-n77A 5 n66A-n77A
DC_5A_n66A-n77C 5 n66A-n77C
DC_5A-66A_n78A 5A-66A n78
DC_5A-66A_n78(2A) 5A-66A n78(2A)
DC_5A_n66A-n78A 5 n66A-n78A
DC_5A-66A-66A_n78A 5A-66A-66A n78
DC_7A_n1A-n8A 7 n1A-n8A
DC_7A-7A_n1A-n8A 7A-7A n1A-n8A
DC_7A_n1A-n28A 7 n1A-n28A
DC_7C_n1A-n28A 7C n1A-n28A
DC_7A_n1A-n40A 7 n1A-n40A
DC_7A_n1A-n75A 7 n1A-n75A
DC_7A_n1A-n78A 7 n1A-n78A
DC_7C_n1A-n78A 7C n1A-n78A
DC_7A_n1A-n78(2A) 7 n1A-n78(2A)
DC_7C_n1A-n78(2A) 7C n1A-n78(2A)
DC_7A-7A_n1A-n78A 7A-7A n1A-n78A
DC_7A_n2A-n66A 7 n2A-n66A
DC_7A_n2A-n71A 7 n2A-n71A
DC_7A_n2A-n78A 7 n2A-n78A
DC_7A_n3A-n78A 7 n3A-n78A
DC_7C_n3A-n78A 7C n3A-n78A
DC_7A_n3A-n78(2A) 7 n3A-n78(2A)
DC_7C_n3A-n78(2A) 7C n3A-n78(2A)
DC_7A_n5A-n40A 7 n5A-n40A
DC_7A_n5A-n78A 7 n5A-n78A
DC_7C_n5A-n78A 7C n5A-n78A
DC_7A_n7A-n78A 7 n7A-n78A
DC_7A_n7A-n78(2A) 7 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_7A-8A_n1A 7A-8A n1
DC_7A-7A-8A_n1A 7A-7A-8A n1
DC_7A-8A_n3A 7A-8A n3
DC_7A-8A_n7A 7A-8A n7
DC_7A-8A_n20A 7A-8A n20
DC_7A-8A_n28A 7A-8A n28
DC_7A-7A-8A_n28A 7A-7A-8A n28
DC_7A-8A_n40A 7A-8A n40
DC_7A_n8A-n40A 7 n8A-n40A
DC_7A-8A_n77A 7A-8A n77
DC_7A-8A_n78A 7A-8A n78
DC_7A-8A_n78(2A) 7A-8A n78(2A)
DC_7A-7A-8A_n78A 7A-7A-8A n78
DC_7A-7A_n8A-n78A 7A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_7A-8B_n78A 7A-8B n78
DC_7A-7A-8B_n78A 7A-7A-8B n78
DC_7A_n8A-n78A 7 n8A-n78A
DC_7A-12A_n2A 7A-12A n2
DC_7A-12A_n66A 7A-12A n66
DC_7A-12A_n78A 7A-12A n78
DC_7A-12A_n78(2A) 7A-12A n78(2A)
DC_7A-13A_n25A 7A-13A n25
DC_7C-13A_n25A 7C-13A n25
DC_7A-7A-13A_n25A 7A-7A-13A n25
DC_7A-13A_n66A 7A-13A n66
DC_7C-13A_n66A 7C-13A n66
DC_7A-7A-13A_n66A 7A-7A-13A n66
DC_7A-20A_n1A 7A-20A n1
DC_7C-20A_n1A 7C-20A n1
DC_7A-20A_n3A 7A-20A n3
DC_7C-20A_n3A 7C-20A n3
DC_7A-20A_n8A 7A-20A n8
DC_7A-20A_n28A 7A-20A n28
DC_7A-20A_n78A 7A-20A n78
DC_7A-20A_n78C 7A-20A n78C
DC_7A-20A_n78(2A) 7A-20A n78(2A)
DC_7A_n25A-n66A 7 n25A-n66A
DC_7A-7A_n25A-n66A 7A-7A n25A-n66A
DC_7C_n25A-n66A 7C n25A-n66A
DC_7A-25A_n77A 7A-25A n77
DC_7C-25A_n77A 7C-25A n77
DC_7A-7A-25A_n77A 7A-7A-25A n77
DC_7A-25A-25A_n77A 7A-25A-25A n77
DC_7C-25A-25A_n77A 7C-25A-25A n77
DC_7A-7A-25A-25A_n77A 7A-7A-25A-25A n77
DC_7A-25A_n78A 7A-25A n78
DC_7C-25A_n78A 7C-25A n78
DC_7A-7A-25A_n78A 7A-7A-25A n78
DC_7A-25A-25A_n78A 7A-25A-25A n78
DC_7C-25A-25A_n78A 7C-25A-25A n78
DC_7A-7A-25A-25A_n78A 7A-7A-25A-25A n78
DC_7A-26A_n78A 7A-26A n78
DC_7C-26A_n78A 7C-26A n78
DC_7A-26A_n78(2A) 7A-26A n78(2A)
DC_7C-26A_n78(2A) 7C-26A n78(2A)
DC_7A_n26A-n78A 7 n26A-n78A
DC_7A_n26A-n78(2A) 7 n26A-n78(2A)
DC_7C_n26A-n78A 7C n26A-n78A
DC_7C_n26A-n78(2A) 7C n26A-n78(2A)
DC_7A-28A_n1A 7A-28A n1
DC_7A-7A-28A_n1A 7A-7A-28A n1
DC_7A-28A_n2A 7A-28A n2
DC_7A-28A_n3A 7A-28A n3
DC_7C-28A_n3A 7C-28A n3
DC_7A-28A_n5A 7A-28A n5
DC_7C-28A_n5A 7C-28A n5
DC_7A-28A_n7A 7A-28A n7
DC_7A-28A_n20A 7A-28A n20
DC_7A_n28A-n40A 7 n28A-n40A
DC_7A-28A_n40A 7A-28A n40
DC_7A-28A_n66A 7A-28A n66
DC_7C-28A_n66A 7C-28A n66
DC_7A-28A_n78A 7A-28A n78
DC_7C-28A_n78A 7C-28A n78
DC_7A-28A_n78(2A) 7A-28A n78(2A)
DC_7C-28A_n78(2A) 7C-28A n78(2A)
DC_7A_n28A-n78A 7 n28A-n78A
DC_7C_n28A-n78A 7C n28A-n78A
DC_7A-29A_n78A 7A-29A n78
DC_7C-29A_n78A 7C-29A n78
DC_7A-7A-29A_n78A 7A-7A-29A n78
DC_7A-32A_n1A 7A-32A n1
DC_7A-32A_n3A 7A-32A n3
DC_7C-32A_n3A 7C-32A n3
DC_7A-32A_n8A 7A-32A n8
DC_7A-32A_n28A 7A-32A n28
DC_7A-32A_n78A 7A-32A n78
DC_7A-40A_n1A 7A-40A n1
DC_7A-40C_n1A 7A-40C n1
DC_7A_n40A-n77A 7 n40A-n77A
DC_7A-40A_n78A 7A-40A n78
DC_7A-40C_n78A 7A-40C n78
DC_7A-40A_n78(2A) 7A-40A n78(2A)
DC_7A-40C_n78(2A) 7A-40C n78(2A)
DC_7A_n40A-n78A 7 n40A-n78A
DC_7A_n40A-n78C 7 n40A-n78C
DC_7A-46A_n78A 7A-46A n78
DC_7A-46C_n78A 7A-46C n78
DC_7A-46D_n78A 7A-46D n78
DC_7A-46E_n78A 7A-46E n78
DC_7A-66A_n2A 7A-66A n2
DC_7A-66A_n5A 7A-66A n5
DC_7C-66A_n5A 7C-66A n5
DC_7A-66A-66A_n5A 7A-66A-66A n5
DC_7C-66A-66A_n5A 7C-66A-66A n5
DC_7A-7A-66A_n5A 7A-7A-66A n5
DC_7A-7A-66A-66A_n5A 7A-7A-66A-66A n5
DC_7A-66A_n7A 7A-66A n7
DC_7A-66A-66A_n7A 7A-66A-66A n7
DC_7A-66A_n25A 7A-66A n25
DC_7C-66A_n25A 7C-66A n25
DC_7A-7A-66A_n25A 7A-7A-66A n25
DC_7A-66A_n28A 7A-66A n28
DC_7A-66A_n66A 7A-66A n66
DC_7C-66A_n66A 7C-66A n66
DC_7A-7A-66A_n66A 7A-7A-66A n66
DC_7A-66A-66A_n66A 7A-66A-66A n66
DC_7A-7A-66A-66A_n66A 7A-7A-66A-66A n66
DC_7A-66A_n71A 7A-66A n71
DC_7A-66A-66A_n71A 7A-66A-66A n71
DC_7A_n66A-n71A 7 n66A-n71A
DC_7A-66A_n77A 7A-66A n77
DC_7C-66A_n77A 7C-66A n77
DC_7A-7A-66A_n77A 7A-7A-66A n77
DC_7A-7A-66A_n77(2A) 7A-7A-66A n77(2A)
DC_7A-66A_n77(2A) 7A-66A n77(2A)
DC_7C-66A_n77(2A) 7C-66A n77(2A)
DC_7A_n66A-n77A 7 n66A-n77A
DC_7C_n66A-n77A 7C n66A-n77A
DC_7A-7A_n66A-n77A 7A-7A n66A-n77A
DC_7A_n66A-n78A 7 n66A-n78A
DC_7C_n66A-n78A 7C n66A-n78A
DC_7A-7A_n66A-n78A 7A-7A n66A-n78A
DC_7A-66A_n78A 7A-66A n78
DC_7C-66A_n78A 7C-66A n78
DC_7A-66A_n78(2A) 7A-66A n78(2A)
DC_7C-66A_n78(2A) 7C-66A n78(2A)
DC_7A-7A-66A_n78A 7A-7A-66A n78
DC_7A-7A-66A_n78(2A) 7A-7A-66A n78(2A)
DC_7A-7A-66A-66A_n78A 7A-7A-66A-66A n78
DC_7A-7A-66A-66A_n78(2A) 7A-7A-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_7A-66A-66A_n78A 7A-66A-66A n78
DC_7C-66A-66A_n78A 7C-66A-66A n78
DC_7A-66A-66A_n78(2A) 7A-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_7C-66A-66A_n78(2A) 7C-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_7A-71A_n2A 7A-71A n2
DC_7A-71A_n66A 7A-71A n66
DC_7A-71A_n78A 7A-71A n78
DC_7A-71A_n78(2A) 7A-71A n78(2A)
DC_7A_n71A-n78A 7 n71A-n78A
DC_7A_n78A-n79A 7 n78A-n79A
DC_7A_n78A-n79C 7 n78A-n79C
DC_7A_SUL_n78A-n80A 7 SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_8A_n1A-n3A 8 n1A-n3A
DC_8A_n1A-n28A 8 n1A-n28A
DC_8A_n1A-n40A 8 n1A-n40A
DC_8A_n1A-n77A 8 n1A-n77A
DC_8A_n1A-n77(2A) 8 n1A-n77(2A)
DC_8A_n1A-n78A 8 n1A-n78A
DC_8A-(n)3AA 8 (n)3AA
DC_8A_n3A-n28A 8 n3A-n28A
DC_8A_n3A-n77A 8 n3A-n77A
DC_8A_n3A-n77(2A) 8 n3A-n77(2A)
DC_8A_n3A-n78A 8 n3A-n78A
DC_8A_n3A-n79A 8 n3A-n79A
DC_8A-11A_n1A 8A-11A n1
DC_8A-11A_n3A 8A-11A n3
DC_8A-11A_n28A 8A-11A n28
DC_8A-11A_n77A 8A-11A n77
DC_8A-11A_n77(2A) 8A-11A n77(2A)
DC_8A-11A_n77(3A) 8A-11A n77(3A)
DC_8A-11A_n78A 8A-11A n78
DC_8A-11A_n79A 8A-11A n79
DC_8A-20A_n1A 8A-20A n1
DC_8A-20A_n3A 8A-20A n3
DC_8A-20A_n28A 8A-20A n28
DC_8A-20A_n78A 8A-20A n78
DC_8A-28A_n3A 8A-28A n3
DC_8A-28A_n78A 8A-28A n78
DC_8A_n28A-n77A 8 n28A-n77A
DC_8A_n28A-n77(2A) 8 n28A-n77(2A)
DC_8A_n28A-n78A 8 n28A-n78A
DC_8A_n28A-n79A 8 n28A-n79A
DC_8A-32A_n1A 8A-32A n1
DC_8A-32A_n3A 8A-32A n3
DC_8A-32A_n28A 8A-32A n28
DC_8A-32A_n78A 8A-32A n78
DC_8A-38A_n1A 8A-38A n1
DC_8A_n38A-n40A 8 n38A-n40A
DC_8A_n39A-n40A 8 n39A-n40A
DC_8A_n39A-n41A 8 n39A-n41A
DC_8A_n39A-n79A 8 n39A-n79A
DC_8A-40A_n1A 8A-40A n1
DC_8A-40C_n1A 8A-40C n1
DC_8A_n40A-n41A 8 n40A-n41A
DC_8A-40A_n78A 8A-40A n78
DC_8A-40C_n78A 8A-40C n78
DC_8A-40A_n78(2A) 8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_8A-40C_n78(2A) 8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_8A_n40A-n78A 8 n40A-n78A
DC_8A_n40A-n79A 8 n40A-n79A
DC_8A_n40A-n79C 8 n40A-n79C
DC_8A-41A_n1A 8A-41A n1
DC_8A-41C_n1A 8A-41C n1
DC_8A-41A_n3A 8A-41A n3
DC_8A-41C_n3A 8A-41C n3
DC_8A-41A_n77A 8A-41A n77
DC_8A-41C_n77A 8A-41C n77
DC_8A-41A_n78A 8A-41A n78
DC_8A-41C_n78A 8A-41C n78
DC_8A_n41A-n79A 8 n41A-n79A
DC_8A-42A_n1A 8A-42A n1
DC_8A-42C_n1A 8A-42C n1
DC_8A-42A_n3A 8A-42A n3
DC_8A-42C_n3A 8A-42C n3
DC_8A-42A_n28A 8A-42A n28
DC_8A-42C_n28A 8A-42C n28
DC_8A-42A_n77A 8A-42A n77
DC_8A-42C_n77A 8A-42C n77
DC_8A-42A_n77(2A) 8A-42A n77(2A)
DC_8A-42C_n77(2A) 8A-42C n77(2A)
DC_8A_SUL_n41A-n81A 8 SUL_n41A-n81A
DC_8A_n77A-n79A 8 n77A-n79A
DC_8A_n77(2A)-n79A 8 n77(2A)-n79A
DC_8A_SUL_n78A-n80A 8 SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_8A_SUL_n78A-n81A 8 SUL_n78A-n81A
DC_8A_SUL_n79A-n81A 8 SUL_n79A-n81A
DC_11A_n1A-n77A 11 n1A-n77A
DC_11A_n1A-n77(2A) 11 n1A-n77(2A)
DC_11A_n3A-n28A 11 n3A-n28A
DC_11A_n3A-n77A 11 n3A-n77A
DC_11A_n3A-n77(2A) 11 n3A-n77(2A)
DC_11A_n3A-n79A 11 n3A-n79A
DC_11A-18A_n3A 11A-18A n3
DC_11A-18A_n28A 11A-18A n28
DC_11A-18A_n41A 11A-18A n41
DC_11A-18A_n77A 11A-18A n77
DC_11A-18A_n77(2A) 11A-18A n77(2A)
DC_11A-18A_n78A 11A-18A n78
DC_11A-18A_n78(2A) 11A-18A n78(2A)
DC_11A_n28A-n77A 11 n28A-n77A
DC_11A_n28A-n77(2A) 11 n28A-n77(2A)
DC_11A_n77A-n79A 11 n77A-n79A
DC_11A_n77(2A)-n79A 11 n77(2A)-n79A
DC_12A_n2A-n38A 12 n2A-n38A
DC_12A_n2A-n41A 12 n2A-n41A
DC_12A_n2A-n78A 12 n2A-n78A
DC_12A-(n)5AA 12 (n)5AA
DC_12A_n7A-n66A 12 n7A-n66A
DC_12A_n7(2A)-n66A 12 n7(2A)-n66A
DC_12A_n7A-n78A 12 n7A-n78A
DC_12A_n7(2A)-n78A 12 n7(2A)-n78A
DC_12A_n7A-n78(2A) 12 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_12A_n7(2A)-n78(2A) 12 n7(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_12A-30A_n2A 12A-30A n2
DC_12A-30A_n5A 12A-30A n5
DC_12A-30A_n66A 12A-30A n66
DC_12A-30A_n77A 12A-30A n77
DC_12A-30A_n77(2A) 12A-30A n77(2A)
DC_12A-48A_n5A 12A-48A n5
DC_12A-48A_n12A 12A-48A n12
DC_12A-66A_n2A 12A-66A n2
DC_12A-66A-66A_n2A 12A-66A-66A n2
DC_12A-66A_n5A 12A-66A n5
DC_12A-66A-66A_n5A 12A-66A-66A n5
DC_12A-66A_n12A 12A-66A n12
DC_12A-66A_n25A 12A-66A n25
DC_12A-66A_n30A 12A-66A n30
DC_12A-66A-66A_n30A 12A-66A-66A n30
DC_12A-66A_n41A 12A-66A n41
DC_12A-66A_n66A 12A-66A n66
DC_12A-66A_n77A 12A-66A n77
DC_12A-66A-66A_n77A 12A-66A-66A n77
DC_12A-66A_n77(2A) 12A-66A n77(2A)
DC_12A-66A-66A_n77(2A) 12A-66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_12A-66A_n78A 12A-66A n78
DC_12A-66A_n78(2A) 12A-66A n78(2A)
DC_12A_n66A-n78A 12 n66A-n78A
DC_12A_n66(2A)-n78A 12 n66(2A)-n78A
DC_12A_n66A-n78(2A) 12 n66A-n78(2A)
DC_12A_n66(2A)-n78(2A) 12 n66(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_13A_n2A-n77A 13 n2A-n77A
DC_13A_n2A-n77C 13 n2A-n77C
DC_13A_n5A-n48A 13 n5A-n48A
DC_13A_n5A-n77A 13 n5A-n77A
DC_13A_n5A-n77C 13 n5A-n77C
DC_13A_n7A-n78A 13 n7A-n78A
DC_13A_n25A-n66A 13 n25A-n66A
DC_13A-46A_n2A 13A-46A n2
DC_13A-46A_n5A 13A-46A n5
DC_13A-46A_n66A 13A-46A n66
DC_13A-46A_n77A 13A-46A n77
DC_13A-46A-46A_n77A 13A-46A-46A n77
DC_13A_n48A-n66A 13 n48A-n66A
DC_13A-66A_n2A 13A-66A n2
DC_13A-66B_n2A 13A-66B n2
DC_13A-66C_n2A 13A-66C n2
DC_13A-66A-66A_n2A 13A-66A-66A n2
DC_13A-66A_n5A 13A-66A n5
DC_13A-66A-66A_n5A 13A-66A-66A n5
DC_13A-66A_n48A 13A-66A n48
DC_13A-66A_n48B 13A-66A n48B
DC_13A-66A-66A_n48A 13A-66A-66A n48
DC_13A-66A-66A_n48B 13A-66A-66A n48B
DC_13A-66A_n66A 13A-66A n66
DC_13A-66B_n66A 13A-66B n66
DC_13A-66A-66A_n66A 13A-66A-66A n66
DC_13A-66A_n77A 13A-66A n77
DC_13A-66A_n77C 13A-66A n77C
DC_13A-66A-66A_n77C 13A-66A-66A n77C
DC_13A-66A-66A_n77A 13A-66A-66A n77
DC_13A_n66A-n77A 13 n66A-n77A
DC_13A_n66A-n77C 13 n66A-n77C
DC_13A-48A_n2A 13A-48A n2
DC_13A-48B_n2A 13A-48B n2
DC_13A-48C_n2A 13A-48C n2
DC_13A-48D_n2A 13A-48D n2
DC_13A-48E_n2A 13A-48E n2
DC_13A-48A_n66A 13A-48A n66
DC_13A-48B_n66A 13A-48B n66
DC_13A-48C_n66A 13A-48C n66
DC_13A-48D_n66A 13A-48D n66
DC_13A-48E_n66A 13A-48E n66
DC_13A-48A_n77A 13A-48A n77
DC_13A-48A_n77C 13A-48A n77C
DC_13A-48C_n77A 13A-48C n77
DC_13A-48C_n77C 13A-48C n77C
DC_13A-48D_n77A 13A-48D n77
DC_13A-48D_n77C 13A-48D n77C
DC_13A-48A-48A_n77A 13A-48A-48A n77
DC_14A-30A_n2A 14A-30A n2
DC_14A-30A_n5A 14A-30A n5
DC_14A-30A_n66A 14A-30A n66
DC_14A-30A_n77A 14A-30A n77
DC_14A-30A_n77(2A) 14A-30A n77(2A)
DC_14A-66A_n2A 14A-66A n2
DC_14A-66A-66A_n2A 14A-66A-66A n2
DC_14A-66A_n5A 14A-66A n5
DC_14A-66A-66A_n5A 14A-66A-66A n5
DC_14A-66A_n30A 14A-66A n30
DC_14A-66A-66A_n30A 14A-66A-66A n30
DC_14A-66A_n66A 14A-66A n66
DC_14A-66A_n77A 14A-66A n77
DC_14A-66A-66A_n77A 14A-66A-66A n77
DC_14A-66A_n77(2A) 14A-66A n77(2A)
DC_14A-66A-66A_n77(2A) 14A-66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_18A_n3A-n41A 18 n3A-n41A
DC_18A_n3A-n77A 18 n3A-n77A
DC_18A_n3A-n78A 18 n3A-n78A
DC_18A_n28A-n41A 18 n28A-n41A
DC_18A-28A_n77A 18A-28A n77
DC_18A_n28A-n77A 18 n28A-n77A
DC_18A_n28A-n77(2A) 18 n28A-n77(2A)
DC_18A-28A_n78A 18A-28A n78
DC_18A_n28A-n78A 18 n28A-n78A
DC_18A_n28A-n78(2A) 18 n28A-n78(2A)
DC_18A-28A_n79A 18A-28A n79
DC_18A-41A_n3A 18A-41A n3
DC_18A-41C_n3A 18A-41C n3
DC_18A-41A_n77A 18A-41A n77
DC_18A-41C_n77A 18A-41C n77
DC_18A-41A_n78A 18A-41A n78
DC_18A-41C_n78A 18A-41C n78
DC_18A_n41A-n77A 18 n41A-n77A
DC_18A_n41A-n77(2A) 18 n41A-n77(2A)
DC_18A-42A_n77A 18A-42A n77
DC_18A-42C_n77A 18A-42C n77
DC_18A_n41A-n78A 18 n41A-n78A
DC_18A_n41A-n78(2A) 18 n41A-n78(2A)
DC_18A-42A_n78A 18A-42A n78
DC_18A-42C_n78A 18A-42C n78
DC_18A-42A_n79A 18A-42A n79
DC_18A-42C_n79A 18A-42C n79
DC_19A-21A_n1A 19A-21A n1
DC_19A_n1A-n77A 19 n1A-n77A
DC_19A_n1A-n78A 19 n1A-n78A
DC_19A_n1A-n79A 19 n1A-n79A
DC_19A-21A_n77A 19A-21A n77
DC_19A-21A_n77C 19A-21A n77C
DC_19A-21A_n77(2A) 19A-21A n77(2A)
DC_19A-21A_n78A 19A-21A n78
DC_19A-21A_n78C 19A-21A n78C
DC_19A-21A_n78(2A) 19A-21A n78(2A)
DC_19A-21A_n79A 19A-21A n79
DC_19A-21A_n79C 19A-21A n79C
DC_19A-42A_n1A 19A-42A n1
DC_19A-42C_n1A 19A-42C n1
DC_19A-42A_n77A 19A-42A n77
DC_19A-42A_n77C 19A-42A n77C
DC_19A-42C_n77A 19A-42C n77
DC_19A-42C_n77C 19A-42C n77C
DC_19A-42D_n77A 19A-42D n77
DC_19A-42D_n77C 19A-42D n77C
DC_19A-42A_n78A 19A-42A n78
DC_19A-42A_n78C 19A-42A n78C
DC_19A-42C_n78A 19A-42C n78
DC_19A-42C_n78C 19A-42C n78C
DC_19A-42D_n78A 19A-42D n78
DC_19A-42D_n78C 19A-42D n78C
DC_19A-42A_n79A 19A-42A n79
DC_19A-42A_n79C 19A-42A n79C
DC_19A-42C_n79A 19A-42C n79
DC_19A-42C_n79C 19A-42C n79C
DC_19A-42D_n79A 19A-42D n79
DC_19A-42D_n79C 19A-42D n79C
DC_19A_n77A-n79A 19 n77A-n79A
DC_19A_n78A-n79A 19 n78A-n79A
DC_20A_n1A-n7A 20 n1A-n7A
DC_20A_n1A-n28A 20 n1A-n28A
DC_20A_n1A-n67A 20 n1A-n67A
DC_20A_n1A-n75A 20 n1A-n75A
DC_20A_n1A-n78A 20 n1A-n78A
DC_20A-(n)3AA 20 (n)3AA
DC_20A_n3A-n38A 20 n3A-n38A
DC_20A_n3A-n67A 20 n3A-n67A
DC_20A_n3A-n78A 20 n3A-n78A
DC_20A_n7A-n28A 20 n7A-n28A
DC_20A_n7A-n78A 20 n7A-n78A
DC_20A_n8A-n75A 20 n8A-n75A
DC_20A_n8A-n78A 20 n8A-n78A
DC_20A-28A_n1A 20A-28A n1
DC_20A-28A_n3A 20A-28A n3
DC_20A-28A_n78A 20A-28A n78
DC_20A_n28A-n75A 20 n28A-n75A
DC_20A_n28A-n78A 20 n28A-n78A
DC_20A-32A_n1A 20A-32A n1
DC_20A-32A_n3A 20A-32A n3
DC_20A-32A_n8A 20A-32A n8
DC_20A-32A_n28A 20A-32A n28
DC_20A-32A_n7A 20A-32A n7
DC_20A-32A_n78A 20A-32A n78
DC_20A-32A_n78C 20A-32A n78C
DC_20A-32A_n78(2A) 20A-32A n78(2A)
DC_20A-38A_n1A 20A-38A n1
DC_20A-38A_n3A 20A-38A n3
DC_20A-38A_n8A 20A-38A n8
DC_20A-(n)38AA 20 (n)38AA
DC_20A-38A_n78A 20A-38A n78
DC_20A-38A_n78(2A) 20A-38A n78(2A)
DC_20A_n38A-n78A 20 n38A-n78A
DC_20A-40A_n1A 20A-40A n1
DC_20A-40C_n1A 20A-40C n1
DC_20A-40A_n78A 20A-40A n78
DC_20A-40C_n78A 20A-40C n78
DC_20A-40A_n78(2A) 20A-40A n78(2A)
DC_20A-40C_n78(2A) 20A-40C n78(2A)
DC_20A-41A_n1A 20A-41A n1
DC_20A-41C_n1A 20A-41C n1
DC_20A-41A_n41A 20A-41A n41
DC_20A-41C_n41A 20A-41C n41
DC_20A-41A_n78A 20A-41A n78
DC_20A-41C_n78A 20A-41C n78
DC_20A_n41A-n78A 20 n41A-n78A
DC_20A-(n)41AA 20 (n)41AA
DC_20A-(n)41CA 20 (n)41CA
DC_20A-(n)41DA 20 (n)41DA
DC_20A_n75A-n78A 20 n75A-n78A
DC_20A_n76A-n78A 20 n76A-n78A
DC_20A_SUL_n78A-n80A 20 SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_20A_SUL_n78A-n82A 20 SUL_n78A-n82A
DC_20A_SUL_n78A-n83A 20 SUL_n78A-n83A
DC_20A_n78A-n92A 20 n78A-n92A
DC_20A_n78(2A)-n92A 20 n78(2A)-n92A
DC_21A_n1A-n77A 21 n1A-n77A
DC_21A_n1A-n78A 21 n1A-n78A
DC_21A_n1A-n79A 21 n1A-n79A
DC_21A-28A_n77A 21A-28A n77
DC_21A-28A_n77C 21A-28A n77C
DC_21A_n28A-n77A 21 n28A-n77A
DC_21A-28A_n78A 21A-28A n78
DC_21A-28A_n78C 21A-28A n78C
DC_21A_n28A-n78A 21 n28A-n78A
DC_21A-28A_n79A 21A-28A n79
DC_21A-28A_n79C 21A-28A n79C
DC_21A_n28A-n79A 21 n28A-n79A
DC_21A-42A_n1A 21A-42A n1
DC_21A-42C_n1A 21A-42C n1
DC_21A-42A_n77A 21A-42A n77
DC_21A-42A_n77C 21A-42A n77C
DC_21A-42C_n77A 21A-42C n77
DC_21A-42C_n77C 21A-42C n77C
DC_21A-42D_n77A 21A-42D n77
DC_21A-42D_n77C 21A-42D n77C
DC_21A-42E_n77A 21A-42E n77
DC_21A-42E_n77C 21A-42E n77C
DC_21A-42A_n78A 21A-42A n78
DC_21A-42A_n78C 21A-42A n78C
DC_21A-42C_n78A 21A-42C n78
DC_21A-42C_n78C 21A-42C n78C
DC_21A-42D_n78A 21A-42D n78
DC_21A-42D_n78C 21A-42D n78C
DC_21A-42E_n78A 21A-42E n78
DC_21A-42E_n78C 21A-42E n78C
DC_21A-42A_n79A 21A-42A n79
DC_21A-42A_n79C 21A-42A n79C
DC_21A-42C_n79A 21A-42C n79
DC_21A-42C_n79C 21A-42C n79C
DC_21A-42D_n79A 21A-42D n79
DC_21A-42D_n79C 21A-42D n79C
DC_21A-42E_n79A 21A-42E n79
DC_21A-42E_n79C 21A-42E n79C
DC_28A-(n)7AA 28 (n)7AA
DC_28A-32A_n1A 28A-32A n1
DC_28A-32A_n3A 28A-32A n3
DC_28A-38A_n1A 28A-38A n1
DC_28A-66A_n7A 28A-66A n7
DC_28A-66A_n66A 28A-66A n66
DC_21A_n77A-n79A 21 n77A-n79A
DC_21A_n78A-n79A 21 n78A-n79A
DC_25A-41A_n41A 25A-41A n41
DC_25A-41C_n41A 25A-41C n41
DC_25A-41D_n41A 25A-41D n41
DC_25A-25A-41A_n41A 25A-25A-41A n41
DC_25A-25A-41C_n41A 25A-25A-41C n41
DC_25A-25A-41D_n41A 25A-25A-41D n41
DC_25A-(n)41AA 25 (n)41AA
DC_25A-25A-(n)41AA 25A-25A (n)41AA
DC_25A-(n)41CA 25 (n)41CA
DC_25A-(n)41DA 25 (n)41DA
DC_25A-25A-(n)41CA 25A-25A (n)41CA
DC_25A-25A-(n)41DA 25A-25A (n)41DA
DC_25A-66A_n77A 25A-66A n77
DC_25A-25A-66A_n77A 25A-25A-66A n77
DC_25A-66A_n78A 25A-66A n78
DC_25A-25A-66A_n78A 25A-25A-66A n78
DC_28A_n5A-n40A 28 n5A-n40A
DC_28A-40A_n78A 28A-40A n78
DC_28A-40C_n78A 28A-40C n78
DC_28A-41A_n77A 28A-41A n77
DC_28A-41C_n77A 28A-41C n77
DC_28A-41A_n78A 28A-41A n78
DC_28A-41C_n78A 28A-41C n78
DC_28A-41A_n79A 28A-41A n79
DC_28A-41C_n79A 28A-41C n79
DC_28A_n1A-n40A 28 n1A-n40A
DC_28A_n1A-n78A 28 n1A-n78A
DC_28A_n3A-n77A 28 n3A-n77A
DC_28A_n3A-n78A 28 n3A-n78A
DC_28A_n5A-n78A 28 n5A-n78A
DC_28A_n7A-n78A 28 n7A-n78A
DC_28A_n7B-n78A 28 n7B-n78A
DC_28A_n8A-n78A 28 n8A-n78A
DC_28A_n40A-n78A 28 n40A-n78A
DC_28A_SUL_n41A-n83A 28 SUL_n41A-n83A
DC_28A-42A_n77A 28A-42A n77
DC_28A-42A_n77C 28A-42A n77C
DC_28A-42C_n77A 28A-42C n77
DC_28A-42C_n77C 28A-42C n77C
DC_28A-42A_n78A 28A-42A n78
DC_28A-42A_n78C 28A-42A n78C
DC_28A-42C_n78A 28A-42C n78
DC_28A-42C_n78C 28A-42C n78C
DC_28A-42A_n79A 28A-42A n79
DC_28A-42A_n79C 28A-42A n79C
DC_28A-42C_n79A 28A-42C n79
DC_28A-42C_n79C 28A-42C n79C
DC_28A_SUL_n78A-n83A 28 SUL_n78A-n83A
DC_29A-30A_n2A 29A-30A n2
DC_29A-30A_n66A 29A-30A n66
DC_29A-30A_n77A 29A-30A n77
DC_29A-66A_n2A 29A-66A n2
DC_29A-66A-66A_n2A 29A-66A-66A n2
DC_29A-66A_n30A 29A-66A n30
DC_29A-66A-66A_n30A 29A-66A-66A n30
DC_29A-66A_n77A 29A-66A n77
DC_29A-66A-66A_n77A 29A-66A-66A n77
DC_29A-66A_n78A 29A-66A n78
DC_30A-(n)5AA 30 (n)5AA
DC_30A-66A_n2A 30A-66A n2
DC_30A-66A-66A_n2A 30A-66A-66A n2
DC_30A-66A_n5A 30A-66A n5
DC_30A-66A-66A_n5A 30A-66A-66A n5
DC_30A-66A-66A-66A_n5A 30A-66A-66A-66A n5
DC_30A-66A_n66A 30A-66A n66
DC_30A-66A_n77A 30A-66A n77
DC_30A-66A-66A_n77A 30A-66A-66A n77
DC_30A-66A_n77(2A) 30A-66A n77(2A)
DC_30A-66A-66A_n77(2A) 30A-66A-66A n77(2A)
DC_32A-38A_n1A 32A-38A n1
DC_32A-38A_n28A 32A-38A n28
DC_38A_n3A-n78A 38 n3A-n78A
DC_38A_n28A-n78A 38 n28A-n78A
DC_39A_n40A-n41A 39 n40A-n41A
DC_39A_n40A-n79A 39 n40A-n79A
DC_39A_n41A-n79A 39 n41A-n79A
DC_40A_n1A-n78A 40 n1A-n78A
DC_40C_n1A-n78A 40C n1A-n78A
DC_40A_n41A-n79A 40 n41A-n79A
DC_40A-42A_n77A 40A-42A n77
DC_40A-42A_n77C 40A-42A n77C
DC_40A-42A_n78A 40A-42A n78
DC_41A_n1A-n3A 41 n1A-n3A
DC_41C_n1A-n3A 41C n1A-n3A
DC_41A_n1A-n77A 41 n1A-n77A
DC_41C_n1A-n77A 41C n1A-n77A
DC_41A_n1A-n78A 41 n1A-n78A
DC_41C_n1A-n78A 41C n1A-n78A
DC_41A_n3A-n41A 41 n3A-n41A
DC_41A_n3A-n77A 41 n3A-n77A
DC_41C_n3A-n77A 41C n3A-n77A
DC_41A_n3A-n78A 41 n3A-n78A
DC_41C_n3A-n78A 41C n3A-n78A
DC_41A_n28A-n41A 41 n28A-n41A
DC_41A_n28A-n77A 41 n28A-n77A
DC_41C_n28A-n77A 41C n28A-n77A
DC_41A_n28A-n78A 41 n28A-n78A
DC_41C_n28A-n78A 41C n28A-n78A
DC_(n)41AA-n78A 41AA-n78 (n)41AA-n78A
DC_(n)41CA-n78A 41CA-n78 (n)41CA-n78A
DC_(n)41DA-n78A 41DA-n78 (n)41DA-n78A
DC_41A_n41A-n77A 41 n41A-n77A
DC_41A_n41A-n78A 41 n41A-n78A
DC_41C_n41A-n78A 41C n41A-n78A
DC_41A-42A_n77A 41A-42A n77
DC_41A-42C_n77A 41A-42C n77
DC_41C-42A_n77A 41C-42A n77
DC_41C-42C_n77A 41C-42C n77
DC_41A-42A_n77(2A) 41A-42A n77(2A)
DC_41A-42C_n77(2A) 41A-42C n77(2A)
DC_41A-42A_n78A 41A-42A n78
DC_41A-42C_n78A 41A-42C n78
DC_41C-42A_n78A 41C-42A n78
DC_41C-42C_n78A 41C-42C n78
DC_41A-42A_n79A 41A-42A n79
DC_41A-42C_n79A 41A-42C n79
DC_41C-42A_n79A 41C-42A n79
DC_41C-42C_n79A 41C-42C n79
DC_42A_n1A-n3A 42 n1A-n3A
DC_42C_n1A-n3A 42C n1A-n3A
DC_42A_n1A-n77A 42 n1A-n77A
DC_42C_n1A-n77A 42C n1A-n77A
DC_42A_n1A-n78A 42 n1A-n78A
DC_42C_n1A-n78A 42C n1A-n78A
DC_42A_n1A-n79A 42 n1A-n79A
DC_42C_n1A-n79A 42C n1A-n79A
DC_42A_n3A-n28A 42 n3A-n28A
DC_42C_n3A-n28A 42C n3A-n28A
DC_42A_n3A-n77A 42 n3A-n77A
DC_42A_n3A-n77(2A) 42 n3A-n77(2A)
DC_42C_n3A-n77A 42C n3A-n77A
DC_42C_n3A-n77(2A) 42C n3A-n77(2A)
DC_42A_n28A-n77A 42 n28A-n77A
DC_42A_n28A-n77(2A) 42 n28A-n77(2A)
DC_42C_n28A-n77A 42C n28A-n77A
DC_42C_n28A-n77(2A) 42C n28A-n77(2A)
DC_46A-48A_n2A 46A-48A n2
DC_46C-48A_n2A 46C-48A n2
DC_46D-48A_n2A 46D-48A n2
DC_46E-48A_n2A 46E-48A n2
DC_46A-48A_n5A 46A-48A n5
DC_46C-48A_n5A 46C-48A n5
DC_46D-48A_n5A 46D-48A n5
DC_46E-48A_n5A 46E-48A n5
DC_46A-48A_n66A 46A-48A n66
DC_46C-48A_n66A 46C-48A n66
DC_46D-48A_n66A 46D-48A n66
DC_46E-48A_n66A 46E-48A n66
DC_46A-66A_n5A 46A-66A n5
DC_46C-66A_n5A 46C-66A n5
DC_46D-66A_n5A 46D-66A n5
DC_46E-66A_n5A 46E-66A n5
DC_46A-66A-66A_n5A 46A-66A-66A n5
DC_46C-66A-66A_n5A 46C-66A-66A n5
DC_46D-66A-66A_n5A 46D-66A-66A n5
DC_46A-66A_n25A 46A-66A n25
DC_46C-66A_n25A 46C-66A n25
DC_46D-66A_n25A 46D-66A n25
DC_46A-66A_n41A 46A-66A n41
DC_46C-66A_n41A 46C-66A n41
DC_46D-66A_n41A 46D-66A n41
DC_46A-66A_n41(2A) 46A-66A n41(2A)
DC_46C-66A_n41(2A) 46C-66A n41(2A)
DC_46D-66A_n41(2A) 46D-66A n41(2A)
DC_46A-66A_n71A 46A-66A n71
DC_46C-66A_n71A 46C-66A n71
DC_46D-66A_n71A 46D-66A n71
DC_46A-66A_n77A 46A-66A n77
DC_46A-46A-66A_n77A 46A-46A-66A n77
DC_48A-(n)5AA 48 (n)5AA
DC_48A-(n)12AA 48 (n)12AA
DC_48A_n25A-n48A 48 n25A-n48A
DC_48A_n48A-n66A 48 n48A-n66A
DC_48A-66A_n2A 48A-66A n2
DC_48C-66A_n2A 48C-66A n2
DC_48D-66A_n2A 48D-66A n2
DC_48E-66A_n2A 48E-66A n2
DC_48A-66A_n5A 48A-66A n5
DC_48B-66A_n5A 48B-66A n5
DC_48C-66A_n5A 48C-66A n5
DC_48D-66A_n5A 48D-66A n5
DC_48E-66A_n5A 48E-66A n5
DC_48A-66A_n12A 48A-66A n12
DC_48A-66A_n25A 48A-66A n25
DC_48C-66A_n25A 48C-66A n25
DC_48D-66A_n25A 48D-66A n25
DC_48A-66A_n48A 48A-66A n48
DC_48A-66A_n66A 48A-66A n66
DC_48C-66A_n66A 48C-66A n66
DC_48D-66A_n66A 48D-66A n66
DC_48E-66A_n66A 48E-66A n66
DC_48A-66A_n71A 48A-66A n71
DC_48A-66A_n77A 48A-66A n77
DC_48A-66A_n77C 48A-66A n77C
DC_48C-66A_n77A 48C-66A n77
DC_48C-66A_n77C 48C-66A n77C
DC_48D-66A_n77A 48D-66A n77
DC_48D-66A_n77C 48D-66A n77C
DC_48E-66A_n77A 48E-66A n77
DC_48A-48A-66A_n77A 48A-48A-66A n77
DC_66A-(n)5AA 66 (n)5AA
DC_66A-66A-(n)5AA 66A-66A (n)5AA
DC_66A_n2A-n38A 66 n2A-n38A
DC_66A_n2A-n66A 66 n2A-n66A
DC_66A_n2A-n71A 66 n2A-n71A
DC_66A_n2A-n77A 66 n2A-n77A
DC_66A_n2A-n77C 66 n2A-n77C
DC_66A-66A_n2A-n77C 66A-66A n2A-n77C
DC_66A-66A_n2A-n77A 66A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_66A_n2A-n78A 66 n2A-n78A
DC_66A_n5A-n48A 66 n5A-n48A
DC_66A_n5A-n77A 66 n5A-n77A
DC_66A_n5A-n77C 66 n5A-n77C
DC_66A-66A_n5A-n77C 66A-66A n5A-n77C
DC_66A-66A_n5A-n77A 66A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_66A_n7A-n78A 66 n7A-n78A
DC_66A-66A_n7A-n78A 66A-66A n7A-n78A
DC_66A_n7(2A)-n78A 66 n7(2A)-n78A
DC_66A-66A_n7(2A)-n78A 66A-66A n7(2A)-n78A
DC_66A_n7A-n78(2A) 66 n7A-n78(2A)
DC_66A-66A_n7A-n78(2A) 66A-66A n7A-n78(2A)
DC_66A_n7(2A)-n78(2A) 66 n7(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_66A-66A_n7(2A)-n78(2A) 66A-66A n7(2A)-n78(2A)
DC_66A_n25A-n71A 66 n25A-n71A
DC_66A_n38A-n66A 66 n38A-n66A
DC_66A_n38A-n78A 66 n38A-n78A
DC_66A_n66A-n77A 66 n66A-n77A
DC_66A_n66A-n77C 66 n66A-n77C
DC_66A_n66A-n78A 66 n66A-n78A
DC_66A-(n)12AA 66 (n)12AA
DC_66A-(n)71AA 66 (n)71AA
DC_66C-(n)71AA 66C (n)71AA
DC_66A_n25A-n41A 66 n25A-n41A
DC_66A_n25A-n41C 66 n25A-n41C
DC_66A_n25A-n41(2A) 66 n25A-n41(2A)
DC_66A_n25A-n48A 66 n25A-n48A
DC_66A_n25A-n66A 66 n25A-n66A
DC_66A_n38A-n71A 66 n38A-n71A
DC_66A_n41A-n71A 66 n41A-n71A
DC_66A_n41C-n71A 66 n41C-n71A
DC_66A_n41(2A)-n71A 66 n41(2A)-n71A
DC_66A_n66A-n71A 66 n66A-n71A
DC_66A-71A_n2A 66A-71A n2
DC_66A-71A_n38A 66A-71A n38
DC_66A-71A_n41A 66A-71A n41
DC_66A-71A_n66A 66A-71A n66
DC_66A-71A_n71A 66A-71A n71
DC_66A_n71A-n77A 66 n71A-n77A
DC_66A-71A_n78A 66A-71A n78
DC_66A-71A_n78(2A) 66A-71A n78(2A)
DC_66A_n71A-n78A 66 n71A-n78A
DC_66A_SUL_n78A-n86A 66 SUL_n78A-n86A
DC_66A_SUL_n78(2A)-n86A 66 SUL_n78(2A)-n86A
DC_71A_n2A-n41A 71 n2A-n41A
DC_71A_n2A-n66A 71 n2A-n66A
DC_71A_n2A-n78A 71 n2A-n78A
DC_71A_n38A-n66A 71 n38A-n66A
DC_71A_n38A-n78A 71 n38A-n78A
DC_71A_n66A-n78A 71 n66A-n78A
Nb = 1776

Inter-band (four bands)

All bands
DC_1A-3A_n3A-n41A 1A-3A n3A-n41A
DC_1A-3A_n3A-n77A 1A-3A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-3A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A_n5A-n40A 1A-3A n5A-n40A
DC_1A-3A-5A_n77A 1A-3A-5A n77
DC_1A-3A-5A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-5A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-5A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-5A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-5A_n78A 1A-3A-5A n78
DC_1A-3A-5A_n78C 1A-3A-5A n78C
DC_1A-3C-5A_n78A 1A-3C-5A n78
DC_1A-1A-3A-5A_n78A 1A-1A-3A-5A n78
DC_1A-1A-3C-5A_n78A 1A-1A-3C-5A n78
DC_1A-3A-5A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-5A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-5A_n78(A-C) 1A-3A-5A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-3A_n5A-n78A 1A-3A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3C_n5A-n78A 1A-3C n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-5A_n79A 1A-3A-5A n79
DC_1A-3A-7A_n1A 1A-3A-7A n1
DC_1A-3A-7A_n3A 1A-3A-7A n3
DC_1A-3A-7C_n3A 1A-3A-7C n3
DC_1A-3A-7A_n5A 1A-3A-7A n5
DC_1A-3A-7C_n5A 1A-3A-7C n5
DC_1A-3C-7A_n5A 1A-3C-7A n5
DC_1A-3C-7C_n5A 1A-3C-7C n5
DC_1A-3A-7A_n7A 1A-3A-7A n7
DC_1A-3C-7A_n7A 1A-3C-7A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-7A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-7A n7
DC_1A-1A-3C-7A_n7A 1A-1A-3C-7A n7
DC_1A-3A-3A-7A_n7A 1A-3A-3A-7A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-3A-7A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-3A-7A n7
DC_1A-3A-(n)7AA 1A-3A (n)7AA
DC_1A-3C-(n)7AA 1A-3C (n)7AA
DC_1A-3A-7A_n8A 1A-3A-7A n8
DC_1A-3A-7A_n26A 1A-3A-7A n26
DC_1A-3A-7C_n26A 1A-3A-7C n26
DC_1A-3C-7A_n26A 1A-3C-7A n26
DC_1A-3C-7C_n26A 1A-3C-7C n26
DC_1A-3A-7A_n28A 1A-3A-7A n28
DC_1A-3A-7C_n28A 1A-3A-7C n28
DC_1A-3C-7A_n28A 1A-3C-7A n28
DC_1A-3C-7C_n28A 1A-3C-7C n28
DC_1A-1A-3A-7A_n28A 1A-1A-3A-7A n28
DC_1A-1A-3C-7A_n28A 1A-1A-3C-7A n28
DC_1A-3A-7A_n38A 1A-3A-7A n38
DC_1A-3A-7A_n40A 1A-3A-7A n40
DC_1A-3A-7A_n77A 1A-3A-7A n77
DC_1A-3A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n77A 1A-3A-7A-7A n77
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n78A 1A-3A-7A n78
DC_1A-3A-7C_n78A 1A-3A-7C n78
DC_1A-3C-7A_n78A 1A-3C-7A n78
DC_1A-3C-7C_n78A 1A-3C-7C n78
DC_1A-3A-7A_n78C 1A-3A-7A n78C
DC_1A-3A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-7A_n78(2A) 1A-3C-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7C_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-7C_n78(2A) 1A-3C-7C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-3A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-1A-3A-7A_n78A 1A-1A-3A-7A n78
DC_1A-3A_n7A-n78A 1A-3A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3A_n7B-n78A 1A-3A n7B-n78A
DC_1A-3A_n7A-n78(2A) 1A-3A n7A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C_n7A-n78(2A) 1A-3C n7A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C_n7A-n78A 1A-3C n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3C_n7B-n78A 1A-3C n7B-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-7A n78
DC_1A-1A-3C-7A_n78A 1A-1A-3C-7A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n78C 1A-3A-7A-7A n78C
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-3A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-3A-8A_n28A 1A-3A-8A n28
DC_1A-3A-8A_n77A 1A-3A-8A n77
DC_1A-3C-8A_n77A 1A-3C-8A n77
DC_1A-3A-8A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-8A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3C-8A_n77(2A) 1A-3C-8A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-8A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-8A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-8A_n78A 1A-3A-8A n78
DC_1A-3C-8A_n78A 1A-3C-8A n78
DC_1A-3A-8A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-8A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A_n8A-n78A 1A-3A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-8A_n79A 1A-3A-8A n79
DC_1A-3A-11A_n28A 1A-3A-11A n28
DC_1A-3A-11A_n77A 1A-3A-11A n77
DC_1A-3A-11A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-11A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-11A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-11A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n3A 1A-3A-18A n3
DC_1A-3A-18A_n28A 1A-3A-18A n28
DC_1A-3A-18A_n41A 1A-3A-18A n41
DC_1A-3A-18A_n77A 1A-3A-18A n77
DC_1A-3A-18A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-18A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n78A 1A-3A-18A n78
DC_1A-3A-18A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-18A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n79A 1A-3A-18A n79
DC_1A-3A-19A_n77A 1A-3A-19A n77
DC_1A-3A-19A_n77C 1A-3A-19A n77C
DC_1A-3A-19A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-19A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-19A_n78A 1A-3A-19A n78
DC_1A-3A-19A_n78C 1A-3A-19A n78C
DC_1A-3A-19A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-19A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-19A_n79A 1A-3A-19A n79
DC_1A-3A-19A_n79C 1A-3A-19A n79C
DC_1A-3A-20A_n1A 1A-3A-20A n1
DC_1A-3A-20A_n3A 1A-3A-20A n3
DC_1A-3A-20A_n7A 1A-3A-20A n7
DC_1A-3A-20A_n8A 1A-3A-20A n8
DC_1A-3A-20A_n28A 1A-3A-20A n28
DC_1A-3C-20A_n28A 1A-3C-20A n28
DC_1A-3A-20A_n38A 1A-3A-20A n38
DC_1A-3A-20A_n41A 1A-3A-20A n41
DC_1A-3C-20A_n41A 1A-3C-20A n41
DC_1A-3A-20A_n78A 1A-3A-20A n78
DC_1A-3A-20A_n78C 1A-3A-20A n78C
DC_1A-3A-20A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-20A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-21A_n77A 1A-3A-21A n77
DC_1A-3A-21A_n77C 1A-3A-21A n77C
DC_1A-3A-21A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-21A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-21A_n78A 1A-3A-21A n78
DC_1A-3A-21A_n78C 1A-3A-21A n78C
DC_1A-3A-21A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-21A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-21A_n79A 1A-3A-21A n79
DC_1A-3A-21A_n79C 1A-3A-21A n79C
DC_1A-3A-26A_n78A 1A-3A-26A n78
DC_1A-3C-26A_n78A 1A-3C-26A n78
DC_1A-3A-26A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-26A_n78(2A) 1A-3C-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A_n26A-n78A 1A-3A n26A-n78A
DC_1A-3C_n26A-n78A 1A-3C n26A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-28A_n3A 1A-3A-28A n3
DC_1A-3A-28A_n5A 1A-3A-28A n5
DC_1A-3C-28A_n5A 1A-3C-28A n5
DC_1A-3A-28A_n7A 1A-3A-28A n7
DC_1A-3C-28A_n7A 1A-3C-28A n7
DC_1A-3A-28A_n7B 1A-3A-28A n7B
DC_1A-3C-28A_n7B 1A-3C-28A n7B
DC_1A-3A-3A-28A_n7A 1A-3A-3A-28A n7
DC_1A-3A-3A-28A_n7B 1A-3A-3A-28A n7B
DC_1A-1A-3A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-3C-28A_n7A 1A-1A-3C-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-28A_n7B 1A-1A-3A-28A n7B
DC_1A-1A-3C-28A_n7B 1A-1A-3C-28A n7B
DC_1A-1A-3A-3A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-3A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-3A-28A_n7B 1A-1A-3A-3A-28A n7B
DC_1A-3A-28A_n38A 1A-3A-28A n38
DC_1A-3A-28A_n40A 1A-3A-28A n40
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n41A 1A-3A n28A-n41A
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n75A 1A-3A n28A-n75A
DC_1A-3C_n28A-n75A 1A-3C n28A-n75A
DC_1A-3A-28A_n77A 1A-3A-28A n77
DC_1A-3A-28A_n77C 1A-3A-28A n77C
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A_n3A-n28A-n77A 1 n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1 n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-28A_n78A 1A-3A-28A n78
DC_1A-3C-28A_n78A 1A-3C-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-28A_n78C 1A-3A-28A n78C
DC_1A-1A-3A-28A_n78A 1A-1A-3A-28A n78
DC_1A-1A-3C-28A_n78A 1A-1A-3C-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-28A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-28A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-28A_n79A 1A-3A-28A n79
DC_1A-3A-28A_n79C 1A-3A-28A n79C
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n79A 1A-3A n28A-n79A
DC_1A_n3A-n28A-n79A 1 n3A-n28A-n79A
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3C_n28A-n78A 1A-3C n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n78(2A) 1A-3A n28A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-32A_n28A 1A-3A-32A n28
DC_1A-3C-32A_n28A 1A-3C-32A n28
DC_1A-3A-32A_n78A 1A-3A-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-32A_n78C 1A-3A-32A n78C
DC_1A-3A-32A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-32A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-32A_n78A 1A-3C-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-38A_n28A 1A-3A-38A n28
DC_1A-3C-38A_n28A 1A-3C-38A n28
DC_1A-3A-38A_n78A 1A-3A-38A n78
DC_1A-3A-38A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-38A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-38A_n78(2A) 1A-3C-38A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A_n38A-n78A 1A-3A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-38A_n78A 1A-3C-38A n78
DC_1A-3A_n40A-n78A 1A-3A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-40A_n78A 1A-3A-40A n78
DC_1A-3A-40C_n78A 1A-3A-40C n78
DC_1A-3A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-3A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41A_n3A 1A-3A-41A n3
DC_1A-3A-41C_n3A 1A-3A-41C n3
DC_1A-3A-41A_n28A 1A-3A-41A n28
DC_1A-3A-41C_n28A 1A-3A-41C n28
DC_1A-3A-41A_n41A 1A-3A-41A n41
DC_1A-3A-(n)41AA 1A-3A (n)41AA
DC_1A-3A-41A_n77A 1A-3A-41A n77
DC_1A-3A-41C_n77A 1A-3A-41C n77
DC_1A-3A-41A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-41A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41C_n77(2A) 1A-3A-41C n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A_n41A-n77A 1A-3A n41A-n77A
DC_1A-3A_n41A-n77(2A) 1A-3A n41A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41A_n78A 1A-3A-41A n78
DC_1A-3A-41C_n78A 1A-3A-41C n78
DC_1A-3A_n41A-n78A 1A-3A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-3A_n41A-n78(2A) 1A-3A n41A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-41A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41C_n78(2A) 1A-3A-41C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41A_n79A 1A-3A-41A n79
DC_1A-3A-41C_n79A 1A-3A-41C n79
DC_1A-3A-42A_n28A 1A-3A-42A n28
DC_1A-3A-42C_n28A 1A-3A-42C n28
DC_1A-3A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-42A_n77C 1A-3A-42A n77C
DC_1A-3A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-42C_n77C 1A-3A-42C n77C
DC_1A-3A-42D_n77A 1A-3A-42D n77
DC_1A-3A-42A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-42A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-42C_n77(2A) 1A-3A-42C n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-42A_n78A 1A-3A-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-42A_n78C 1A-3A-42A n78C
DC_1A-3A-42C_n78A 1A-3A-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-42C_n78C 1A-3A-42C n78C
DC_1A-3A-42D_n78A 1A-3A-42D n78
DC_1A-3A-42A_n79A 1A-3A-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-42A_n79C 1A-3A-42A n79C
DC_1A-3A-42C_n79A 1A-3A-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-42C_n79C 1A-3A-42C n79C
DC_1A-3A-42D_n79A 1A-3A-42D n79
DC_1A-3A_n75A-n78A 1A-3A n75A-n78A
DC_1A-3A_n77A-n79A 1A-3A n77A-n79A
DC_1A_n3A-n77A-n79A 1 n3A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A_n3A-n77(2A)-n79A 1 n3A-n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A-3A_n78A-n79A 1A-3A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-3A_SUL_n78A-n80A 1A-3A SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_1A-5A-7A_n77A 1A-5A-7A n77
DC_1A-5A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-5A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-5A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-5A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n77A 1A-5A-7A-7A n77
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-5A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-5A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-5A-7A_n78A 1A-5A-7A n78
DC_1A-5A-7A_n78C 1A-5A-7A n78C
DC_1A-1A-5A-7A_n78A 1A-1A-5A-7A n78
DC_1A-5A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-5A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-5A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-5A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n78A 1A-5A-7A-7A n78
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n78C 1A-5A-7A-7A n78C
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-5A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-5A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-5A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-5A-41A_n79A 1A-5A-41A n79
DC_1A-7A_n3A-n38A 1A-7A n3A-n38A
DC_1A-7A_n3A-n78A 1A-7A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-7C_n3A-n78A 1A-7C n3A-n78A
DC_1A-7A_n3A-n78(2A) 1A-7A n3A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-7C_n3A-n78(2A) 1A-7C n3A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A_n5A-n40A 1A-7A n5A-n40A
DC_1A-7A_n5A-n78A 1A-7A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-7C_n5A-n78A 1A-7C n5A-n78A
DC_1A-7A_n38A-n78A 1A-7A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-8A_n3A 1A-7A-8A n3
DC_1A-7A-8A_n7A 1A-7A-8A n7
DC_1A-7A-8A_n20A 1A-7A-8A n20
DC_1A-7A-8A_n28A 1A-7A-8A n28
DC_1A-7A_n7A-n78A 1A-7A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-8A_n78A 1A-7A-8A n78
DC_1A-7A-7A-8A_n78A 1A-7A-7A-8A n78
DC_1A-7A-8A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-8A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A_n8A-n78A 1A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-20A_n3A 1A-7A-20A n3
DC_1A-7C-20A_n3A 1A-7C-20A n3
DC_1A-7A-20A_n8A 1A-7A-20A n8
DC_1A-7A-20A_n28A 1A-7A-20A n28
DC_1A-7A-20A_n38A 1A-7A-20A n38
DC_1A-7A-20A_n78A 1A-7A-20A n78
DC_1A-7A-20A_n78C 1A-7A-20A n78C
DC_1A-7A-20A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-20A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A-26A_n78A 1A-7A-26A n78
DC_1A-7C-26A_n78A 1A-7C-26A n78
DC_1A-7A-26A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7C-26A_n78(2A) 1A-7C-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A_n26A-n78A 1A-7A n26A-n78A
DC_1A-7C_n26A-n78A 1A-7C n26A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-28A_n3A 1A-7A-28A n3
DC_1A-7C-28A_n3A 1A-7C-28A n3
DC_1A-7A-28A_n5A 1A-7A-28A n5
DC_1A-7C-28A_n5A 1A-7C-28A n5
DC_1A-7A-28A_n7A 1A-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-7A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-7A-28A_n20A 1A-7A-28A n20
DC_1A-7A-28A_n38A 1A-7A-28A n38
DC_1A-7A-28A_n40A 1A-7A-28A n40
DC_1A-7A-28A_n78A 1A-7A-28A n78
DC_1A-7C-28A_n78A 1A-7C-28A n78
DC_1A-7A-28A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-28A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7C-28A_n78(2A) 1A-7C-28A n78(2A)
DC_1A-1A-7A-28A_n78A 1A-1A-7A-28A n78
DC_1A-7A_n28A-n78A 1A-7A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-7C_n28A-n78A 1A-7C n28A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-32A_n3A 1A-7A-32A n3
DC_1A-7C-32A_n3A 1A-7C-32A n3
DC_1A-7A-32A_n8A 1A-7A-32A n8
DC_1A-7A-32A_n28A 1A-7A-32A n28
DC_1A-7A-32A_n78A 1A-7A-32A n78
DC_1A-7A-38A_n3A 1A-7A-38A n3
DC_1A-7A-38A_n8A 1A-7A-38A n8
DC_1A-7A-38A_n28A 1A-7A-38A n28
DC_1A-7A-38A_n78A 1A-7A-38A n78
DC_1A-7A-40A_n78A 1A-7A-40A n78
DC_1A-7A-40C_n78A 1A-7A-40C n78
DC_1A-7A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-7A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A_n40A-n78A 1A-7A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-7A_n75A-n78A 1A-7A n75A-n78A
DC_1A-8A-(n)3AA 1A-8A (n)3AA
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n28A 1A-8A n3A-n28A
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n77A 1A-8A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-8A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n79A 1A-8A n3A-n79A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A 1A-8A-11A n3
DC_1A-8A-11A_n28A 1A-8A-11A n28
DC_1A-8A-11A_n77A 1A-8A-11A n77
DC_1A-8A-11A_n77(2A) 1A-8A-11A n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-11A_n77(3A) 1A-8A-11A n77(3A)
DC_1A-8A-11A_n78A 1A-8A-11A n78
DC_1A-8A-11A_n79A 1A-8A-11A n79
DC_1A-8A-20A_n3A 1A-8A-20A n3
DC_1A-8A-20A_n28A 1A-8A-20A n28
DC_1A-8A-20A_n78A 1A-8A-20A n78
DC_1A-8A-28A_n3A 1A-8A-28A n3
DC_1A-8A_n28A-n77A 1A-8A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-28A_n78A 1A-8A-28A n78
DC_1A-8A_n28A-n78A 1A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-8A_n28A-n79A 1A-8A n28A-n79A
DC_1A-8A-32A_n3A 1A-8A-32A n3
DC_1A-8A-32A_n78A 1A-8A-32A n78
DC_1A-8A_n40A-n78A 1A-8A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-8A-40A_n78A 1A-8A-40A n78
DC_1A-8A-40C_n78A 1A-8A-40C n78
DC_1A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42A_n3A 1A-8A-42A n3
DC_1A-8A-42C_n3A 1A-8A-42C n3
DC_1A-8A-42A_n28A 1A-8A-42A n28
DC_1A-8A-42C_n28A 1A-8A-42C n28
DC_1A-8A-42A_n77A 1A-8A-42A n77
DC_1A-8A-42C_n77A 1A-8A-42C n77
DC_1A-8A-42A_n77(2A) 1A-8A-42A n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42C_n77(2A) 1A-8A-42C n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A_n77A-n79A 1A-8A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-8A_n77(2A)-n79A 1A-8A n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n28A 1A-11A n3A-n28A
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n77A 1A-11A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-11A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n79A 1A-11A n3A-n79A
DC_1A-11A-18A_n3A 1A-11A-18A n3
DC_1A-11A-18A_n28A 1A-11A-18A n28
DC_1A-11A-18A_n41A 1A-11A-18A n41
DC_1A-11A-18A_n77A 1A-11A-18A n77
DC_1A-11A-18A_n77(2A) 1A-11A-18A n77(2A)
DC_1A-11A-18A_n78A 1A-11A-18A n78
DC_1A-11A-18A_n78(2A) 1A-11A-18A n78(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n28A-n77A 1A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n77A-n79A 1A-11A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-11A_n77(2A)-n79A 1A-11A n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A-18A_n3A-n41A 1A-18A n3A-n41A
DC_1A-18A_n3A-n77A 1A-18A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-18A_n3A-n78A 1A-18A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-18A_n28A-n41A 1A-18A n28A-n41A
DC_1A-18A-28A_n77A 1A-18A-28A n77
DC_1A-18A_n28A-n77A 1A-18A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-18A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-18A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-18A-28A_n78A 1A-18A-28A n78
DC_1A-18A_n28A-n78A 1A-18A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-18A_n28A-n78(2A) 1A-18A n28A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-18A-28A_n79A 1A-18A-28A n79
DC_1A-18A-41A_n3A 1A-18A-41A n3
DC_1A-18A-41C_n3A 1A-18A-41C n3
DC_1A-18A-41A_n77A 1A-18A-41A n77
DC_1A-18A-41C_n77A 1A-18A-41C n77
DC_1A-18A_n41A-n77A 1A-18A n41A-n77A
DC_1A-18A_n41A-n77(2A) 1A-18A n41A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-18A-41A_n78A 1A-18A-41A n78
DC_1A-18A-41C_n78A 1A-18A-41C n78
DC_1A-18A_n41A-n78A 1A-18A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-18A_n41A-n78(2A) 1A-18A n41A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-18A-42A_n77A 1A-18A-42A n77
DC_1A-18A-42C_n77A 1A-18A-42C n77
DC_1A-18A-42A_n78A 1A-18A-42A n78
DC_1A-18A-42C_n78A 1A-18A-42C n78
DC_1A-18A-42A_n79A 1A-18A-42A n79
DC_1A-18A-42C_n79A 1A-18A-42C n79
DC_1A-19A-21A_n77A 1A-19A-21A n77
DC_1A-19A-21A_n77C 1A-19A-21A n77C
DC_1A-19A-21A_n77(2A) 1A-19A-21A n77(2A)
DC_1A-19A-21A_n78A 1A-19A-21A n78
DC_1A-19A-21A_n78C 1A-19A-21A n78C
DC_1A-19A-21A_n78(2A) 1A-19A-21A n78(2A)
DC_1A-19A-21A_n79A 1A-19A-21A n79
DC_1A-19A-21A_n79C 1A-19A-21A n79C
DC_1A-19A-42A_n77A 1A-19A-42A n77
DC_1A-19A-42A_n77C 1A-19A-42A n77C
DC_1A-19A-42C_n77A 1A-19A-42C n77
DC_1A-19A-42C_n77C 1A-19A-42C n77C
DC_1A-19A-42A_n78A 1A-19A-42A n78
DC_1A-19A-42A_n78C 1A-19A-42A n78C
DC_1A-19A-42C_n78A 1A-19A-42C n78
DC_1A-19A-42C_n78C 1A-19A-42C n78C
DC_1A-19A-42A_n79A 1A-19A-42A n79
DC_1A-19A-42A_n79C 1A-19A-42A n79C
DC_1A-19A-42C_n79A 1A-19A-42C n79
DC_1A-19A-42C_n79C 1A-19A-42C n79C
DC_1A-19A_n77A-n79A 1A-19A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-19A_n78A-n79A 1A-19A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-20A_n3A-n38A 1A-20A n3A-n38A
DC_1A-20A_n3A-n78A 1A-20A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-20A_n7A-n78A 1A-20A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-20A_n8A-n78A 1A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-20A-28A_n3A 1A-20A-28A n3
DC_1A-20A_n28A-n75A 1A-20A n28A-n75A
DC_1A-20A-28A_n78A 1A-20A-28A n78
DC_1A-20A_n28A-n78A 1A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-20A-32A_n3A 1A-20A-32A n3
DC_1A-20A-32A_n8A 1A-20A-32A n8
DC_1A-20A-32A_n28A 1A-20A-32A n28
DC_1A-20A-32A_n78A 1A-20A-32A n78
DC_1A-20A-38A_n3A 1A-20A-38A n3
DC_1A-20A-(n)38AA 1A-20A (n)38AA
DC_1A-20A-38A_n8A 1A-20A-38A n8
DC_1A-20A-38A_n78A 1A-20A-38A n78
DC_1A-20A-38A_n78(2A) 1A-20A-38A n78(2A)
DC_1A-20A_n38A-n78A 1A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-20A-40A_n78A 1A-20A-40A n78
DC_1A-20A-40C_n78A 1A-20A-40C n78
DC_1A-20A_n41A-n78A 1A-20A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-21A-28A_n77A 1A-21A-28A n77
DC_1A-21A_n28A-n77A 1A-21A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-21A-28A_n78A 1A-21A-28A n78
DC_1A-21A_n28A-n78A 1A-21A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-21A-28A_n79A 1A-21A-28A n79
DC_1A-21A_n28A-n79A 1A-21A n28A-n79A
DC_1A-21A-42A_n77A 1A-21A-42A n77
DC_1A-21A-42A_n77C 1A-21A-42A n77C
DC_1A-21A-42C_n77A 1A-21A-42C n77
DC_1A-21A-42C_n77C 1A-21A-42C n77C
DC_1A-21A-42D_n77A 1A-21A-42D n77
DC_1A-21A-42D_n77C 1A-21A-42D n77C
DC_1A-21A-42A_n78A 1A-21A-42A n78
DC_1A-21A-42A_n78C 1A-21A-42A n78C
DC_1A-21A-42C_n78A 1A-21A-42C n78
DC_1A-21A-42C_n78C 1A-21A-42C n78C
DC_1A-21A-42D_n78A 1A-21A-42D n78
DC_1A-21A-42D_n78C 1A-21A-42D n78C
DC_1A-21A-42A_n79A 1A-21A-42A n79
DC_1A-21A-42A_n79C 1A-21A-42A n79C
DC_1A-21A-42C_n79A 1A-21A-42C n79
DC_1A-21A-42C_n79C 1A-21A-42C n79C
DC_1A-21A-42D_n79A 1A-21A-42D n79
DC_1A-21A-42D_n79C 1A-21A-42D n79C
DC_1A-21A_n77A-n79A 1A-21A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-21A_n78A-n79A 1A-21A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-28A_n3A-n77A 1A-28A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-28A_n3A-n78A 1A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-28A_n5A-n40A 1A-28A n5A-n40A
DC_1A-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-28A-(n)7AA 1A-28A (n)7AA
DC_1A-28A_n7A-n78A 1A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-28A_n7B-n78A 1A-28A n7B-n78A
DC_1A-28A-32A_n3A 1A-28A-32A n3
DC_1A-28A-40A_n78A 1A-28A-40A n78
DC_1A-28A-40C_n78A 1A-28A-40C n78
DC_1A-28A_n40A-n78A 1A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-28A-42A_n77A 1A-28A-42A n77
DC_1A-28A-42A_n77C 1A-28A-42A n77C
DC_1A-28A-42C_n77A 1A-28A-42C n77
DC_1A-28A-42C_n77C 1A-28A-42C n77C
DC_1A-28A-42A_n78A 1A-28A-42A n78
DC_1A-28A-42A_n78C 1A-28A-42A n78C
DC_1A-28A-42C_n78A 1A-28A-42C n78
DC_1A-28A-42C_n78C 1A-28A-42C n78C
DC_1A-28A-42A_n79A 1A-28A-42A n79
DC_1A-28A-42A_n79C 1A-28A-42A n79C
DC_1A-28A-42C_n79A 1A-28A-42C n79
DC_1A-28A-42C_n79C 1A-28A-42C n79C
DC_1A-41A_n3A-n41A 1A-41A n3A-n41A
DC_1A_n28A-n77A-n79A 1 n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A_n28A-n78A-n79A 1 n28A-n78A-n79A
DC_1A-38A_n3A-n78A 1A-38A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-38A_n7A-n78A 1A-38A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-38A_n28A-n78A 1A-38A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-41A_n3A-n77A 1A-41A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-41C_n3A-n77A 1A-41C n3A-n77A
DC_1A-41A_n3A-n78A 1A-41A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-41C_n3A-n78A 1A-41C n3A-n78A
DC_1A-41A_n28A-n41A 1A-41A n28A-n41A
DC_1A-41A_n28A-n77A 1A-41A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-41C_n28A-n77A 1A-41C n28A-n77A
DC_1A-41A_n28A-n78A 1A-41A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-41C_n28A-n78A 1A-41C n28A-n78A
DC_1A-41A_n41A-n77A 1A-41A n41A-n77A
DC_1A-41A_n41A-n78A 1A-41A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-42A_n3A-n28A 1A-42A n3A-n28A
DC_1A-42C_n3A-n28A 1A-42C n3A-n28A
DC_1A-42A_n3A-n77A 1A-42A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-42A_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-42A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-42C_n3A-n77A 1A-42C n3A-n77A
DC_1A-42C_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-42C n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-42A_n28A-n77A 1A-42A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-42A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-42A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-42C_n28A-n77A 1A-42C n28A-n77A
DC_1A-42C_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-42C n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-41A-42A_n77A 1A-41A-42A n77
DC_1A-41A-42C_n77A 1A-41A-42C n77
DC_1A-41C-42A_n77A 1A-41C-42A n77
DC_1A-41C-42C_n77A 1A-41C-42C n77
DC_1A-41A-42A_n77(2A) 1A-41A-42A n77(2A)
DC_1A-41A-42C_n77(2A) 1A-41A-42C n77(2A)
DC_1A-41A-42A_n78A 1A-41A-42A n78
DC_1A-41A-42C_n78A 1A-41A-42C n78
DC_1A-41C-42A_n78A 1A-41C-42A n78
DC_1A-41C-42C_n78A 1A-41C-42C n78
DC_1A-41A-42A_n79A 1A-41A-42A n79
DC_1A-41A-42C_n79A 1A-41A-42C n79
DC_1A-41C-42A_n79A 1A-41C-42A n79
DC_1A-41C-42C_n79A 1A-41C-42C n79
DC_1A-42A_n77A-n79A 1A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-42C_n77A-n79A 1A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_1A-42A_n78A-n79A 1A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-42C_n78A-n79A 1A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_2A-4A-7A_n28A 2A-4A-7A n28
DC_2A-5A_n2A-n77A 2A-5A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-5A_n2A-n77C 2A-5A n2A-n77C
DC_2A-5A_n2A-n78A 2A-5A n2A-n78A
DC_2A-5A_n5A-n77A 2A-5A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-5A_n5A-n77C 2A-5A n5A-n77C
DC_2A-5A-7A_n2A 2A-5A-7A n2
DC_2A-5A-7A_n7A 2A-5A-7A n7
DC_2A-5A-7A_n66A 2A-5A-7A n66
DC_2A-5A-7C_n66A 2A-5A-7C n66
DC_2A-5A-7A_n78A 2A-5A-7A n78
DC_2A-2A-5A-7A_n66A 2A-2A-5A-7A n66
DC_2A-5A-7A-7A_n66A 2A-5A-7A-7A n66
DC_2A-5A-(n)12AA 2A-5A (n)12AA
DC_2A-12A-(n)5AA 2A-12A (n)5AA
DC_2A-5A-30A_n2A 2A-5A-30A n2
DC_2A-5A-30A_n5A 2A-5A-30A n5
DC_2A-5A-30A_n66A 2A-5A-30A n66
DC_2A-2A-5A-30A_n66A 2A-2A-5A-30A n66
DC_2A-5A-30A_n77A 2A-5A-30A n77
DC_2A-2A-5A-30A_n77A 2A-2A-5A-30A n77
DC_2A-5A-30A_n77(2A) 2A-5A-30A n77(2A)
DC_2A-5A-48A_n12A 2A-5A-48A n12
DC_2A-5A-48A_n77A 2A-5A-48A n77
DC_2A-5A-48A_n77C 2A-5A-48A n77C
DC_2A-5A-48C_n77A 2A-5A-48C n77
DC_2A-5A-48C_n77C 2A-5A-48C n77C
DC_2A-5A-66A_n2A 2A-5A-66A n2
DC_2A-5B-66A_n2A 2A-5B-66A n2
DC_2A-5A-5A-66A_n2A 2A-5A-5A-66A n2
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-5A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-5B-66A-66A_n2A 2A-5B-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-5A-5A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-5A-5A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-5A-66A_n5A 2A-5A-66A n5
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-5A-66A n5
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-5A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-5A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-5A-66A_n7A 2A-5A-66A n7
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n7A 2A-5A-66A-66A n7
DC_2A-5A-66A_n12A 2A-5A-66A n12
DC_2A-5A-66A_n30A 2A-5A-66A n30
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A_n30A 2A-2A-5A-66A n30
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n30A 2A-5A-66A-66A n30
DC_2A-5A-66A_n48A 2A-5A-66A n48
DC_2A-5A-66A_n48B 2A-5A-66A n48B
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n48A 2A-5A-66A-66A n48
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n48B 2A-5A-66A-66A n48B
DC_2A-5A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-66A n66
DC_2A-5B-66A_n66A 2A-5B-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-5A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-5A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-5A-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-5B-66A-66A_n66A 2A-5B-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-5A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-5A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-5A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-66A_n71A 2A-5A-66A n71
DC_2A-5A-66A_n77A 2A-5A-66A n77
DC_2A-5A-66A_n77C 2A-5A-66A n77C
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A_n77C 2A-2A-5A-66A n77C
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n77C 2A-5A-66A-66A n77C
DC_2A-5A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-5A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-2A-5A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-5A-66A n77
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-5A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-5A-66A_n78A 2A-5A-66A n78
DC_2A-5A_n66A-n77A 2A-5A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-5A_n66A-n77C 2A-5A n66A-n77C
DC_2A-5A_n66A-n78A 2A-5A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7A_n2A-n78A 2A-7A n2A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-12A_n2A 2A-7A-12A n2
DC_2A-7A-12A_n66A 2A-7A-12A n66
DC_2A-2A-7A-12A_n66A 2A-2A-7A-12A n66
DC_2A-7A-12A_n78A 2A-7A-12A n78
DC_2A-2A-7A-12A_n78A 2A-2A-7A-12A n78
DC_2A-7A-13A_n25A 2A-7A-13A n25
DC_2A-7A-7A-13A_n25A 2A-7A-7A-13A n25
DC_2A-7C-13A_n25A 2A-7C-13A n25
DC_2A-7A-13A_n66A 2A-7A-13A n66
DC_2A-7C-13A_n66A 2A-7C-13A n66
DC_2A-2A-7C-13A_n66A 2A-2A-7C-13A n66
DC_2A-7A-7A-13A_n66A 2A-7A-7A-13A n66
DC_2A-2A-7A-13A_n66A 2A-2A-7A-13A n66
DC_2A-2A-7A-7A-13A_n66A 2A-2A-7A-7A-13A n66
DC_2A-7A_n25A-n66A 2A-7A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-7A_n25A-n66A 2A-7A-7A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7C_n25A-n66A 2A-7C n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-28A_n7A 2A-7A-28A n7
DC_2A-7A-28A_n66A 2A-7A-28A n66
DC_2A-7C-28A_n66A 2A-7C-28A n66
DC_2A-7A-28A_n78A 2A-7A-28A n78
DC_2A-7C-28A_n78A 2A-7C-28A n78
DC_2A-7A_n38A-n66A 2A-7A n38A-n66A
DC_2A-7C_n38A-n66A 2A-7C n38A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-7A_n38A-n66A 2A-7A-7A n38A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-29A_n78A 2A-7A-29A n78
DC_2A-7C-29A_n78A 2A-7C-29A n78
DC_2A-7A-7A-29A_n78A 2A-7A-7A-29A n78
DC_2A-7A_n38A-n78A 2A-7A n38A-n78A
DC_2A-7C_n38A-n78A 2A-7C n38A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-7A_n38A-n78A 2A-7A-7A n38A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-66A_n2A 2A-7A-66A n2
DC_2A-7A-66A_n7A 2A-7A-66A n7
DC_2A-7A-66A-66A_n7A 2A-7A-66A-66A n7
DC_2A-7A-66A_n25A 2A-7A-66A n25
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n25A 2A-7A-7A-66A n25
DC_2A-7C-66A_n25A 2A-7C-66A n25
DC_2A-7A-66A_n28A 2A-7A-66A n28
DC_2A-7A-66A_n38A 2A-7A-66A n38
DC_2A-2A-7A-66A_n38A 2A-2A-7A-66A n38
DC_2A-7A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-66A n66
DC_2A-7C-66A_n66A 2A-7C-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-7A-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-7A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-66A_n71A 2A-7A-66A n71
DC_2A-2A-7A-66A_n71A 2A-2A-7A-66A n71
DC_2A-7A-66A_n77A 2A-7A-66A n77
DC_2A-7C-66A_n77A 2A-7C-66A n77
DC_2A-7A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-7A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-7C-66A_n77(2A) 2A-7C-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n77A 2A-7A-7A-66A n77
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-7A-7A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-7A_n66A-n77A 2A-7A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7C_n66A-n77A 2A-7C n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7A-7A_n66A-n77A 2A-7A-7A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-66A n78
DC_2A-7C-66A_n78A 2A-7C-66A n78
DC_2A-2A-7A-66A_n78A 2A-2A-7A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A_n66A-n78A 2A-7A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7C_n66A-n78A 2A-7C n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-7A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7C-66A_n78(2A) 2A-7C-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7A-7A_n66A-n78A 2A-7A-7A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-7A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A-66A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-66A-66A n78
DC_2A-7C-66A-66A_n78A 2A-7C-66A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A-66A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-7A-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7C-66A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-7C-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-7A-7A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-7A-66A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A-66A_n78(2A) 2A-7A-7A-66A-66A n78(2A)
DC_2A-7A-71A_n2A 2A-7A-71A n2
DC_2A-7A-71A_n66A 2A-7A-71A n66
DC_2A-2A-7A-71A_n66A 2A-2A-7A-71A n66
DC_2A-7A-71A_n78A 2A-7A-71A n78
DC_2A-2A-7A-71A_n78A 2A-2A-7A-71A n78
DC_2A-7A_n71A-n78A 2A-7A n71A-n78A
DC_2A-12A_n2A-n78A 2A-12A n2A-n78A
DC_2A-12A-30A_n2A 2A-12A-30A n2
DC_2A-12A-48A_n5A 2A-12A-48A n5
DC_2A-12A-66A_n5A 2A-12A-66A n5
DC_2A-12A-30A_n66A 2A-12A-30A n66
DC_2A-2A-12A-30A_n66A 2A-2A-12A-30A n66
DC_2A-12A-30A_n77A 2A-12A-30A n77
DC_2A-2A-12A-30A_n77A 2A-2A-12A-30A n77
DC_2A-12A-30A_n77(2A) 2A-12A-30A n77(2A)
DC_2A-12A-66A_n2A 2A-12A-66A n2
DC_2A-12A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-12A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-12A-66A_n30A 2A-12A-66A n30
DC_2A-2A-12A-66A_n30A 2A-2A-12A-66A n30
DC_2A-12A-66A-66A_n30A 2A-12A-66A-66A n30
DC_2A-12A-66A_n41A 2A-12A-66A n41
DC_2A-2A-12A-66A_n41A 2A-2A-12A-66A n41
DC_2A-12A-66A_n66A 2A-12A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-12A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-12A-66A n66
DC_2A-12A-66A_n77A 2A-12A-66A n77
DC_2A-2A-12A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-12A-66A n77
DC_2A-12A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-12A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-12A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-12A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-12A-66A_n78A 2A-12A-66A n78
DC_2A-2A-12A-66A_n78A 2A-2A-12A-66A n78
DC_2A-12A_n66A-n78A 2A-12A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-13A_n2A-n77A 2A-13A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-13A_n2A-n77C 2A-13A n2A-n77C
DC_2A-13A_n5A-n77A 2A-13A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-2A-13A_n5A-n77A 2A-2A-13A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-13A_n5A-n77C 2A-13A n5A-n77C
DC_2A-13A_n25A-n66A 2A-13A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-13A-48A_n77A 2A-13A-48A n77
DC_2A-13A-48A_n77C 2A-13A-48A n77C
DC_2A-13A-48C_n77A 2A-13A-48C n77
DC_2A-13A-48C_n77C 2A-13A-48C n77C
DC_2A-13A-66A_n2A 2A-13A-66A n2
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-13A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-13A-66A_n5A 2A-13A-66A n5
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-13A-66A n5
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-13A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-13A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-13A-66A_n48A 2A-13A-66A n48
DC_2A-13A-66A_n48B 2A-13A-66A n48B
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n48A 2A-13A-66A-66A n48
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n48B 2A-13A-66A-66A n48B
DC_2A-13A-66A_n66A 2A-13A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-13A-66A n66
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-13A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-13A-66A-66A n66
DC_2A-13A-66B_n66A 2A-13A-66B n66
DC_2A-13A-66A_n77A 2A-13A-66A n77
DC_2A-13A-66A_n77C 2A-13A-66A n77C
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A_n77C 2A-2A-13A-66A n77C
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-13A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n77C 2A-13A-66A-66A n77C
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-13A-66A n77
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-13A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-13A_n66A-n77A 2A-13A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-13A_n66A-n77C 2A-13A n66A-n77C
DC_2A-2A-13A_n66A-n77A 2A-2A-13A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-14A-30A_n2A 2A-14A-30A n2
DC_2A-14A-30A_n66A 2A-14A-30A n66
DC_2A-2A-14A-30A_n66A 2A-2A-14A-30A n66
DC_2A-14A-30A_n77A 2A-14A-30A n77
DC_2A-2A-14A-30A_n77A 2A-2A-14A-30A n77
DC_2A-14A-30A_n77(2A) 2A-14A-30A n77(2A)
DC_2A-14A-66A_n2A 2A-14A-66A n2
DC_2A-14A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-14A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-14A-66A_n30A 2A-14A-66A n30
DC_2A-2A-14A-66A_n30A 2A-2A-14A-66A n30
DC_2A-14A-66A-66A_n30A 2A-14A-66A-66A n30
DC_2A-14A-66A_n66A 2A-14A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-14A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-14A-66A n66
DC_2A-14A-66A_n77A 2A-14A-66A n77
DC_2A-2A-14A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-14A-66A n77
DC_2A-14A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-14A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-14A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-14A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-28A-66A_n7A 2A-28A-66A n7
DC_2A-28A-66A_n66A 2A-28A-66A n66
DC_2A-29A-30A_n2A 2A-29A-30A n2
DC_2A-29A-30A_n66A 2A-29A-30A n66
DC_2A-2A-29A-30A_n66A 2A-2A-29A-30A n66
DC_2A-29A-30A_n77A 2A-29A-30A n77
DC_2A-2A-29A-30A_n77A 2A-2A-29A-30A n77
DC_2A-29A-66A_n2A 2A-29A-66A n2
DC_2A-29A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-29A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-29A-66A_n30A 2A-29A-66A n30
DC_2A-2A-29A-66A_n30A 2A-2A-29A-66A n30
DC_2A-29A-66A-66A_n30A 2A-29A-66A-66A n30
DC_2A-29A-66A_n66A 2A-29A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-29A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-29A-66A n66
DC_2A-29A-66A_n77A 2A-29A-66A n77
DC_2A-29A-66A_n78A 2A-29A-66A n78
DC_2A-30A-(n)5AA 2A-30A (n)5AA
DC_2A-2A-30A-(n)5AA 2A-2A-30A (n)5AA
DC_2A-30A-66A_n2A 2A-30A-66A n2
DC_2A-30A-66A-66A_n2A 2A-30A-66A-66A n2
DC_2A-30A-66A_n5A 2A-30A-66A n5
DC_2A-2A-30A-66A_n5A 2A-2A-30A-66A n5
DC_2A-30A-66A-66A_n5A 2A-30A-66A-66A n5
DC_2A-30A-66A_n66A 2A-30A-66A n66
DC_2A-2A-30A-66A_n66A 2A-2A-30A-66A n66
DC_2A-30A-66A_n77A 2A-30A-66A n77
DC_2A-2A-30A-66A_n77A 2A-2A-30A-66A n77
DC_2A-30A-66A-66A_n77A 2A-30A-66A-66A n77
DC_2A-30A-66A_n77(2A) 2A-30A-66A n77(2A)
DC_2A-46A_n41A-n66A 2A-46A n41A-n66A
DC_2A-46C_n41A-n66A 2A-46C n41A-n66A
DC_2A-46D_n41A-n66A 2A-46D n41A-n66A
DC_2A-46A_n41A-n71A 2A-46A n41A-n71A
DC_2A-46C_n41A-n71A 2A-46C n41A-n71A
DC_2A-46D_n41A-n71A 2A-46D n41A-n71A
DC_2A-46A_n41(2A)-n71A 2A-46A n41(2A)-n71A
DC_2A-46C_n41(2A)-n71A 2A-46C n41(2A)-n71A
DC_2A-46D_n41(2A)-n71A 2A-46D n41(2A)-n71A
DC_2A-46A-48A_n2A 2A-46A-48A n2
DC_2A-46C-48A_n2A 2A-46C-48A n2
DC_2A-46D-48A_n2A 2A-46D-48A n2
DC_2A-46E-48A_n2A 2A-46E-48A n2
DC_2A-46A-48A_n5A 2A-46A-48A n5
DC_2A-46C-48A_n5A 2A-46C-48A n5
DC_2A-46D-48A_n5A 2A-46D-48A n5
DC_2A-46E-48A_n5A 2A-46E-48A n5
DC_2A-46A-48A_n66A 2A-46A-48A n66
DC_2A-46C-48A_n66A 2A-46C-48A n66
DC_2A-46D-48A_n66A 2A-46D-48A n66
DC_2A-46E-48A_n66A 2A-46E-48A n66
DC_2A-46A-66A_n5A 2A-46A-66A n5
DC_2A-46C-66A_n5A 2A-46C-66A n5
DC_2A-46D-66A_n5A 2A-46D-66A n5
DC_2A-46A-66A_n41A 2A-46A-66A n41
DC_2A-46C-66A_n41A 2A-46C-66A n41
DC_2A-46D-66A_n41A 2A-46D-66A n41
DC_2A-46A-66A_n41(2A) 2A-46A-66A n41(2A)
DC_2A-46C-66A_n41(2A) 2A-46C-66A n41(2A)
DC_2A-46D-66A_n41(2A) 2A-46D-66A n41(2A)
DC_2A-46A-66A_n71A 2A-46A-66A n71
DC_2A-46C-66A_n71A 2A-46C-66A n71
DC_2A-46D-66A_n71A 2A-46D-66A n71
DC_2A-48A-(n)5AA 2A-48A (n)5AA
DC_2A-46A_n66A-n71A 2A-46A n66A-n71A
DC_2A-46C_n66A-n71A 2A-46C n66A-n71A
DC_2A-46D_n66A-n71A 2A-46D n66A-n71A
DC_2A-48A_n48A-n66A 2A-48A n48A-n66A
DC_2A-48A-66A_n2A 2A-48A-66A n2
DC_2A-48C-66A_n2A 2A-48C-66A n2
DC_2A-48D-66A_n2A 2A-48D-66A n2
DC_2A-48E-66A_n2A 2A-48E-66A n2
DC_2A-48A-66A_n5A 2A-48A-66A n5
DC_2A-48C-66A_n5A 2A-48C-66A n5
DC_2A-48D-66A_n5A 2A-48D-66A n5
DC_2A-48E-66A_n5A 2A-48E-66A n5
DC_2A-48A-66A_n12A 2A-48A-66A n12
DC_2A-48A-66A_n66A 2A-48A-66A n66
DC_2A-48C-66A_n66A 2A-48C-66A n66
DC_2A-48D-66A_n66A 2A-48D-66A n66
DC_2A-48E-66A_n66A 2A-48E-66A n66
DC_2A-48A-66A_n71A 2A-48A-66A n71
DC_2A-48A-66A_n77A 2A-48A-66A n77
DC_2A-48C-66A_n77A 2A-48C-66A n77
DC_2A-48A-66A_n77C 2A-48A-66A n77C
DC_2A-48C-66A_n77C 2A-48C-66A n77C
DC_2A-48D-66A_n77A 2A-48D-66A n77
DC_2A-48E-66A_n77A 2A-48E-66A n77
DC_2A-66A_n2A-n77A 2A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-66A_n2A-n77C 2A-66A n2A-n77C
DC_2A-66A-66A_n2A-n77A 2A-66A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-66A-(n)5AA 2A-66A (n)5AA
DC_2A-2A-66A-(n)5AA 2A-2A-66A (n)5AA
DC_2A-66A-66A-(n)5AA 2A-66A-66A (n)5AA
DC_2A-66A_n2A-n78A 2A-66A n2A-n78A
DC_2A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-2A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-2A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-66A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-66A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-66A_n5A-n77C 2A-66A n5A-n77C
DC_2A-66A_n25A-n66A 2A-66A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-66A_n38A-n78A 2A-66A n38A-n78A
DC_2A-66A-71A_n38A 2A-66A-71A n38
DC_2A-2A-66A-71A_n38A 2A-2A-66A-71A n38
DC_2A-66A-71A_n41A 2A-66A-71A n41
DC_2A-2A-66A-71A_n41A 2A-2A-66A-71A n41
DC_2A-66A-71A_n66A 2A-66A-71A n66
DC_2A-66A-71A_n71A 2A-66A-71A n71
DC_2A-66A-71A_n78A 2A-66A-71A n78
DC_2A-2A-66A-71A_n78A 2A-2A-66A-71A n78
DC_2A-66A-(n)71AA 2A-66A (n)71AA
DC_2A-66C-(n)71AA 2A-66C (n)71AA
DC_2A-66A_n41A-n71A 2A-66A n41A-n71A
DC_2A-66A_n41C-n71A 2A-66A n41C-n71A
DC_2A-66A_n41(2A)-n71A 2A-66A n41(2A)-n71A
DC_2A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-2A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-2A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-66A_n66A-n77C 2A-66A n66A-n77C
DC_2A-66A_n66A-n78A 2A-66A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-66A-71A_n2A 2A-66A-71A n2
DC_2A-66A_n71A-n78A 2A-66A n71A-n78A
DC_2A-71A_n2A-n78A 2A-71A n2A-n78A
DC_2A-71A_n66A-n78A 2A-71A n66A-n78A
DC_3A_n1A-n8A-n78A 3 n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_3A-3A_n1A-n8A-n78A 3A-3A n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_3A_n1A-n28A-n75A 3 n1A-n28A-n75A
DC_3A_n1A-n40A-n78A 3 n1A-n40A-n78A
DC_3A_n1A-n75A-n78A 3 n1A-n75A-n78A
DC_3A_n1A-n77A-n79A 3 n1A-n77A-n79A
DC_3A_n1A-n78A-n79A 3 n1A-n78A-n79A
DC_3A-5A-7A_n77A 3A-5A-7A n77
DC_3A-5A-7A_n77(2A) 3A-5A-7A n77(2A)
DC_3A-5A-7A_n77(3A) 3A-5A-7A n77(3A)
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n77A 3A-5A-7A-7A n77
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 3A-5A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 3A-5A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_3A-5A-7A_n78A 3A-5A-7A n78
DC_3C-5A-7A_n78A 3C-5A-7A n78
DC_3A-5A-7A_n78C 3A-5A-7A n78C
DC_3A-5A-7A_n78(2A) 3A-5A-7A n78(2A)
DC_3A-5A-7A_n78(A-C) 3A-5A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n78A 3A-5A-7A-7A n78
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n78C 3A-5A-7A-7A n78C
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 3A-5A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_3A-5A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 3A-5A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_3A_n5A-n40A-n78A 3 n5A-n40A-n78A
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n8A 3A-7A n1A-n8A
DC_3A-3A-7A_n1A-n8A 3A-3A-7A n1A-n8A
DC_3A-7A-7A_n1A-n8A 3A-7A-7A n1A-n8A
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n1A-n8A 3A-3A-7A-7A n1A-n8A
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n28A 3A-7A n1A-n28A
DC_3C-7A_n1A-n28A 3C-7A n1A-n28A
DC_3A-7C_n1A-n28A 3A-7C n1A-n28A
DC_3C-7C_n1A-n28A 3C-7C n1A-n28A
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n40A 3A-7A n1A-n40A
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A n1A-n78A
DC_3C-7A_n1A-n78A 3C-7A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n78(2A) 3A-7A n1A-n78(2A)
DC_3C-7A_n1A-n78(2A) 3C-7A n1A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-3A-7A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-7A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-7A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-7A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7C_n1A-n78A 3A-7C n1A-n78A
DC_3C-7C_n1A-n78A 3C-7C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7C_n1A-n78(2A) 3A-7C n1A-n78(2A)
DC_3C-7C_n1A-n78(2A) 3C-7C n1A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-5A-41A_n79A 3A-5A-41A n79
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n75A 3A-7A n1A-n75A
DC_3C-7A_n1A-n75A 3C-7A n1A-n75A
DC_3A-7A_n3A-n78A 3A-7A n3A-n78A
DC_3A-7C_n3A-n78A 3A-7C n3A-n78A
DC_3A-7A_n5A-n40A 3A-7A n5A-n40A
DC_3A-7A_n5A-n78A 3A-7A n5A-n78A
DC_3A-7C_n5A-n78A 3A-7C n5A-n78A
DC_3C-7A_n5A-n78A 3C-7A n5A-n78A
DC_3C-7C_n5A-n78A 3C-7C n5A-n78A
DC_3A-7A_n7A-n78A 3A-7A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A_n7A-n78A 3A-3A-7A n7A-n78A
DC_3C-7A_n7A-n78A 3C-7A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-8A_n1A 3A-7A-8A n1
DC_3C-7A-8A_n1A 3C-7A-8A n1
DC_3A-3A-7A-8A_n1A 3A-3A-7A-8A n1
DC_3A-7A-7A-8A_n1A 3A-7A-7A-8A n1
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A-8A_n1A 3A-3A-7A-7A-8A n1
DC_3A-7A-8A_n28A 3A-7A-8A n28
DC_3A-7A-8A_n40A 3A-7A-8A n40
DC_3A-7A-8A_n77A 3A-7A-8A n77
DC_3A-7A-8A_n78A 3A-7A-8A n78
DC_3A-7A-8B_n78A 3A-7A-8B n78
DC_3C-7A-8A_n78A 3C-7A-8A n78
DC_3A-7A-8A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-8A n78(2A)
DC_3A-3A-7A-8A_n78A 3A-3A-7A-8A n78
DC_3A-3A-7A-8B_n78A 3A-3A-7A-8B n78
DC_3A-7A-7A-8A_n78A 3A-7A-7A-8A n78
DC_3A-7A-7A-8B_n78A 3A-7A-7A-8B n78
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A-8A_n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A-8A n78
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A-8B_n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A-8B n78
DC_3A-7A_n8A-n78A 3A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A_n8A-n78A 3A-3A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-7A_n8A-n78A 3A-7A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n8A-n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-20A_n1A 3A-7A-20A n1
DC_3C-7A-20A_n1A 3C-7A-20A n1
DC_3A-7C-20A_n1A 3A-7C-20A n1
DC_3C-7C-20A_n1A 3C-7C-20A n1
DC_3A-7A-20A_n3A 3A-7A-20A n3
DC_3A-7A-20A_n8A 3A-7A-20A n8
DC_3A-7A-20A_n28A 3A-7A-20A n28
DC_3C-7A-20A_n28A 3C-7A-20A n28
DC_3A-7A-20A_n38A 3A-7A-20A n38
DC_3A-7A-20A_n78A 3A-7A-20A n78
DC_3C-7A-20A_n78A 3C-7A-20A n78
DC_3A-7A-20A_n78C 3A-7A-20A n78C
DC_3A-7A-20A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-20A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A-26A_n78A 3A-7A-26A n78
DC_3C-7A-26A_n78A 3C-7A-26A n78
DC_3A-7C-26A_n78A 3A-7C-26A n78
DC_3C-7C-26A_n78A 3C-7C-26A n78
DC_3A-7A-26A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-26A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7C-26A_n78(2A) 3A-7C-26A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A_n26A-n78A 3A-7A n26A-n78A
DC_3C-7A-26A_n78(2A) 3C-7A-26A n78(2A)
DC_3C-7C-26A_n78(2A) 3C-7C-26A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7C_n26A-n78A 3A-7C n26A-n78A
DC_3C-7A_n26A-n78A 3C-7A n26A-n78A
DC_3C-7C_n26A-n78A 3C-7C n26A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n1A 3A-7A-28A n1
DC_3C-7A-28A_n1A 3C-7A-28A n1
DC_3A-7A-7A-28A_n1A 3A-7A-7A-28A n1
DC_3A-7A-28A_n3A 3A-7A-28A n3
DC_3A-7C-28A_n3A 3A-7C-28A n3
DC_3A-7A-28A_n5A 3A-7A-28A n5
DC_3A-7C-28A_n5A 3A-7C-28A n5
DC_3C-7A-28A_n5A 3C-7A-28A n5
DC_3C-7C-28A_n5A 3C-7C-28A n5
DC_3A-7A-28A_n7A 3A-7A-28A n7
DC_3C-7A-28A_n7A 3C-7A-28A n7
DC_3A-3A-7A-28A_n7A 3A-3A-7A-28A n7
DC_3A-7A-28A_n38A 3A-7A-28A n38
DC_3A-7A-28A_n40A 3A-7A-28A n40
DC_3A-7A-28A_n78A 3A-7A-28A n78
DC_3A-7C-28A_n78A 3A-7C-28A n78
DC_3C-7A-28A_n78A 3C-7A-28A n78
DC_3C-7C-28A_n78A 3C-7C-28A n78
DC_3A-7A-28A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-28A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7C-28A_n78(2A) 3A-7C-28A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A_n28A-n78A 3A-7A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-7C_n28A-n78A 3A-7C n28A-n78A
DC_3C-7A_n28A-n78A 3C-7A n28A-n78A
DC_3C-7C_n28A-n78A 3C-7C n28A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-32A_n1A 3A-7A-32A n1
DC_3A-7A-32A_n28A 3A-7A-32A n28
DC_3C-7A-32A_n28A 3C-7A-32A n28
DC_3A-7A-32A_n78A 3A-7A-32A n78
DC_3C-7A-32A_n78A 3C-7A-32A n78
DC_3A-7A-38A_n28A 3A-7A-38A n28
DC_3C-7A-38A_n28A 3C-7A-38A n28
DC_3A-7A-38A_n78A 3A-7A-38A n78
DC_3C-7A-38A_n78A 3C-7A-38A n78
DC_3A-7A_n38A-n78A 3A-7A n38A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-40A_n1A 3A-7A-40A n1
DC_3A-7A-40C_n1A 3A-7A-40C n1
DC_3A-7A-40A_n78A 3A-7A-40A n78
DC_3A-7A-40C_n78A 3A-7A-40C n78
DC_3A-7A-40A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-40A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A-40C_n78(2A) 3A-7A-40C n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A_n40A-n78A 3A-7A n40A-n78A
DC_3A-7A_n75A-n78A 3A-7A n75A-n78A
DC_3A-7A_SUL_n78A-n80A 3A-7A SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3C-7A_SUL_n78A-n80A 3C-7A SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3A-8A_n1A-n28A 3A-8A n1A-n28A
DC_3A-8A_n1A-n40A 3A-8A n1A-n40A
DC_3A-8A_n1A-n78A 3A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-8A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_(n)3AA-n8A-n77A 3AA-n8A-n77 (n)3AA-n8A-n77A
DC_(n)3AA-n8A-n77(2A) 3AA-n8A-n77(2A (n)3AA-n8A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-8A-11A_n28A 3A-8A-11A n28
DC_3A-8A-11A_n77A 3A-8A-11A n77
DC_3A-8A-11A_n77(2A) 3A-8A-11A n77(2A)
DC_3A-8A-11A_n77(3A) 3A-8A-11A n77(3A)
DC_3A-8A-20A_n1A 3A-8A-20A n1
DC_3A-8A-20A_n28A 3A-8A-20A n28
DC_3C-8A-20A_n28A 3C-8A-20A n28
DC_3A-8A-20A_n78A 3A-8A-20A n78
DC_3A-8A_n28A-n77A 3A-8A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-8A_n28A-n77(2A) 3A-8A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-8A-28A_n78A 3A-8A-28A n78
DC_3A-8A_n28A-n78A 3A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-8A-32A_n1A 3A-8A-32A n1
DC_3A-8A-32A_n28A 3A-8A-32A n28
DC_3C-8A-32A_n28A 3C-8A-32A n28
DC_3A-8A-32A_n78A 3A-8A-32A n78
DC_3A-8A_n40A-n78A 3A-8A n40A-n78A
DC_3A-8A-40A_n1A 3A-8A-40A n1
DC_3A-8A-40C_n1A 3A-8A-40C n1
DC_3A-8A-40A_n78A 3A-8A-40A n78
DC_3A-8A-40C_n78A 3A-8A-40C n78
DC_3A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 3A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_3A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 3A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_3A-8A_n40A-n79A 3A-8A n40A-n79A
DC_3A-8A_n40A-n79C 3A-8A n40A-n79C
DC_3A-8A-41A_n1A 3A-8A-41A n1
DC_3A-8A-41C_n1A 3A-8A-41C n1
DC_3A-3A-8A-41A_n1A 3A-3A-8A-41A n1
DC_3A-3A-8A-41C_n1A 3A-3A-8A-41C n1
DC_3A-8A-41A_n78A 3A-8A-41A n78
DC_3A-8A-41C_n78A 3A-8A-41C n78
DC_3A-3A-8A-41A_n78A 3A-3A-8A-41A n78
DC_3A-3A-8A-41C_n78A 3A-3A-8A-41C n78
DC_3A-8A-42A_n77A 3A-8A-42A n77
DC_3A-8A-42C_n77A 3A-8A-42C n77
DC_3A-8A_n77A-n79A 3A-8A n77A-n79A
DC_3A-8A_SUL_n78A-n80A 3A-8A SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3A-11A_n28A-n77A 3A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 3A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-18A_n3A-n41A 3A-18A n3A-n41A
DC_3A-18A_n3A-n77A 3A-18A n3A-n77A
DC_3A-18A_n3A-n78A 3A-18A n3A-n78A
DC_3A-18A_n28A-n41A 3A-18A n28A-n41A
DC_3A-18A_n28A-n77A 3A-18A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-18A_n28A-n77(2A) 3A-18A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-18A_n28A-n78A 3A-18A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-18A_n28A-n78(2A) 3A-18A n28A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-18A_n41A-n77A 3A-18A n41A-n77A
DC_3A-18A_n41A-n77(2A) 3A-18A n41A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-18A_n41A-n78A 3A-18A n41A-n78A
DC_3A-18A_n41A-n78(2A) 3A-18A n41A-n78(2A)
DC_3A-18A-42A_n77A 3A-18A-42A n77
DC_3A-18A-42C_n77A 3A-18A-42C n77
DC_3A-18A-42A_n78A 3A-18A-42A n78
DC_3A-18A-42C_n78A 3A-18A-42C n78
DC_3A-18A-42A_n79A 3A-18A-42A n79
DC_3A-18A-42C_n79A 3A-18A-42C n79
DC_3A-19A_n1A-n77A 3A-19A n1A-n77A
DC_3A-19A_n1A-n78A 3A-19A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-19A_n1A-n79A 3A-19A n1A-n79A
DC_3A-19A-21A_n77A 3A-19A-21A n77
DC_3A-19A-21A_n77C 3A-19A-21A n77C
DC_3A-19A-21A_n78A 3A-19A-21A n78
DC_3A-19A-21A_n78C 3A-19A-21A n78C
DC_3A-19A-21A_n79A 3A-19A-21A n79
DC_3A-19A-21A_n79C 3A-19A-21A n79C
DC_3A-19A-42A_n1A 3A-19A-42A n1
DC_3A-19A-42C_n1A 3A-19A-42C n1
DC_3A-19A-42A_n77A 3A-19A-42A n77
DC_3A-19A-42A_n77C 3A-19A-42A n77C
DC_3A-19A-42C_n77A 3A-19A-42C n77
DC_3A-19A-42C_n77C 3A-19A-42C n77C
DC_3A-19A-42D_n77A 3A-19A-42D n77
DC_3A-19A-42D_n77C 3A-19A-42D n77C
DC_3A-19A-42A_n78A 3A-19A-42A n78
DC_3A-19A-42A_n78C 3A-19A-42A n78C
DC_3A-19A-42C_n78A 3A-19A-42C n78
DC_3A-19A-42C_n78C 3A-19A-42C n78C
DC_3A-19A-42D_n78A 3A-19A-42D n78
DC_3A-19A-42D_n78C 3A-19A-42D n78C
DC_3A-19A-42A_n79A 3A-19A-42A n79
DC_3A-19A-42A_n79C 3A-19A-42A n79C
DC_3A-19A-42C_n79A 3A-19A-42C n79
DC_3A-19A-42C_n79C 3A-19A-42C n79C
DC_3A-19A-42D_n79A 3A-19A-42D n79
DC_3A-19A-42D_n79C 3A-19A-42D n79C
DC_3A-19A_n77A-n79A 3A-19A n77A-n79A
DC_3A-19A_n78A-n79A 3A-19A n78A-n79A
DC_3A-20A_n1A-n7A 3A-20A n1A-n7A
DC_3C-20A_n1A-n7A 3C-20A n1A-n7A
DC_3A-20A_n1A-n28A 3A-20A n1A-n28A
DC_3C-20A_n1A-n28A 3C-20A n1A-n28A
DC_3A-20A_n1A-n75A 3A-20A n1A-n75A
DC_3C-20A_n1A-n75A 3C-20A n1A-n75A
DC_3A-20A_n1A-n78A 3A-20A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-20A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-20A n1A-n78A
DC_3C-20A_n1A-n78A 3C-20A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-20A_n7A-n28A 3A-20A n7A-n28A
DC_3C-20A_n7A-n28A 3C-20A n7A-n28A
DC_3A-20A_n7A-n78A 3A-20A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-20A_n8A-n78A 3A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_3A-20A-28A_n1A 3A-20A-28A n1
DC_3A-20A_n28A-n75A 3A-20A n28A-n75A
DC_3C-20A_n28A-n75A 3C-20A n28A-n75A
DC_3A-20A-28A_n78A 3A-20A-28A n78
DC_3A-20A_n28A-n78A 3A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_3C-20A_n28A-n78A 3C-20A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-20A-32A_n1A 3A-20A-32A n1
DC_3C-20A-32A_n1A 3C-20A-32A n1
DC_3A-20A-32A_n7A 3A-20A-32A n7
DC_3A-20A-32A_n28A 3A-20A-32A n28
DC_3C-20A-32A_n28A 3C-20A-32A n28
DC_3A-20A-32A_n78A 3A-20A-32A n78
DC_3A-20A-38A_n78A 3A-20A-38A n78
DC_3C-20A-38A_n78A 3C-20A-38A n78
DC_3A-20A-38A_n78(2A) 3A-20A-38A n78(2A)
DC_3A-20A_n38A-n78A 3A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_3A-20A-40A_n78A 3A-20A-40A n78
DC_3A-20A-40C_n78A 3A-20A-40C n78
DC_3A-20A-40A_n78(2A) 3A-20A-40A n78(2A)
DC_3A-20A-40C_n78(2A) 3A-20A-40C n78(2A)
DC_3A-20A-41A_n1A 3A-20A-41A n1
DC_3A-20A-41C_n1A 3A-20A-41C n1
DC_3A-3A-20A-41A_n1A 3A-3A-20A-41A n1
DC_3A-3A-20A-41C_n1A 3A-3A-20A-41C n1
DC_3A-20A_n41A-n78A 3A-20A n41A-n78A
DC_3A-20A-41A_n78A 3A-20A-41A n78
DC_3A-20A-41C_n78A 3A-20A-41C n78
DC_3A-3A-20A-41A_n78A 3A-3A-20A-41A n78
DC_3A-3A-20A-41C_n78A 3A-3A-20A-41C n78
DC_3A-20A_SUL_n78A-n80A 3A-20A SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3C-20A_SUL_n78A-n80A 3C-20A SUL_n78A-n80A
DC_3A-21A_n28A-n77A 3A-21A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-21A_n28A-n78A 3A-21A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-21A_n28A-n79A 3A-21A n28A-n79A
DC_3A-21A-42A_n1A 3A-21A-42A n1
DC_3A-21A-42C_n1A 3A-21A-42C n1
DC_3A-21A_n1A-n77A 3A-21A n1A-n77A
DC_3A-21A_n1A-n78A 3A-21A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-21A_n1A-n79A 3A-21A n1A-n79A
DC_3A-21A-42A_n77A 3A-21A-42A n77
DC_3A-21A-42A_n77C 3A-21A-42A n77C
DC_3A-21A-42C_n77A 3A-21A-42C n77
DC_3A-21A-42C_n77C 3A-21A-42C n77C
DC_3A-21A-42D_n77A 3A-21A-42D n77
DC_3A-21A-42D_n77C 3A-21A-42D n77C
DC_3A-21A-42A_n78A 3A-21A-42A n78
DC_3A-21A-42A_n78C 3A-21A-42A n78C
DC_3A-21A-42C_n78A 3A-21A-42C n78
DC_3A-21A-42C_n78C 3A-21A-42C n78C
DC_3A-21A-42D_n78A 3A-21A-42D n78
DC_3A-21A-42D_n78C 3A-21A-42D n78C
DC_3A-21A-42A_n79A 3A-21A-42A n79
DC_3A-21A-42A_n79C 3A-21A-42A n79C
DC_3A-21A-42C_n79A 3A-21A-42C n79
DC_3A-21A-42C_n79C 3A-21A-42C n79C
DC_3A-21A-42D_n79A 3A-21A-42D n79
DC_3A-21A-42D_n79C 3A-21A-42D n79C
DC_3A-21A_n77A-n79A 3A-21A n77A-n79A
DC_3A-21A_n78A-n79A 3A-21A n78A-n79A
DC_3A-28A_n1A-n40A 3A-28A n1A-n40A
DC_3A-28A_n1A-n78A 3A-28A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-28A_n3A-n78A 3A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_3A-28A_n5A-n40A 3A-28A n5A-n40A
DC_3A-28A_n5A-n78A 3A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_3C-28A_n5A-n78A 3C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_3A-28A-(n)7AA 3A-28A (n)7AA
DC_3C-28A-(n)7AA 3C-28A (n)7AA
DC_3A-28A_n7A-n78A 3A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-28A_n7A-n78A 3A-3A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-28A_n7B-n78A 3A-28A n7B-n78A
DC_3A-3A-28A_n7B-n78A 3A-3A-28A n7B-n78A
DC_3C-28A_n7A-n78A 3C-28A n7A-n78A
DC_3C-28A_n7B-n78A 3C-28A n7B-n78A
DC_3A-28A-32A_n1A 3A-28A-32A n1
DC_3A-28A-40A_n78A 3A-28A-40A n78
DC_3A-28A-40C_n78A 3A-28A-40C n78
DC_3A-28A_n40A-n78A 3A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_3A-28A-41A_n78A 3A-28A-41A n78
DC_3A-28A-41C_n78A 3A-28A-41C n78
DC_3A-28A-42A_n77A 3A-28A-42A n77
DC_3A-28A-42A_n77C 3A-28A-42A n77C
DC_3A-28A-42C_n77A 3A-28A-42C n77
DC_3A-28A-42C_n77C 3A-28A-42C n77C
DC_3A-28A-42A_n78A 3A-28A-42A n78
DC_3A-28A-42A_n78C 3A-28A-42A n78C
DC_3A-28A-42C_n78A 3A-28A-42C n78
DC_3A-28A-42C_n78C 3A-28A-42C n78C
DC_3A-28A-42A_n79A 3A-28A-42A n79
DC_3A-28A-42A_n79C 3A-28A-42A n79C
DC_3A-28A-42C_n79A 3A-28A-42C n79
DC_3A-28A-42C_n79C 3A-28A-42C n79C
DC_3A_n28A-n77A-n79A 3 n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_3A_n28A-n78A-n79A 3 n28A-n78A-n79A
DC_3A-32A_n1A-n28A 3A-32A n1A-n28A
DC_3C-32A_n1A-n28A 3C-32A n1A-n28A
DC_3A-32A_n1A-n78A 3A-32A n1A-n78A
DC_3C-32A_n1A-n78A 3C-32A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-32A-38A_n28A 3A-32A-38A n28
DC_3C-32A-38A_n28A 3C-32A-38A n28
DC_3A-38A_n28A-n78A 3A-38A n28A-n78A
DC_3C-38A_n28A-n78A 3C-38A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-40A_n1A-n78A 3A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-40C_n1A-n78A 3A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_3A_n40A-n41A-n79A 3 n40A-n41A-n79A
DC_3A-41A_n1A-n78A 3A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-41A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-41C_n1A-n78A 3A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-41C_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-41A_n3A-n41A 3A-41A n3A-n41A
DC_3A-41A_n3A-n77A 3A-41A n3A-n77A
DC_3A-41C_n3A-n77A 3A-41C n3A-n77A
DC_3A-41A_n3A-n78A 3A-41A n3A-n78A
DC_3A-41C_n3A-n78A 3A-41C n3A-n78A
DC_3A-41A_n28A-n41A 3A-41A n28A-n41A
DC_3A-41A_n28A-n77A 3A-41A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-41C_n28A-n77A 3A-41C n28A-n77A
DC_3A-41A_n28A-n78A 3A-41A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-41C_n28A-n78A 3A-41C n28A-n78A
DC_3A-41A_n41A-n77A 3A-41A n41A-n77A
DC_3A-41A_n41A-n78A 3A-41A n41A-n78A
DC_3A-41A-42A_n77A 3A-41A-42A n77
DC_3A-41A-42C_n77A 3A-41A-42C n77
DC_3A-41C-42A_n77A 3A-41C-42A n77
DC_3A-41C-42C_n77A 3A-41C-42C n77
DC_3A-41A-42A_n77(2A) 3A-41A-42A n77(2A)
DC_3A-41A-42C_n77(2A) 3A-41A-42C n77(2A)
DC_3A-41A-42A_n78A 3A-41A-42A n78
DC_3A-41A-42C_n78A 3A-41A-42C n78
DC_3A-41C-42A_n78A 3A-41C-42A n78
DC_3A-41C-42C_n78A 3A-41C-42C n78
DC_3A-41A-42A_n79A 3A-41A-42A n79
DC_3A-41A-42C_n79A 3A-41A-42C n79
DC_3A-41C-42A_n79A 3A-41C-42A n79
DC_3A-41C-42C_n79A 3A-41C-42C n79
DC_3A-42A_n1A-n77A 3A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_3A-42C_n1A-n77A 3A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_3A-42A_n1A-n78A 3A-42A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-42C_n1A-n78A 3A-42C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-42A_n1A-n79A 3A-42A n1A-n79A
DC_3A-42C_n1A-n79A 3A-42C n1A-n79A
DC_3A-42A_n28A-n77A 3A-42A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-42A_n28A-n77(2A) 3A-42A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-42C_n28A-n77A 3A-42C n28A-n77A
DC_3A-42C_n28A-n77(2A) 3A-42C n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-42A_n77A-n79A 3A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_3A-42C_n77A-n79A 3A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_3A-42A_n78A-n79A 3A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_3A-42C_n78A-n79A 3A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_5A-7A_n2A-n78A 5A-7A n2A-n78A
DC_5A-7A-66A_n2A 5A-7A-66A n2
DC_5A-7A-66A_n7A 5A-7A-66A n7
DC_5A-7A-66A-66A_n7A 5A-7A-66A-66A n7
DC_5A-7A-66A_n66A 5A-7A-66A n66
DC_5A-7C-66A_n66A 5A-7C-66A n66
DC_5A-7A-7A-66A_n66A 5A-7A-7A-66A n66
DC_5A-7A-66A_n78A 5A-7A-66A n78
DC_5A-7C-66A_n78A 5A-7C-66A n78
DC_5A-7A-66A-66A_n78A 5A-7A-66A-66A n78
DC_5A-7C-66A-66A_n78A 5A-7C-66A-66A n78
DC_5A-7A_n66A-n78A 5A-7A n66A-n78A
DC_5A-30A-66A_n2A 5A-30A-66A n2
DC_5A-30A-66A-66A_n2A 5A-30A-66A-66A n2
DC_5A-30A-66A-66A_n5A 5A-30A-66A-66A n5
DC_5A-30A-66A_n66A 5A-30A-66A n66
DC_5A-30A-66A_n77A 5A-30A-66A n77
DC_5A-30A-66A-66A_n77A 5A-30A-66A-66A n77
DC_5A-30A-66A_n77(2A) 5A-30A-66A n77(2A)
DC_5A-48A-(n)12AA 5A-48A (n)12AA
DC_5A-48A-66A_n12A 5A-48A-66A n12
DC_5A-48A-66A_n71A 5A-48A-66A n71
DC_5A-66A_n2A-n77A 5A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_5A-66A_n2A-n77C 5A-66A n2A-n77C
DC_5A-66A-66A_n2A-n77A 5A-66A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_5A-66A_n5A-n77A 5A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_5A-66A_n5A-n77C 5A-66A n5A-n77C
DC_5A-66A-66A_n5A-n77A 5A-66A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_5A-48A-66A_n77A 5A-48A-66A n77
DC_5A-48A-66A_n77C 5A-48A-66A n77C
DC_5A-48C-66A_n77A 5A-48C-66A n77
DC_5A-48C-66A_n77C 5A-48C-66A n77C
DC_5A-66A_n2A-n78A 5A-66A n2A-n78A
DC_5A-66A-(n)12AA 5A-66A (n)12AA
DC_5A-66A_n66A-n77A 5A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_5A-66A_n66A-n77C 5A-66A n66A-n77C
DC_7A_n1A-n8A-n78A 7 n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_7A-7A_n1A-n8A-n78A 7A-7A n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_7A-8A_n1A-n40A 7A-8A n1A-n40A
DC_7A-8A_n1A-n78A 7A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-7A-8A_n1A-n78A 7A-7A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-8A-20A_n1A 7A-8A-20A n1
DC_7A-8A-20A_n3A 7A-8A-20A n3
DC_7A-8A-20A_n28A 7A-8A-20A n28
DC_7A-8A-20A_n78A 7A-8A-20A n78
DC_7A-8A-32A_n1A 7A-8A-32A n1
DC_7A-8A-32A_n78A 7A-8A-32A n78
DC_7A-8A-38A_n1A 7A-8A-38A n1
DC_7A-8A_n28A-n78A 7A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_7A-8A-40A_n1A 7A-8A-40A n1
DC_7A-8A-40C_n1A 7A-8A-40C n1
DC_7A-8A-40A_n78A 7A-8A-40A n78
DC_7A-8A-40C_n78A 7A-8A-40C n78
DC_7A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 7A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_7A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 7A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_7A-8A_n40A-n78A 7A-8A n40A-n78A
DC_7A-12A_n2A-n78A 7A-12A n2A-n78A
DC_7A-12A-66A_n2A 7A-12A-66A n2
DC_7A-12A-66A_n78A 7A-12A-66A n78
DC_7A-12A_n66A-n78A 7A-12A n66A-n78A
DC_7A-13A_n25A-n66A 7A-13A n25A-n66A
DC_7A-7A-13A_n25A-n66A 7A-7A-13A n25A-n66A
DC_7C-13A_n25A-n66A 7C-13A n25A-n66A
DC_7A-13A-66A_n66A 7A-13A-66A n66
DC_7C-13A-66A_n66A 7C-13A-66A n66
DC_7A-7A-13A-66A_n66A 7A-7A-13A-66A n66
DC_7A-20A_n1A-n75A 7A-20A n1A-n75A
DC_7A-20A_n1A-n78A 7A-20A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-20A_n3A-n38A 7A-20A n3A-n38A
DC_7A-20A_n3A-n78A 7A-20A n3A-n78A
DC_7A-20A_n8A-n78A 7A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_7A-20A-28A_n1A 7A-20A-28A n1
DC_7A-20A-28A_n3A 7A-20A-28A n3
DC_7C-20A-28A_n3A 7C-20A-28A n3
DC_7A-20A_n28A-n78A 7A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_7A-20A-32A_n1A 7A-20A-32A n1
DC_7A-20A-32A_n3A 7A-20A-32A n3
DC_7C-20A-32A_n3A 7C-20A-32A n3
DC_7A-20A-32A_n8A 7A-20A-32A n8
DC_7A-20A-32A_n28A 7A-20A-32A n28
DC_7A-20A-32A_n78A 7A-20A-32A n78
DC_7A-20A-38A_n1A 7A-20A-38A n1
DC_7A-20A-38A_n3A 7A-20A-38A n3
DC_7A-20A-38A_n8A 7A-20A-38A n8
DC_7A-20A-38A_n78A 7A-20A-38A n78
DC_7A-20A_n38A-n78A 7A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_7A-25A-66A_n77A 7A-25A-66A n77
DC_7C-25A-66A_n77A 7C-25A-66A n77
DC_7A-7A-25A-66A_n77A 7A-7A-25A-66A n77
DC_7A-25A-25A-66A_n77A 7A-25A-25A-66A n77
DC_7C-25A-25A-66A_n77A 7C-25A-25A-66A n77
DC_7A-7A-25A-25A-66A_n77A 7A-7A-25A-25A-66A n77
DC_7A-25A-66A_n78A 7A-25A-66A n78
DC_7C-25A-66A_n78A 7C-25A-66A n78
DC_7A-7A-25A-66A_n78A 7A-7A-25A-66A n78
DC_7A-25A-25A-66A_n78A 7A-25A-25A-66A n78
DC_7C-25A-25A-66A_n78A 7C-25A-25A-66A n78
DC_7A-7A-25A-25A-66A_n78A 7A-7A-25A-25A-66A n78
DC_7A-28A_n1A-n40A 7A-28A n1A-n40A
DC_7A-28A_n1A-n78A 7A-28A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-28A_n3A-n78A 7A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_7C-28A_n3A-n78A 7C-28A n3A-n78A
DC_7A-28A_n5A-n40A 7A-28A n5A-n40A
DC_7A-28A_n5A-n78A 7A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_7C-28A_n5A-n78A 7C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_7A-28A_n7A-n78A 7A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_7A-28A-32A_n1A 7A-28A-32A n1
DC_7A-28A-32A_n3A 7A-28A-32A n3
DC_7C-28A-32A_n3A 7C-28A-32A n3
DC_7A-28A-38A_n1A 7A-28A-38A n1
DC_7A-28A_n40A-n78A 7A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_7A-66A_n38A-n78A 7A-66A n38A-n78A
DC_7C-66A_n38A-n78A 7C-66A n38A-n78A
DC_7A-7A-66A_n38A-n78A 7A-7A-66A n38A-n78A
DC_7A-28A-66A_n7A 7A-28A-66A n7
DC_7A-28A-66A_n66A 7A-28A-66A n66
DC_7C-28A-66A_n66A 7C-28A-66A n66
DC_7A-29A-66A_n78A 7A-29A-66A n78
DC_7C-29A-66A_n78A 7C-29A-66A n78
DC_7A-7A-29A-66A_n78A 7A-7A-29A-66A n78
DC_7A-32A_n1A-n78A 7A-32A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-40A_n1A-n78A 7A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-40C_n1A-n78A 7A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_7A-66A_n2A-n78A 7A-66A n2A-n78A
DC_7A-66A_n25A-n66A 7A-66A n25A-n66A
DC_7A-7A-66A_n25A-n66A 7A-7A-66A n25A-n66A
DC_7C-66A_n25A-n66A 7C-66A n25A-n66A
DC_7A-66A_n66A-n77A 7A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_7C-66A_n66A-n77A 7C-66A n66A-n77A
DC_7A-7A-66A_n66A-n77A 7A-7A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_7A-66A_n66A-n78A 7A-66A n66A-n78A
DC_7C-66A_n66A-n78A 7C-66A n66A-n78A
DC_7A-7A-66A_n66A-n78A 7A-7A-66A n66A-n78A
DC_7A-66A-71A_n2A 7A-66A-71A n2
DC_7A-66A-71A_n78A 7A-66A-71A n78
DC_7A-66A_n71A-n78A 7A-66A n71A-n78A
DC_7A-71A_n2A-n78A 7A-71A n2A-n78A
DC_7A-71A_n66A-n78A 7A-71A n66A-n78A
DC_8A_n1A-n3A-n77A 8 n1A-n3A-n77A
DC_8A_n3A-n28A-n77A 8 n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_8A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 8 n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_8A_n3A-n28A-n79A 8 n3A-n28A-n79A
DC_8A_n3A-n77A-n79A 8 n3A-n77A-n79A
DC_8A_n3A-n77(2A)-n79A 8 n3A-n77(2A)-n79A
DC_8A-11A_n1A-n77A 8A-11A n1A-n77A
DC_8A-11A_n1A-n77(2A) 8A-11A n1A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n28A 8A-11A n3A-n28A
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n77A 8A-11A n3A-n77A
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n77(2A) 8A-11A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n79A 8A-11A n3A-n79A
DC_8A-11A_n28A-n77A 8A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_8A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 8A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-11A_n77A-n79A 8A-11A n77A-n79A
DC_8A-11A_n77(2A)-n79A 8A-11A n77(2A)-n79A
DC_8A-20A-28A_n3A 8A-20A-28A n3
DC_8A-20A-28A_n78A 8A-20A-28A n78
DC_8A-20A-32A_n1A 8A-20A-32A n1
DC_8A-20A-32A_n3A 8A-20A-32A n3
DC_8A_n28A-n77A-n79A 8 n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_8A-20A-38A_n1A 8A-20A-38A n1
DC_8A-32A-38A_n1A 8A-32A-38A n1
DC_8A_n39A-n40A-n41A 8 n39A-n40A-n41A
DC_8A_n39A-n40A-n79A 8 n39A-n40A-n79A
DC_8A_n39A-n41A-n79A 8 n39A-n41A-n79A
DC_8A_n40A-n41A-n79A 8 n40A-n41A-n79A
DC_8A-41A_n1A-n3A 8A-41A n1A-n3A
DC_8A-41C_n1A-n3A 8A-41C n1A-n3A
DC_8A-41A_n1A-n77A 8A-41A n1A-n77A
DC_8A-41C_n1A-n77A 8A-41C n1A-n77A
DC_8A-40A_n1A-n78A 8A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_8A-40C_n1A-n78A 8A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_8A-41A_n1A-n78A 8A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_8A-41C_n1A-n78A 8A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_8A-41A_n3A-n77A 8A-41A n3A-n77A
DC_8A-41C_n3A-n77A 8A-41C n3A-n77A
DC_8A-42A_n1A-n3A 8A-42A n1A-n3A
DC_8A-42C_n1A-n3A 8A-42C n1A-n3A
DC_8A-42A_n1A-n77A 8A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_8A-42C_n1A-n77A 8A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_8A-42A_n3A-n28A 8A-42A n3A-n28A
DC_8A-42C_n3A-n28A 8A-42C n3A-n28A
DC_8A-42A_n3A-n77A 8A-42A n3A-n77A
DC_8A-42A_n3A-n77(2A) 8A-42A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-42C_n3A-n77A 8A-42C n3A-n77A
DC_8A-42C_n3A-n77(2A) 8A-42C n3A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-42A_n28A-n77A 8A-42A n28A-n77A
DC_8A-42A_n28A-n77(2A) 8A-42A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-42C_n28A-n77A 8A-42C n28A-n77A
DC_8A-42C_n28A-n77(2A) 8A-42C n28A-n77(2A)
DC_12A-30A-66A_n2A 12A-30A-66A n2
DC_12A-30A-66A-66A_n2A 12A-30A-66A-66A n2
DC_11A_n3A-n28A-n77A 11 n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_11A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 11 n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_11A_n3A-n77A-n79A 11 n3A-n77A-n79A
DC_11A_n3A-n77(2A)-n79A 11 n3A-n77(2A)-n79A
DC_12A-30A-66A_n66A 12A-30A-66A n66
DC_12A-30A-66A_n77A 12A-30A-66A n77
DC_12A-30A-66A-66A_n77A 12A-30A-66A-66A n77
DC_12A-30A-66A_n77(2A) 12A-30A-66A n77(2A)
DC_12A-48A-(n)5AA 12A-48A (n)5AA
DC_12A-48A-66A_n5A 12A-48A-66A n5
DC_12A-66A-(n)5AA 12A-66A (n)5AA
DC_12A-66A_n2A-n78A 12A-66A n2A-n78A
DC_13A-48A-66A_n77A 13A-48A-66A n77
DC_13A-48C-66A_n77A 13A-48C-66A n77
DC_13A-48A-66A_n77C 13A-48A-66A n77C
DC_13A-48C-66A_n77C 13A-48C-66A n77C
DC_13A-66A_n2A-n77A 13A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_13A-66A-66A_n2A-n77A 13A-66A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_13A-66A_n2A-n77C 13A-66A n2A-n77C
DC_13A-66A_n5A-n48A 13A-66A n5A-n48A
DC_13A-66A_n5A-n77A 13A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_13A-66A-66A_n5A-n77A 13A-66A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_13A-66A_n5A-n77C 13A-66A n5A-n77C
DC_13A-66A-66A_n5A-n77C 13A-66A-66A n5A-n77C
DC_13A-66A_n66A-n77A 13A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_13A-66A_n66A-n77C 13A-66A n66A-n77C
DC_14A-30A-66A_n2A 14A-30A-66A n2
DC_14A-30A-66A-66A_n2A 14A-30A-66A-66A n2
DC_14A-30A-66A_n66A 14A-30A-66A n66
DC_14A-30A-66A_n77A 14A-30A-66A n77
DC_14A-30A-66A-66A_n77A 14A-30A-66A-66A n77
DC_14A-30A-66A_n77(2A) 14A-30A-66A n77(2A)
DC_18A-41A_n3A-n77A 18A-41A n3A-n77A
DC_18A-41C_n3A-n77A 18A-41C n3A-n77A
DC_18A-41A_n3A-n78A 18A-41A n3A-n78A
DC_18A-41C_n3A-n78A 18A-41C n3A-n78A
DC_19A_n1A-n77A-n79A 19 n1A-n77A-n79A
DC_19A_n1A-n78A-n79A 19 n1A-n78A-n79A
DC_19A-21A_n1A-n77A 19A-21A n1A-n77A
DC_19A-21A_n1A-n78A 19A-21A n1A-n78A
DC_19A-21A_n1A-n79A 19A-21A n1A-n79A
DC_19A-21A-42A_n1A 19A-21A-42A n1
DC_19A-21A-42C_n1A 19A-21A-42C n1
DC_19A-21A-42A_n77A 19A-21A-42A n77
DC_19A-21A-42A_n77C 19A-21A-42A n77C
DC_19A-21A-42C_n77A 19A-21A-42C n77
DC_19A-21A-42C_n77C 19A-21A-42C n77C
DC_19A-21A-42A_n78A 19A-21A-42A n78
DC_19A-21A-42A_n78C 19A-21A-42A n78C
DC_19A-21A-42C_n78A 19A-21A-42C n78
DC_19A-21A-42C_n78C 19A-21A-42C n78C
DC_19A-21A-42A_n79A 19A-21A-42A n79
DC_19A-21A-42A_n79C 19A-21A-42A n79C
DC_19A-21A-42C_n79A 19A-21A-42C n79
DC_19A-21A-42C_n79C 19A-21A-42C n79C
DC_19A-21A_n77A-n79A 19A-21A n77A-n79A
DC_19A-21A_n78A-n79A 19A-21A n78A-n79A
DC_19A-42A_n1A-n77A 19A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_19A-42C_n1A-n77A 19A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_19A-42A_n1A-n78A 19A-42A n1A-n78A
DC_19A-42C_n1A-n78A 19A-42C n1A-n78A
DC_19A-42A_n1A-n79A 19A-42A n1A-n79A
DC_19A-42C_n1A-n79A 19A-42C n1A-n79A
DC_19A-42A_n77A-n79A 19A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_19A-42C_n77A-n79A 19A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_19A-42A_n78A-n79A 19A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_19A-42C_n78A-n79A 19A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_20A-(n)3AA-n67A 20 (n)3AA-n67A
DC_20A-28A-32A_n1A 20A-28A-32A n1
DC_20A-28A-32A_n3A 20A-28A-32A n3
DC_20A-28A-38A_n1A 20A-28A-38A n1
DC_20A-32A_n1A-n28A 20A-32A n1A-n28A
DC_20A-32A-38A_n1A 20A-32A-38A n1
DC_20A-38A_n3A-n78A 20A-38A n3A-n78A
DC_20A-41A_n1A-n78A 20A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_20A-41C_n1A-n78A 20A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_21A_n1A-n77A-n79A 21 n1A-n77A-n79A
DC_21A_n1A-n78A-n79A 21 n1A-n78A-n79A
DC_21A-28A-42A_n77A 21A-28A-42A n77
DC_21A-28A-42C_n77A 21A-28A-42C n77
DC_21A-28A-42A_n78A 21A-28A-42A n78
DC_21A-28A-42C_n78A 21A-28A-42C n78
DC_21A-28A-42A_n79A 21A-28A-42A n79
DC_21A-28A-42C_n79A 21A-28A-42C n79
DC_21A_n28A-n77A-n79A 21 n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_21A_n28A-n78A-n79A 21 n28A-n78A-n79A
DC_21A-42A_n1A-n77A 21A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_21A-42C_n1A-n77A 21A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_21A-42A_n1A-n78A 21A-42A n1A-n78A
DC_21A-42C_n1A-n78A 21A-42C n1A-n78A
DC_21A-42A_n1A-n79A 21A-42A n1A-n79A
DC_21A-42C_n1A-n79A 21A-42C n1A-n79A
DC_21A-42A_n77A-n79A 21A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_21A-42C_n77A-n79A 21A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_21A-42A_n78A-n79A 21A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_21A-42C_n78A-n79A 21A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_28A_n5A-n40A-n78A 28 n5A-n40A-n78A
DC_28A-32A-38A_n1A 28A-32A-38A n1
DC_28A-41A-42A_n78A 28A-41A-42A n78
DC_28A-41C-42A_n78A 28A-41C-42A n78
DC_28A-41A-42C_n78A 28A-41A-42C n78
DC_28A-41C-42C_n78A 28A-41C-42C n78
DC_29A-30A-66A_n2A 29A-30A-66A n2
DC_29A-30A-66A-66A_n2A 29A-30A-66A-66A n2
DC_29A-30A-66A_n66A 29A-30A-66A n66
DC_29A-30A-66A_n77A 29A-30A-66A n77
DC_30A-66A-(n)5AA 30A-66A (n)5AA
DC_42A_n1A-n77A-n79A 42 n1A-n77A-n79A
DC_42A_n1A-n78A-n79A 42 n1A-n78A-n79A
DC_42A_n3A-n28A-n77A 42 n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_42A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 42 n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_42C_n3A-n28A-n77A 42C n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_42C_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 42C n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_46A-66A_n25A-n41A 46A-66A n25A-n41A
DC_46C-66A_n25A-n41A 46C-66A n25A-n41A
DC_46D-66A_n25A-n41A 46D-66A n25A-n41A
DC_46A-66A_n25A-n71A 46A-66A n25A-n71A
DC_46C-66A_n25A-n71A 46C-66A n25A-n71A
DC_46D-66A_n25A-n71A 46D-66A n25A-n71A
DC_46A-66A_n41A-n71A 46A-66A n41A-n71A
DC_46C-66A_n41A-n71A 46C-66A n41A-n71A
DC_46D-66A_n41A-n71A 46D-66A n41A-n71A
DC_46A-66A_n41(2A)-n71A 46A-66A n41(2A)-n71A
DC_46C-66A_n41(2A)-n71A 46C-66A n41(2A)-n71A
DC_46D-66A_n41(2A)-n71A 46D-66A n41(2A)-n71A
DC_48A-66A_n25A-n48A 48A-66A n25A-n48A
DC_66A-71A_n2A-n78A 66A-71A n2A-n78A
Nb = 1592

Inter-band (five bands)

All bands
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n77A 1A-3A-5A-7A n77
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-5A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-5A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n77A 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n77
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n78A 1A-3A-5A-7A n78
DC_1A-3C-5A-7A_n78A 1A-3C-5A-7A n78
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n78C 1A-3A-5A-7A n78C
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-5A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-3A-5A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n78A 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n78
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n78C 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n78C
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-5A-7A-7A_n78(A-C) 1A-3A-5A-7A-7A n78(A-C)
DC_1A-1A-3A-5A-7A_n78A 1A-1A-3A-5A-7A n78
DC_1A-3A-5A-41A_n79A 1A-3A-5A-41A n79
DC_1A-3A-7A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7C_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-7C n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A_n5A-n40A 1A-3A-7A n5A-n40A
DC_1A-3A-7A_n5A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7A_n5A-n78A 1A-3C-7A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7C_n5A-n78A 1A-3A-7C n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7C_n5A-n78A 1A-3C-7C n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A_n7A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7A_n7A-n78A 1A-3C-7A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A_n28A 1A-3A-7A-8A n28
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-8A n78
DC_1A-3C-7A-8A_n78A 1A-3C-7A-8A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-8A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n8A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n8A 1A-3A-7A-20A n8
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n28A 1A-3A-7A-20A n28
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-20A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n78C 1A-3A-7A-20A n78C
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-20A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-26A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-26A n78
DC_1A-3C-7A-26A_n78A 1A-3C-7A-26A n78
DC_1A-3A-7C-26A_n78A 1A-3A-7C-26A n78
DC_1A-3C-7C-26A_n78A 1A-3C-7C-26A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-26A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7C-26A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7C-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-7A-26A_n78(2A) 1A-3C-7A-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3C-7C-26A_n78(2A) 1A-3C-7C-26A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n26A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n26A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7A_n26A-n78A 1A-3C-7A n26A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7C_n26A-n78A 1A-3A-7C n26A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7C_n26A-n78A 1A-3C-7C n26A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n3A 1A-3A-7A-28A n3
DC_1A-3A-7C-28A_n3A 1A-3A-7C-28A n3
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n5A 1A-3A-7A-28A n5
DC_1A-3C-7A-28A_n5A 1A-3C-7A-28A n5
DC_1A-3A-7C-28A_n5A 1A-3A-7C-28A n5
DC_1A-3C-7C-28A_n5A 1A-3C-7C-28A n5
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n7A 1A-3A-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-3C-7A-28A_n7A 1A-3C-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-3A-3A-7A-28A_n7A 1A-3A-3A-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-3C-7A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-3C-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-7A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-1A-3A-3A-7A-28A_n7A 1A-1A-3A-3A-7A-28A n7
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n38A 1A-3A-7A-28A n38
DC_1A-3A-7A_n28A-n38A 1A-3A-7A n28A-n38A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n40A 1A-3A-7A-28A n40
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-7C-28A_n78A 1A-3A-7C-28A n78
DC_1A-3C-7A-28A_n78A 1A-3C-7A-28A n78
DC_1A-3C-7C-28A_n78A 1A-3C-7C-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-28A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7C-28A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7C-28A n78(2A)
DC_1A-1A-3A-7A-28A_n78A 1A-1A-3A-7A-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7C_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-7C n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7A_n28A-n78A 1A-3C-7A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7C_n28A-n78A 1A-3C-7C n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-32A_n28A 1A-3A-7A-32A n28
DC_1A-3C-7A-32A_n28A 1A-3C-7A-32A n28
DC_1A-3A-7A-32A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-32A n78
DC_1A-3C-7A-32A_n78A 1A-3C-7A-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-38A_n28A 1A-3A-7A-38A n28
DC_1A-3C-7A-38A_n28A 1A-3C-7A-38A n28
DC_1A-3A-7A_n38A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-40A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-40A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-40C_n78A 1A-3A-7A-40C n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n75A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n75A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-8A-40A_n78A 1A-3A-8A-40A n78
DC_1A-3A-8A-40C_n78A 1A-3A-8A-40C n78
DC_1A-3A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-3A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A_n40A-n78A 1A-3A-7A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-8A-11A_n28A 1A-3A-8A-11A n28
DC_1A-3A-8A-11A_n77A 1A-3A-8A-11A n77
DC_1A-3A-8A-11A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-8A-11A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-8A-11A_n77(3A) 1A-3A-8A-11A n77(3A)
DC_1A-3A-8A-20A_n78A 1A-3A-8A-20A n78
DC_1A-3A-8A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-8A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-8A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-8A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-8A-28A_n78A 1A-3A-8A-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-8A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-8A-32A_n78A 1A-3A-8A-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-8A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-8A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-8A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-8A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-8A_n77A-n79A 1A-3A-8A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-3A-11A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n3A-n41A 1A-3A-18A n3A-n41A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n3A-n77A 1A-3A-18A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-18A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n28A-n41A 1A-3A-18A n28A-n41A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-18A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-18A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-18A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n28A-n78(2A) 1A-3A-18A n28A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n41A-n77A 1A-3A-18A n41A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n41A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-18A n41A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A_n41A-n78A 1A-3A-18A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-18A_n41A-n78(2A) 1A-3A-18A n41A-n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-18A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-18A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-18A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-18A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-18A-42A_n78A 1A-3A-18A-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-18A-42C_n78A 1A-3A-18A-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-18A-42A_n79A 1A-3A-18A-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-18A-42C_n79A 1A-3A-18A-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-19A-21A_n77A 1A-3A-19A-21A n77
DC_1A-3A-19A-21A_n77C 1A-3A-19A-21A n77C
DC_1A-3A-19A-21A_n78A 1A-3A-19A-21A n78
DC_1A-3A-19A-21A_n78C 1A-3A-19A-21A n78C
DC_1A-3A-19A-21A_n79A 1A-3A-19A-21A n79
DC_1A-3A-19A-21A_n79C 1A-3A-19A-21A n79C
DC_1A-3A-19A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-19A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-19A-42A_n77C 1A-3A-19A-42A n77C
DC_1A-3A-19A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-19A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-19A-42C_n77C 1A-3A-19A-42C n77C
DC_1A-3A-19A-42A_n78A 1A-3A-19A-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-19A-42A_n78C 1A-3A-19A-42A n78C
DC_1A-3A-19A-42C_n78A 1A-3A-19A-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-19A-42C_n78C 1A-3A-19A-42C n78C
DC_1A-3A-19A-42A_n79A 1A-3A-19A-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-19A-42A_n79C 1A-3A-19A-42A n79C
DC_1A-3A-19A-42C_n79A 1A-3A-19A-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-19A-42C_n79C 1A-3A-19A-42C n79C
DC_1A-3A-20A_n7A-n78A 1A-3A-20A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-20A_n8A-n78A 1A-3A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-20A_n28A-n75A 1A-3A-20A n28A-n75A
DC_1A-3C-20A_n28A-n75A 1A-3C-20A n28A-n75A
DC_1A-3A-20A-28A_n78A 1A-3A-20A-28A n78
DC_1A-3A-20A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-20A-32A_n28A 1A-3A-20A-32A n28
DC_1A-3C-20A-32A_n28A 1A-3C-20A-32A n28
DC_1A-3A-20A-32A_n78A 1A-3A-20A-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-20A-38A_n78A 1A-3A-20A-38A n78
DC_1A-3A-20A_n38A-n78A 1A-3A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-20A-38A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-20A-38A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-20A-40A_n78A 1A-3A-20A-40A n78
DC_1A-3A-20A-40C_n78A 1A-3A-20A-40C n78
DC_1A-3A-20A_n41A-n78A 1A-3A-20A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-21A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-21A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-21A-42A_n77C 1A-3A-21A-42A n77C
DC_1A-3A-21A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-21A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-21A-42C_n77C 1A-3A-21A-42C n77C
DC_1A-3A-21A-42A_n78A 1A-3A-21A-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-21A-42A_n78C 1A-3A-21A-42A n78C
DC_1A-3A-21A-42C_n78A 1A-3A-21A-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-21A-42C_n78C 1A-3A-21A-42C n78C
DC_1A-3A-21A-42A_n79A 1A-3A-21A-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-21A-42A_n79C 1A-3A-21A-42A n79C
DC_1A-3A-21A-42C_n79A 1A-3A-21A-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-21A-42C_n79C 1A-3A-21A-42C n79C
DC_1A-3A-21A_n77A-n79A 1A-3A-21A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-3A-21A_n78A-n79A 1A-3A-21A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-3A-28A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-3A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-3C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-28A-(n)7AA 1A-3A-28A (n)7AA
DC_1A-3C-28A-(n)7AA 1A-3C-28A (n)7AA
DC_1A-3A-28A_n7A-n78A 1A-3A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-28A_n7B-n78A 1A-3A-28A n7B-n78A
DC_1A-3C-28A_n7A-n78A 1A-3C-28A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-28A_n7B-n78A 1A-3C-28A n7B-n78A
DC_1A-3A-28A-40A_n78A 1A-3A-28A-40A n78
DC_1A-3A-28A-40C_n78A 1A-3A-28A-40C n78
DC_1A-3A-28A_n40A-n78A 1A-3A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-28A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-28A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-28A-42A_n77C 1A-3A-28A-42A n77C
DC_1A-3A-28A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-28A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-28A-42C_n77C 1A-3A-28A-42C n77C
DC_1A-3A-28A-42A_n78A 1A-3A-28A-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-28A-42A_n78C 1A-3A-28A-42A n78C
DC_1A-3A-28A-42C_n78A 1A-3A-28A-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-28A-42C_n78C 1A-3A-28A-42C n78C
DC_1A-3A-28A-42A_n79A 1A-3A-28A-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-28A-42A_n79C 1A-3A-28A-42A n79C
DC_1A-3A-28A-42C_n79A 1A-3A-28A-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-28A-42C_n79C 1A-3A-28A-42C n79C
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n77A-n79A 1A-3A n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A_n3A-n28A-n77A-n79A 1 n3A-n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A-3A_n28A-n78A-n79A 1A-3A n28A-n78A-n79A
DC_1A-3A-38A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-38A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-38A_n28A-n78A 1A-3C-38A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n3A-n41A 1A-3A-41A n3A-n41A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n3A-n77A 1A-3A-41A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-41C_n3A-n77A 1A-3A-41C n3A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-41A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-41C_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-41C n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n28A-n41A 1A-3A-41A n28A-n41A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-41A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-41C_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-41C n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-41A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-41C_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-41C n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n41A-n77A 1A-3A-41A n41A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-41A_n41A-n78A 1A-3A-41A n41A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-41A-42A_n77A 1A-3A-41A-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-41A-42C_n77A 1A-3A-41A-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-41C-42A_n77A 1A-3A-41C-42A n77
DC_1A-3A-41C-42C_n77A 1A-3A-41C-42C n77
DC_1A-3A-41A-42A_n77(2A) 1A-3A-41A-42A n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41A-42C_n77(2A) 1A-3A-41A-42C n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-41A-42A_n78A 1A-3A-41A-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-41A-42C_n78A 1A-3A-41A-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-41C-42A_n78A 1A-3A-41C-42A n78
DC_1A-3A-41C-42C_n78A 1A-3A-41C-42C n78
DC_1A-3A-41A-42A_n79A 1A-3A-41A-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-41A-42C_n79A 1A-3A-41A-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-41C-42A_n79A 1A-3A-41C-42A n79
DC_1A-3A-41C-42C_n79A 1A-3A-41C-42C n79
DC_1A-3A-42A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-42A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-42A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-42A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-42C_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-42C n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-42C_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-42C n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-7A-8A-20A_n3A 1A-7A-8A-20A n3
DC_1A-7A-8A-20A_n28A 1A-7A-8A-20A n28
DC_1A-7A-8A-20A_n78A 1A-7A-8A-20A n78
DC_1A-7A-8A_n28A-n78A 1A-7A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-8A-32A_n78A 1A-7A-8A-32A n78
DC_1A-7A-8A-40A_n78A 1A-7A-8A-40A n78
DC_1A-7A-8A-40C_n78A 1A-7A-8A-40C n78
DC_1A-7A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-7A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-7A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-7A-20A_n3A-n78A 1A-7A-20A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-20A_n3A-n38A 1A-7A-20A n3A-n38A
DC_1A-7A-20A_n8A-n78A 1A-7A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-20A-28A_n3A 1A-7A-20A-28A n3
DC_1A-7C-20A-28A_n3A 1A-7C-20A-28A n3
DC_1A-7A-20A_n28A-n78A 1A-7A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-20A-32A_n3A 1A-7A-20A-32A n3
DC_1A-7C-20A-32A_n3A 1A-7C-20A-32A n3
DC_1A-7A-20A-32A_n28A 1A-7A-20A-32A n28
DC_1A-7A-20A-32A_n78A 1A-7A-20A-32A n78
DC_1A-7A-20A-32A_n8A 1A-7A-20A-32A n8
DC_1A-7A-20A-38A_n3A 1A-7A-20A-38A n3
DC_1A-7A-20A-38A_n8A 1A-7A-20A-38A n8
DC_1A-7A-20A-38A_n78A 1A-7A-20A-38A n78
DC_1A-7A-20A_n38A-n78A 1A-7A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-28A_n3A-n78A 1A-7A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-7C-28A_n3A-n78A 1A-7C-28A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-28A_n5A-n40A 1A-7A-28A n5A-n40A
DC_1A-7A-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-7A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-7C-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-7C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-28A_n7A-n78A 1A-7A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-28A-32A_n3A 1A-7A-28A-32A n3
DC_1A-7C-28A-32A_n3A 1A-7C-28A-32A n3
DC_1A-7A-28A_n40A-n78A 1A-7A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-7A-38A_n3A-n78A 1A-7A-38A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-8A-(n)3AA-n77A 1A-8A (n)3AA-n77A
DC_1A-8A-(n)3AA-n77(2A) 1A-8A (n)3AA-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-8A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n28A-n79A 1A-8A n3A-n28A-n79A
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n77A-n79A 1A-8A n3A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n77(2A)-n79A 1A-8A n3A-n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A-n28A 1A-8A-11A n3A-n28A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A-n77A 1A-8A-11A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-11A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A-n79A 1A-8A-11A n3A-n79A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n28A-n77A 1A-8A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-11A_n77A-n79A 1A-8A-11A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n77(2A)-n79A 1A-8A-11A n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A-8A-20A-28A_n78A 1A-8A-20A-28A n78
DC_1A-8A_n28A-n77A-n79A 1A-8A n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A-8A-42A_n3A-n28A 1A-8A-42A n3A-n28A
DC_1A-8A-42C_n3A-n28A 1A-8A-42C n3A-n28A
DC_1A-8A-42A_n3A-n77A 1A-8A-42A n3A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-42A_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-42A n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42C_n3A-n77A 1A-8A-42C n3A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-42C_n3A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-42C n3A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42A_n28A-n77A 1A-8A-42A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-42A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-42A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42C_n28A-n77A 1A-8A-42C n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-42C_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-42C n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-11A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-11A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n77A-n79A 1A-11A n3A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A-11A_n3A-n77(2A)-n79A 1A-11A n3A-n77(2A)-n79A
DC_1A-19A-21A-42A_n77A 1A-19A-21A-42A n77
DC_1A-19A-21A-42A_n77C 1A-19A-21A-42A n77C
DC_1A-19A-21A-42C_n77A 1A-19A-21A-42C n77
DC_1A-19A-21A-42C_n77C 1A-19A-21A-42C n77C
DC_1A-19A-21A-42A_n78A 1A-19A-21A-42A n78
DC_1A-19A-21A-42A_n78C 1A-19A-21A-42A n78C
DC_1A-19A-21A-42C_n78A 1A-19A-21A-42C n78
DC_1A-19A-21A-42C_n78C 1A-19A-21A-42C n78C
DC_1A-19A-21A-42A_n79A 1A-19A-21A-42A n79
DC_1A-19A-21A-42A_n79C 1A-19A-21A-42A n79C
DC_1A-19A-21A-42C_n79A 1A-19A-21A-42C n79
DC_1A-19A-21A-42C_n79C 1A-19A-21A-42C n79C
DC_1A-19A-42A_n77A-n79A 1A-19A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-19A-42C_n77A-n79A 1A-19A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_1A-19A-42A_n78A-n79A 1A-19A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-19A-42C_n78A-n79A 1A-19A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_1A-20A-28A-32A_n3A 1A-20A-28A-32A n3
DC_1A-20A-38A_n3A-n78A 1A-20A-38A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-21A-28A-42A_n77A 1A-21A-28A-42A n77
DC_1A-21A-28A-42C_n77A 1A-21A-28A-42C n77
DC_1A-21A-28A-42A_n78A 1A-21A-28A-42A n78
DC_1A-21A-28A-42C_n78A 1A-21A-28A-42C n78
DC_1A-21A-28A-42A_n79A 1A-21A-28A-42A n79
DC_1A-21A-28A-42C_n79A 1A-21A-28A-42C n79
DC_1A-21A_n28A-n77A-n79A 1A-21A n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A-21A_n28A-n78A-n79A 1A-21A n28A-n78A-n79A
DC_1A-21A-42A_n77A-n79A 1A-21A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_1A-21A-42C_n77A-n79A 1A-21A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_1A-21A-42A_n78A-n79A 1A-21A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_1A-21A-42C_n78A-n79A 1A-21A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_1A-42A_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-42A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-42A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-42A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-42C_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-42C n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-42C_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-42C n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_2A-5A-7A-66A_n2A 2A-5A-7A-66A n2
DC_2A-5A-7A-66A_n7A 2A-5A-7A-66A n7
DC_2A-5A-7A-66A-66A_n7A 2A-5A-7A-66A-66A n7
DC_2A-5A-7A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-7A-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-7C-66A_n66A 2A-5A-7C-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-7A-7A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-7A-7A-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-7A-66A_n78A 2A-5A-7A-66A n78
DC_2A-5A-30A-66A_n2A 2A-5A-30A-66A n2
DC_2A-5A-30A-66A_n66A 2A-5A-30A-66A n66
DC_2A-5A-30A-66A_n77A 2A-5A-30A-66A n77
DC_2A-5A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-5A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-5A-66A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-5A-66A_n2A-n77A 2A-5A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-5A-66A-66A_n2A-n77A 2A-5A-66A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-5A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-5A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7A-12A-66A_n2A 2A-7A-12A-66A n2
DC_2A-7A-12A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-12A-66A n78
DC_2A-2A-7A-12A-66A_n78A 2A-2A-7A-12A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A-13A_n25A-n66A 2A-7A-13A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-7A-13A_n25A-n66A 2A-7A-7A-13A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7C-13A_n25A-n66A 2A-7C-13A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-13A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-13A-66A n66
DC_2A-7C-13A-66A_n66A 2A-7C-13A-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-7A-13A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-7A-13A-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-28A-66A_n7A 2A-7A-28A-66A n7
DC_2A-7A-28A-66A_n66A 2A-7A-28A-66A n66
DC_2A-7C-28A-66A_n66A 2A-7C-28A-66A n66
DC_2A-7A-29A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-29A-66A n78
DC_2A-7C-29A-66A_n78A 2A-7C-29A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A-7A-29A-66A_n78A 2A-7A-7A-29A-66A n78
DC_2A-7A-66A_n25A-n66A 2A-7A-66A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n25A-n66A 2A-7A-7A-66A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7C-66A_n25A-n66A 2A-7C-66A n25A-n66A
DC_2A-7A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-7A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-7A-7A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7C-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-7C-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-7A-66A_n66A-n78A 2A-7A-66A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7C-66A_n66A-n78A 2A-7C-66A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-7A-66A_n66A-n78A 2A-7A-7A-66A n66A-n78A
DC_2A-7A-66A-71A_n2A 2A-7A-66A-71A n2
DC_2A-7A-66A-71A_n78A 2A-7A-66A-71A n78
DC_2A-2A-7A-66A-71A_n78A 2A-2A-7A-66A-71A n78
DC_2A-12A-30A-66A_n2A 2A-12A-30A-66A n2
DC_2A-12A-30A-66A_n66A 2A-12A-30A-66A n66
DC_2A-12A-30A-66A_n77A 2A-12A-30A-66A n77
DC_2A-13A-66A_n2A-n77A 2A-13A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n2A-n77A 2A-13A-66A-66A n2A-n77A
DC_2A-13A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-13A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-2A-13A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-13A-66A-66A_n5A-n77A 2A-13A-66A-66A n5A-n77A
DC_2A-13A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-13A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-2A-13A-66A_n66A-n77A 2A-2A-13A-66A n66A-n77A
DC_2A-14A-30A-66A_n2A 2A-14A-30A-66A n2
DC_2A-14A-30A-66A_n66A 2A-14A-30A-66A n66
DC_2A-14A-30A-66A_n77A 2A-14A-30A-66A n77
DC_2A-29A-30A-66A_n2A 2A-29A-30A-66A n2
DC_2A-29A-30A-66A_n66A 2A-29A-30A-66A n66
DC_2A-29A-30A-66A_n77A 2A-29A-30A-66A n77
DC_2A-30A-66A-(n)5AA 2A-30A-66A (n)5AA
DC_2A-46A-66A_n41A-n71A 2A-46A-66A n41A-n71A
DC_2A-46C-66A_n41A-n71A 2A-46C-66A n41A-n71A
DC_2A-46D-66A_n41A-n71A 2A-46D-66A n41A-n71A
DC_3A-7A-8A_n1A-n40A 3A-7A-8A n1A-n40A
DC_3A-7A-8A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A-8A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-7A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-7A-8A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-7A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A-8A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A-8A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-8A-20A_n1A 3A-7A-8A-20A n1
DC_3A-7A-8A_n28A-n78A 3A-7A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-8A-32A_n1A 3A-7A-8A-32A n1
DC_3A-7A-8A-32A_n78A 3A-7A-8A-32A n78
DC_3A-7A-8A-40A_n1A 3A-7A-8A-40A n1
DC_3A-7A-8A-40C_n1A 3A-7A-8A-40C n1
DC_3A-7A-8A-40A_n78A 3A-7A-8A-40A n78
DC_3A-7A-8A-40C_n78A 3A-7A-8A-40C n78
DC_3A-7A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 3A-7A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 3A-7A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_3A-7A-8A_n40A-n78A 3A-7A-8A n40A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-20A_n1A-n75A 3A-7A-20A n1A-n75A
DC_3A-7A-20A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-20A n1A-n78A
DC_3C-7A-20A_n1A-n78A 3C-7A-20A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-20A_n8A-n78A 3A-7A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-20A-28A_n1A 3A-7A-20A-28A n1
DC_3A-7A-20A_n28A-n78A 3A-7A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_3C-7A-20A_n28A-n78A 3C-7A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-20A-32A_n1A 3A-7A-20A-32A n1
DC_3A-7A-20A-32A_n78A 3A-7A-20A-32A n78
DC_3A-7A-20A_n38A-n78A 3A-7A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-20A-38A_n78A 3A-7A-20A-38A n78
DC_3A-7A-28A_n1A-n40A 3A-7A-28A n1A-n40A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-28A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n3A-n78A 3A-7A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_3A-7C-28A_n3A-n78A 3A-7C-28A n3A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n5A-n40A 3A-7A-28A n5A-n40A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n5A-n78A 3A-7A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_3C-7A-28A_n5A-n78A 3C-7A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_3A-7C-28A_n5A-n78A 3A-7C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_3C-7C-28A_n5A-n78A 3C-7C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n7A-n78A 3A-7A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_3C-7A-28A_n7A-n78A 3C-7A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-28A_n40A-n78A 3A-7A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-32A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-32A n1A-n78A
DC_3C-7A-32A_n1A-n78A 3C-7A-32A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-40A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-40C_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-8A-11A_n28A-n77A 3A-8A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_3A-8A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 3A-8A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-8A-20A-28A_n78A 3A-8A-20A-28A n78
DC_3A-8A-40A_n1A-n78A 3A-8A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-8A-40C_n1A-n78A 3A-8A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-8A-41A_n1A-n78A 3A-8A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-8A-41A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-8A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-8A-41C_n1A-n78A 3A-8A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-8A-41C_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-8A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-19A-21A-42A_n77A 3A-19A-21A-42A n77
DC_3A-19A-21A-42A_n77C 3A-19A-21A-42A n77C
DC_3A-19A-21A-42C_n77A 3A-19A-21A-42C n77
DC_3A-19A-21A-42C_n77C 3A-19A-21A-42C n77C
DC_3A-19A-21A-42A_n78A 3A-19A-21A-42A n78
DC_3A-19A-21A-42A_n78C 3A-19A-21A-42A n78C
DC_3A-19A-21A-42C_n78A 3A-19A-21A-42C n78
DC_3A-19A-21A-42C_n78C 3A-19A-21A-42C n78C
DC_3A-19A-21A-42A_n79A 3A-19A-21A-42A n79
DC_3A-19A-21A-42A_n79C 3A-19A-21A-42A n79C
DC_3A-19A-21A-42C_n79A 3A-19A-21A-42C n79
DC_3A-19A-21A-42C_n79C 3A-19A-21A-42C n79C
DC_3A-19A-42A_n1A-n77A 3A-19A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_3A-19A-42C_n1A-n77A 3A-19A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_3A-19A-42A_n1A-n78A 3A-19A-42A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-19A-42C_n1A-n78A 3A-19A-42C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-19A-42A_n1A-n79A 3A-19A-42A n1A-n79A
DC_3A-19A-42C_n1A-n79A 3A-19A-42C n1A-n79A
DC_3A-20A_n1A-n28A-n75A 3A-20A n1A-n28A-n75A
DC_3A-20A-32A_n1A-n28A 3A-20A-32A n1A-n28A
DC_3C-20A-32A_n1A-n28A 3C-20A-32A n1A-n28A
DC_3A-21A_n1A-n77A-n79A 3A-21A n1A-n77A-n79A
DC_3A-21A_n1A-n78A-n79A 3A-21A n1A-n78A-n79A
DC_3A-21A_n28A-n77A-n79A 3A-21A n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_3A-7A_n1A-n8A-n78A 3A-7A n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A_n1A-n8A-n78A 3A-3A-7A n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-7A_n1A-n8A-n78A 3A-7A-7A n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-7A-7A_n1A-n8A-n78A 3A-3A-7A-7A n1A-n8A-n78A
DC_3A-20A-41A_n1A-n78A 3A-20A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-20A-41A_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-20A-41A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-20A-41C_n1A-n78A 3A-20A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-3A-20A-41C_n1A-n78A 3A-3A-20A-41C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-21A_n28A-n78A-n79A 3A-21A n28A-n78A-n79A
DC_3A-21A-42A_n1A-n77A 3A-21A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_3A-21A-42C_n1A-n77A 3A-21A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_3A-21A-42A_n1A-n78A 3A-21A-42A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-21A-42C_n1A-n78A 3A-21A-42C n1A-n78A
DC_3A-21A-42A_n1A-n79A 3A-21A-42A n1A-n79A
DC_3A-21A-42C_n1A-n79A 3A-21A-42C n1A-n79A
DC_3A-28A-41A-42A_n78A 3A-28A-41A-42A n78
DC_3A-28A-41A-42C_n78A 3A-28A-41A-42C n78
DC_3A-28A-41C-42A_n78A 3A-28A-41C-42A n78
DC_3A-28A-41C-42C_n78A 3A-28A-41C-42C n78
DC_7A-8A-20A-32A_n1A 7A-8A-20A-32A n1
DC_7A-8A-20A-38A_n1A 7A-8A-20A-38A n1
DC_7A-8A-32A-38A_n1A 7A-8A-32A-38A n1
DC_7A-8A-40A_n1A-n78A 7A-8A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_7A-8A-40C_n1A-n78A 7A-8A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_7A-20A-28A-32A_n1A 7A-20A-28A-32A n1
DC_7A-20A-28A-32A_n3A 7A-20A-28A-32A n3
DC_7C-20A-28A-32A_n3A 7C-20A-28A-32A n3
DC_7A-20A-28A-38A_n1A 7A-20A-28A-38A n1
DC_7A-20A-32A-38A_n1A 7A-20A-32A-38A n1
DC_7A-20A-38A_n3A-n78A 7A-20A-38A n3A-n78A
DC_7A-28A-32A-38A_n1A 7A-28A-32A-38A n1
DC_8A_n3A-n28A-n77A-n79A 8 n3A-n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n28A-n77A 8A-11A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 8A-11A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-11A_n3A-n77A-n79A 8A-11A n3A-n77A-n79A
DC_8A-20A-32A-38A_n1A 8A-20A-32A-38A n1
DC_8A-42A_n3A-n28A-n77A 8A-42A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_8A-42A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 8A-42A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_8A-42C_n3A-n28A-n77A 8A-42C n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_8A-42C_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 8A-42C n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_19A-21A-42A_n1A-n77A 19A-21A-42A n1A-n77A
DC_19A-21A-42C_n1A-n77A 19A-21A-42C n1A-n77A
DC_19A-21A-42A_n1A-n78A 19A-21A-42A n1A-n78A
DC_19A-21A-42C_n1A-n78A 19A-21A-42C n1A-n78A
DC_19A-21A-42A_n1A-n79A 19A-21A-42A n1A-n79A
DC_19A-21A-42C_n1A-n79A 19A-21A-42C n1A-n79A
DC_19A-21A-42A_n77A-n79A 19A-21A-42A n77A-n79A
DC_19A-21A-42C_n77A-n79A 19A-21A-42C n77A-n79A
DC_19A-21A-42A_n78A-n79A 19A-21A-42A n78A-n79A
DC_19A-21A-42C_n78A-n79A 19A-21A-42C n78A-n79A
DC_19A-42A_n1A-n77A-n79A 19A-42A n1A-n77A-n79A
DC_19A-42A_n1A-n78A-n79A 19A-42A n1A-n78A-n79A
DC_20A-28A-32A-38A_n1A 20A-28A-32A-38A n1
Nb = 520

Inter-band (six bands)

All bands
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-8A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A-32A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-8A-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A-40A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-8A-40A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A-40C_n78A 1A-3A-7A-8A-40C n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A-40A_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-8A-40A n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-8A-40C_n78(2A) 1A-3A-7A-8A-40C n78(2A)
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n8A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-20A n8A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n28A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-20A n28A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A-32A_n78A 1A-3A-7A-20A-32A n78
DC_1A-3A-7A-20A_n38A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-20A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-28A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7C-28A_n3A-n78A 1A-3A-7C-28A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n5A-n40A 1A-3A-7A-28A n5A-n40A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7C-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-3A-7C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7A-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-3C-7A-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7C-28A_n5A-n78A 1A-3C-7C-28A n5A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n7A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3C-7A-28A_n7A-n78A 1A-3C-7A-28A n7A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n38A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-28A n38A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-7A-28A_n40A-n78A 1A-3A-7A-28A n40A-n78A
DC_1A-3A-8A-11A_n28A-n77A 1A-3A-8A-11A n28A-n77A
DC_1A-3A-8A-11A_n28A-n77(2A) 1A-3A-8A-11A n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-3A-8A-20A-28A_n78A 1A-3A-8A-20A-28A n78
DC_1A-7A-20A-28A-32A_n3A 1A-7A-20A-28A-32A n3
DC_1A-7C-20A-28A-32A_n3A 1A-7C-20A-28A-32A n3
DC_1A-7A-20A-38A_n3A-n78A 1A-7A-20A-38A n3A-n78A
DC_1A-8A_n3A-n28A-n77A-n79A 1A-8A n3A-n28A-n77A-n79A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-8A-11A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-11A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-11A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42A_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-8A-42A n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-42A_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-42A n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_1A-8A-42C_n3A-n28A-n77A 1A-8A-42C n3A-n28A-n77A
DC_1A-8A-42C_n3A-n28A-n77(2A) 1A-8A-42C n3A-n28A-n77(2A)
DC_3A-7A-8A-40A_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-8A-40A n1A-n78A
DC_3A-7A-8A-40C_n1A-n78A 3A-7A-8A-40C n1A-n78A
DC_7A-8A-20A-32A-38A_n1A 7A-8A-20A-32A-38A n1
DC_7A-20A-28A-32A-38A_n1A 7A-20A-28A-32A-38A n1
Nb = 38