LTE resource grid

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Duplexing mode:


TDD uplink/downlink configuration:
(from SIB1 in PDSCH)


TDD special subframe configuration:
(from SIB1 in PDSCH)


MBSFN subframe:
(from SIB2 in PDSCH)


Channel bandwidth:
(from MIB in PBCH)


Cyclic prefix:
Tx antenna port / number of ports: /
Physical layer cell ID (0-503):
(from PSCH and SSCH)


Control format indicator (CFI):
(from PCFICH)


CFI for TDD subframes 1 and 6:
(from PCFICH)


CFI for MBSFN subframe:
(from PCFICH)


PHICH Ng factor:
(from MIB in PBCH)


PHICH duration:
(from MIB in PBCH)


Set marker at:
    in subframe:
Direct link to this setup Default link to this page Calculate PDSCH resources
PSCH (Primary Synchronization Channel)
SSCH (Secondary Synchronization Channel)
PBCH (Physical Broadcast Channel)
RS (cell-specific Reference Signal) for selected Tx antenna port
Reserved for TDD uplink
Unused by selected Tx antenna port, or undefined for all ports
MBSFN (Multicast/Broadcast over Single Frequency Network) region
PCFICH (Physical Control Format Indicator Channel)
PHICH (Physical Hybrid ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest) Indicator Channel)
PDCCH (Physical Downlink Control Channel)
Available for PDSCH (Physical Downlink Shared Channel)
TDD guard period in special subframe
-  available for PMCH (Physical Multicast Channel)