LTE Measurement Gaps

36.133 Measurement gaps

UE may require measurement gaps to identify and measure inter-frequency and/or inter-RAT cells

Measurement Gap Length
Measurement Gap Repetition Period
The measurement gap sequence is configured with the information element setup in the RRC message below
The measurement gap sequence is deconfigured with the information element release
The gap pattern gp0 (40ms) or gp1 (80ms) identifies the periodicity of the gaps
The gap offset identifies the first subframe of each gap
The Measurement Gap Length is 6ms

RRC MeasGapConfig ::= CHOICE
   release NULL,
   setup SEQUENCE
      gapOffset CHOICE
         gp0 INTEGER (0..39)
         gp1 INTEGER (0..79)  

Graphical view of frame gaps with gap pattern 40 ms and gap offset 2

Gaps frame